Last International Meeting on Evangelism held at Love Divine Sanctuary-Douala

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Saturday 3rd of  August 2019

The meeting was presided by Pastor BAHOYA Samuel.

The singing was conducted by Bro. BetchouFleurie.

The pastor began the meeting by refreshing the minds on a brief literature review on the various stages the programs for evangelism have been unfolding. He enlightened the audience on his various aims and visions prior to the domain of evangelism.
Scriptures: Palms 68:12, Matthew 7:21

He made it clear, that, evangelism is not merely entitled to ministers but is a call for concerned for all the Christians.

He promised to work relentlessly with the youths, both in age and in faith who will be eager  to work, in order to keep on  the flame of evangelism burning as many as the Lord shall entrust into his hands.Our motives, aims and objectives should be healthily treated in other to sideline all forms of  competitions amongst us. Added, we should not fool ourselves for God sees and knows our schemes.

Furthermore, sisters were asked to courageously get involved in the service of evangelism as they were saluted with the book of Psalms 68:12, but are not permitted to take authority over men.

The man of God cautioned the audience especially the ministers to add to their APTITUDE and ALTITUDE and a good sense of ATTITUDE to avoid their ministries to sustain injuries as many are suffering today.

A good Christian character is also another indispensable tool to enhance the effectiveness of evangelism.

Prayer is also another pertinent instrument that inclusively involves the leadership of the Holy Spirit towards souls as target.

The man of God reminded the audience on the importance of inviting at least a person to a church service as says the prophet.

The meeting took another turn when Apostle Lambe Robinson addressed the audience. Read the book of Mark 16:15-16.

The man of God went on saying: Evangelism is of a great paramount. It takes its roots from the book of Mark 16:16, and it is back up with signs and wonders that is, it is a full packet.

Evangelism should be accessible to all without an exception of social class, owing to the fact that, all human beings have souls and need salvation.

The man of God went on outlining some obstacles that hinder the smooth run down of  evangelism: fear, absence of love and perseverance, sin, lukewarm and not mindful of Jesus’ coming, just to list a few.

Moreover, our handicaps or weaknesses should by no means discourage us to have faith in God in order to help others come out of their situations. He also cautioned the audience to do a self-evangelism before going out there to evangelize. And went on saying some have to go back into water baptism.

Equally urged all those at the Diaspora to be mindful of God business and avoid to be engulfed by the primary aim of their well-fare.

He concluded by saying ‘the greatest joy one has to be  jealous of, is the joy of salvation.’The meeting went on as we listened to Evan. Bertrand TCHAKOTE from Buea on the theme “My Father’s business.”

Scripture: Luke 2:48-49

Summary: Every serious child will always take good care of his or her father’s business. Jesus is a good example to emulate, who at the age of 12 was already conscious of His father’s business. Our father’s business is the salvation of souls through evangelism.

Furthermore, many people are perishing helplessly because many children of God are not evangelizing.
Moreover, when you go out there to evangelize, the whole heaven is with you and therefore, you should not be afraid.

The audience was cheered up on hearing the various presenters.

The pastor rounded off the meeting by advising the audience. Encouraging and making evangelism a call for concern for everybody. Furthermore, urged Christians to have a good sense of humility and obedience. He equally projected to have another meeting in which he shall expound on many other aspects of evangelism; such as on the various techniques or approaches to have in carrying out evangelism. He concluded saying ” Evangelism is to help people turn totally away from the things of this  world and to focus only on Christ.”

Simon Pierre AMBASSA, Buea


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