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Last Sunday Service at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle (08/12/2019)

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II Corinthians 5 v 7 “For we walk by faith, not by sight” this is the perfect description of the service at Yaounde this day. Initially programmed to be a service of tape, the Holy Spirit led things otherwise. After the praise service led by Brother Samuel Nantah, Rev BAHOYA Samuel, with mind to pass announcements of general interests and leave the prophet speak. However, following the demand for confession by a sister, the course of things changed.

The confession of sin is not a spectacle, it is an act of contrition, of repentance, of desolation towards the person who has been offended; first your neighbour, then the Lord, because the Lord is in his Word and it is because of the Word that you repent, but before repenting before God, the Bible, says: “So if you present your Offer to the altar, and there you remember that your brother has something against you, leave your offering there before the altar, and go first to reconcile with your brother, then come and present your offering. (Matthew 5: 23,24). The bible also says if your brother offends you, you go towards him. So no matter the case, it is the Christian to go towards his neighbour.

We confess our sin to him who has been offended and afterwards confess to God; it is useless to come and tell the stories to God while the one you offended still has a burning heart. Brother Branham, for the phone problem, had asked the lawyer for pardon, then his wife, then took a fast, asking God for a sign if God had forgiven him. When you do not do as the Lord teaches, you think you are forgiven, but it is you who think so; the proof, the badly arranged sins are repeated; we tend to redo them and even that creates other sins. As David, who did not confess his adultery, wanted to hide it, and ending up committing murder. Since he is a man according to God’s heart, God sent the prophet to take him back. It does not mean that he did not make a mistake, but look at his repentance: that’s the man according to the heart of God. If you hide a sin, you tend to do it again: theft, flirtation, adultery, fornications, you will do them again; are you now going to confess that in the church? You see your Pastor, he will pray for you, if you are married, you go to your husband or wife to confess. Married or single, you go to the partner of sin to denounce that, and you arrange. When we do not do this, we sometimes pray for someone, a vision comes out and shows that sin.

If we do things according to the Word, we will be delivered; the Bible says: you will know the truth and it will make you free; but if we want to hide, we’ll go around in circles. If it is a sin that touches the church like the man who took his father’s wife in the church of Corinths, Paul though physically absent, wrote to the brethren and the gentleman was excommunicated. It is a sin that saddens the whole church, he has apologized to the church and forgave him, and Paul said, he to whom you forgive, I also forgive. Branham speaks of someone who lived badly, he was given time to confess, he did not do it, he was excommunicated, the Lord struck him, he came back crawling for forgiveness, he was forgiven, and he was healed without medication. God is good but also severe, demanding towards His Word; His blessings run down to a thousand generations and His curses to a fourth generation.  He created us and can heal us.

The two seeds are in the church; the Prophet speaks of three believers: true believers, so-called believers, and unbelievers. The so-called believers like Judas stayed until the end, but before Pentecost he showed his colours; there are so-called believers who sell their master like Judas, they sell the Word, sausage it, move it, interpret it badly, justify their life, justify themselves, do not support being told that they have do this or that; they are like cats, they never wash, lick, hide; the dog can enter the water and wash but try with the cat. There are cat Christians like that, so-called believers; they know what they are, they know their hearts but do according to their wisdom, and they think they are at peace with God.

Then the man of God read the biblical texts for the day notably; Matthew 13: 24-30, Isaiah 27: 2-5, Revelation 22: 10-16.


If the devil wants to drive someone out of the church, he will show him the fake, to drive out the Christian. but he will only succeed for the non-predestined. The devil can only show a child of God if the latter commits an error. The Bible says: You have not yet resisted to blood by fighting sin, and sin is unbelief, it is the seed of the evil one, it is because you are incredulous that you do what you do. If I do not believe that the fire is burning, I will put my hand in it; if I do not believe there is a snake in this bag, I will put my hand on it; therefore sin is not the serpent or the fire, but it is because I do not believe. As you do not believe, you continue to do as you do, that’s the seed of disbelief. When we make the call to the altar, people raise their hands: is it for sickness, for unemployment, or to give their heart to Jesus, to please him that they do it? there are many reasons; we take them, we baptize them all, we present them to the church, now how many of them will persevere to the b aptness of the Holy Spirit? If they do not persevere until the baptism of the Holy Spirit, they are ‘Judas’, they end up stealing the money and even selling their Master, the Word. We refuse to confess to protect our image, our reputation, so we sell Jesus.

The tares and the wheat have asked for water, for both are first and foremost; when the rain came, the tares said, ‘glory to God’, wheat also says ‘glory to God’. Now the Holy Spirit can anoint even hypocrites, but they are anointed of the time of the end, it is their spirit that is baptized not their soul, because the soul is the nature of the spirit.

There have been talk of enchanters, who are sorcerers, but they cannot do anything against the church, according to what is written that enchantment can do nothing against Jacob; it was not the Pastors, in the acts of the Apostles, who went to burn their magic utensils but it was the enchanters themselves who brought them before the Apostles to abandon them, to divorce with satan before all. When the heart is changed, your soul is changed, and you receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, because at the beginning the first man was invisible: it is God, (Message of the prophet; “the attitude of who is God”). The second man is the logos; the third man was a white cloud; it is the same God in three manifestations, he is the soul of man. The demons are spirit, they are in his image but not in his likeness. If God said that it settles the question.

Always put the word of God between the devil and you.

The greatness of God He knows the number of gnats, the number of air beats each, and the number of hairs on our heads. What God! God says that while he watches over his vineyard, about his children, whether he finds brambles or thorns, he will fight them unless he is taken as a refuge and makes peace with him. . You are thorny, you are bramble, he will fight you, unless you make peace with him, and at this moment, he will take you, transform you and you will not be burned. Judges 9 v 8-15.

The thorns, the sycamores, the baobabs are spirits. I know that what I’m preaching here does not concern everyone, it’s bitter but it will be beneficial for those who practice truth.

In the Old Testament, which is the first udder of El Shaddai, that is, the God who carries the breasts, each of us has his period for the time of fulfilment of the promise but perseveres until the end. David was a king, he had received the anointing of Samuel, but he continued to pray: “Lord probe me and know my heart”.

Just like Isaiah confessed his sin and that of his people, we should confess our sins and that of our fathers and cut all ties with spirits for we do not know which pacts they signed.

If you can change and recognize the hand of God in your life, you will know the times of refreshment, but if you are rebellious, you will be according to Isaiah 1. Do you want to die with your relatives? Korah, Dathan and Abiram died with all their relatives. Do not take sides with them, but seek God’s opinion. Abigail dd nit take sides with Nabal and this saved her life.

The man of God led some songs before proceeding to the call to the prayer of repentance. A call that was massively answered by the congregation as many came implored God’s mercy. Rev BAHOYA the read Numbers 25: 16-18 as the Holy Spirit inspired him to, for the congregation. The final prayer was given and the service ended.

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