Last Sunday Service at Buea Church

Buea, Sunday, 25 August 2019




Preacher: Rev. LAMBE Robinson

Reading: 1 John 4:1


We gave an exhortation on thanksgiving and insisted on the fact that all that we give to God is what God Himself has given to us.

After we listened to the tape on the anointed ones at the end time, we referred to 1 John 4:1 where we were told not to believe in any kind of spirit; but we were impressed with the french translation which said do not add faith to any spirit.


Just to say that, if you believe any kind of spirit, by believing that spirit, you are activating that spirit. We must be well schooled to know that spirits live in people.


When you encourage what they are saying or doing through your believe, you are adding fuel to that activity. We must know what kind of spirit we are encouraging. In order to be blessed according to Ezekiel 44:30, the priest can cause blessings in the lives of the people. In the face of the multitude of prophets; we must discern where the best anointing is; to be sure that we are not fuelling something which is not of God. Today, we need to be revealed about our pastor because we are attracted by so many prophets who can easily through their miracles, signs and wonders derail us from the word of God which is the altimate.

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