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Yes, the year 2019 has gone and the highly awaited and expectative year 2020 is announcing it’s coming with lourd echos. 20 on 20 (20/20)many were happy to proclaim, but I can still remember the words of the Man of God, Bahoya Samuel who said we may be anxious to enter 2020 thinking 2019 has been a horrible year for us, but we don’t know what 2020 holds for us. One can not conclude whether it will be a better year than 2019 or not since we are only in the first month of the year. As it is commonly said in French, “qui vivra verra”, so only those that will live till the end of 2020 will say whether it was a better year or not in respect to 2019.

It was another busy, heavy and sad week that culminated to the weekend with the sudden departure home of our strong, active, energetic, brave, devoted and counseling sister, Mama Ndoh Jeannette as she was commonly called. She took all (family members, the church, friends and colleagues) by surprise, but what comforted those that were mourning was that she never took God by surprise for God has never been surprised by any event. As if it was not enough, in the atmosphere pending, was the death of another beloved sister,Poumattah Bokamba Cyrille and cases of illnesses and and different forms of worries, only true christians can take the courage to say, welcome 2020.

Homage to Mama Ndoh Jeannette.

After the little gathering at the family compound at Centre from Monday to Wednesday, Thursday as the official wake keep day, saw a great number of Christians, family and friends who came to weep with the bereaved family. Friday being the removal of corps, many could be sported at the mortuary while others waited at the family compound. The greatest surprised came with the presence of the Pastor in each articulation of the program despite his ill state and tiredness from the just ended gigantic burial ceremony of his mother.  This testify how just as God, he honors those who honor him as was the case of Mama NDOH.

Despite the tensed atmosphere resulting from the NOSO Crisis, many Christians and friends break the odds to make it to Bamenda to pay the last respect dued to Mama Ndoh. After a short wake keep at the family compound on Friday following the removal of corps, at about 8:30pm, those to accompany the corps to Bamenda took off. With the fervent prayers of the pastor, all traveling arrive the family compound in Bamenda early in the morning safely. The delegation was recieved with weeping at the compound by mobilized family members, friends and even brethren in the church of Bamenda. At about 9:30am,the funeral service began. Everything was left in the hands of the church to take charge of the service and laying to rest of our sister Ndoh Jeannette. One of the brothers from Bamenda led the songs and Pastor….  was the preacher of the circumstance. After the preaching and testimonies, the mortal remains of Mama Ndoh was laid to rest in peace in a peaceful atmosphere.

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