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Last sunday Service Morning at Love Divine Sanctuary (06/10/2019)

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Sunday 06th October 2019 marked the closing date for the retreat on the Voice of God. Church doors were opened as from 9:30 am for the traditional thirty-minute silence.

Rev Samuel BAHOYA read from Psalms 29 v 1-11 and went on to quote the scriptures, he who reads is blessed and he who listens is blessed too. And what God blesses is blessed forever, Proverbs 10 v22 “The blessing of the LORD makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.” Hence the whole assembly is blessed just by listening and reading the Word. That means Satan has no place here and hence we chase him out from this place. The psalmist talks about the Voice of God. The Voice of God makes the sterile fertile, it causes the doe to bring forth its little one, it flourishes the deserts, it breaks the cedars of Lebanon, creates trees, creates all what you need, creates health, creates life, restores your vigour, restores your joy, creates prosperity. We are happy because God has chosen us in His mercy, one from here, one from there to listen to the Voice of God. The Voice of God brings reconciliation, the Lord reconciles those who were separated, reconciles couples, causes the dwarf to grow, It belittles the proud and it is It that dominates amongst us. We have to submit to the Voice for it creates new organs in your body. God does not come how we think, He comes in His way, in a supreme way, He appeared to Manoah’s wife, to Gideon.

While the pillar of fire is within our midst, do not listen your symptoms or listen to what others say, do not listen to unemployment, your celibacy, but look to what God has said, look at the invisible. The Voice of God asks you to look at the visible and see your happiness. For He has ordained peace, blessings, good health, to be with you. It is that God who brought the rainbow over the sky of Yaoundé on Friday 4th at the closing of the national Dialogue.

God does not have two Voices, the same Voice that shouted with a loud Voice is the same Voice today and we are in the days of His Voice. So, tell satan, that he cannot do anything to you because God foreknew you before the foundation of the earth. Do you believe the power of God is with you? “Bless yourselves one another” Upon this, the man of God pronounced blessings upon the congregation as they blessed each other. This was followed by some minutes of singing, rejoicing and thanksgiving.

God has only one Voice. When He speaks it is yes and Amen. When He says something, you should stand by it, even if death meets you there, God who spoke will resuscitate you. It is the same Voice of God that met Lazarus dead, He had earlier said Lazarus is sleeping all for the glory of God. And the glory of God is manifested works. All what can happen to you: know that the Voice of God has said “God is behind everything that happens”. God was on His throne during the flood. When flood comes in your life, in your family, God is on Hi throne and He is watching. He is your shepherd and protector; He permits these things to happen to manifest His glory in your life. Do you believe it? Psalms 23. No one can defeat a child of God. He watches over the sparrow, even the mosquito, how much more you, created in His image? When satan comes to discourage you, remind him who created you. For God is not a child to create you for no reason. He is your Alpha and Omega. For God has made an unconditional alliance with you. It does not depend on what you have done or how you are. God does not look at that, He looks at the blood. In Egypt, any animals with defects that found itself in a home with blood on the doorpost was spared but any firstborn animal in a home without blood was killed no matter the defects. In these last days, the blood is the End Time Message. It is the Voice of God in these last days. We are in rest and happy to hear the Voice of God. It is good to read what the Voice of God has said but it is more important to hear because the same energy that was in the Voice that said “let light be” “let fish be in the sea” is the same energy in the Voice today. Hence, I close myself to all what my symptoms say and push the button play to listen only to what the Voice of God says.

Daniel refused to eat contaminated food in Babylon, these foods represent Babylonian doctrine. So, I decide that I will no longer listen to man-made doctrines but only the Voice of God. Daniel had a need and he knew what he needed: to listen to the Voice of God although he had the written word. When you hear the Voice of God it energises you, it is the Voice that gives the stimulation of revelation. Do not let yourself be confused by the many interpretations around you, listen to the Voice yourself.

God has only one Voice, one messenger. And from that ministry the message is spread by people who have been faithfully taught not correctly taught but faithfully. For it is important you say just what the messenger said. That’s why Paul in his letters did not say let this brother go and comment the letter to the church at Ephesus but take the letter to the church in its entirety. No matter your follies just listen to the Voice of God and it will transform you. For He promised to present Himself a bride without spots or wrinkles. While the Voice of God is passing, the Spirit accompanies it and the Spirit probes, searches the hearts and thoughts. He knows your every care and worry. With the Jews, He had to lay hands on them but with the pagans He simply pronounced the Word. Psalms 107 v 20 “He sent his word, and healed them,”. Do you love God? Do you love His Voice? God warned people to say just what the tapes say.

It is the same Voice that said “I do not permit the woman to teach or take authority over the man”. It is a commandment of the Lord. The Bible teaches that is the husband to give account of the wife. If your husband does not walk according to the Voice you can win him over without saying a word. Just put your knees on the ground. Likewise, today the church has become rebellious because the wives have become rebellious in the homes. Christians leaving the church because the pastor is not preaching but playing tapes. When Eli heard what God has said through Samuel he did not contest.

Ezechiel 34 v 18. Some pastors don’t want to let the people listen to the Voice. They preach just what arranges them and hide the rest. It is no longer the Voice of God but the voice of wolves.  The Voice of God has become strange in churches of the Message today. In the past the Roman Catholic church sold indulgences for the forgiveness of sins. That spirit has not dies for spirits do not die. It has simply changed its form. Today in the churches of the Message they preach a Branham of the past.

Elisha had no message but he accomplished more miracles than Elijah. In like manner, the bride will accomplish more miracles than the messenger.

We spend time on useless things; movies, football, etc thereby wasting time we could listen to the Voice. Also, sometimes we spend time listening to Pentecostal pastors that seem to preach just fine but that doesn’t replace the Voice. If listening to pastors bring you more anointing than that of the Voice then there is something wrong somewhere. We evangelise like Pentecostals but we ought to leave the same tapes that convinced us to convince others. The Voice is like that of mother Eagle. The little eagle amongst the chicks will recognise the Voice. The sermon lasted about 2hours and a half but the anointing in the hall was so great that the assembly stood for most of the sermon.

After the sermon it was time for a break for the brethren to freshen up before the final and last part of the retreat.

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