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Last Sunday Service at Buea Church (06/10/2019)

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Last sunday, after praises we continued listening to the tape on Leadership. Later on pastor CHIAMOH Fidelis went to the altar and came back to some declarations of the prophet by stating that a christian must maintains his or her intergrity where ever he or she may find himself. The creator knows mankind well reason why He gave His word to guide us in this world. Many people today are so hostile to God. God is aware of who the devil is because He created the devil. He knew that the devil will come down on earth. God gave us his word and the only thing God requires from is to obey his word without any form of reasoning. We should not depart from it. That is why He told brother Branham to store the food because He knew that in due time, we living in this last age will need the food and we are consuming it now. For us to maintain who we are, we have  to consume the word of God which is the food in due season. But if you stay away from the word how do you expect to overcome ? The prophet said at every stage of life we need a leader. No matter how old you are, whether christian or not, you need a leader. You should be careful not to be under a wrong leadership.

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