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NEWS – Last Sunday Service at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle

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Life around our traditional church service fellowship is gradually taking its shape in churches though strictly respecting the barrier measures put in place by the government in collaboration with the World Health Organization. Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle is not left out as from the pastor, through his collaborators to the christians, everything is being done to respect these measures. Wearing of face mask, hand washing and sanitizing, social distancing, not more than 50 persons in a gathering are all scrupulously respected. It may seems to be mere words in other religious gatherings, but Yahshua H. T. Yaounde as well as Love Divine Sanctuary of Douala and Shalom Tabernacle of Edea set the pace as good examples in the respect of these barrier measures because they are fortunate to have a balance leader who is not only being led by the inspiration and revelation of the Holy Spirit but also his past life in service in the Cameroonian government ensures that the respect of law and authority is an obligation. Pastor Bahoya Samuel is therefore leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the door is closed for the Coronavirus. Just as the prophet says in the sermon ” The Seal Of The Antichrist” 55-0311 where he says, when you get to a church, to get the spirit of the church, just look at the behavior of the pastor.

Sunday the 17th of May 2020 was live at Yahshua as the privileged christians who were invited or better still, was their turn to come listen to the Word in the temple and fellowship (following the rotative program laid down by the pastor to ensure all christians fellowship in the temple at least once a month) turned out in their numbers to worship thier God. The deacons, ushers and the security could be seen at work ensuring that from the gate to their seating in the temple Christians respected the barrier measures following the strict orders of the pastor. It may sound sacrilege in the ears of some who may hear that unfortunate christians who came after the number of 50 and 30 persons required for the two halls at Yahshua were asked to return home , for as it’s commonly said, the law is the law and have to be respected. After orderly seated, the service began with the half and hour silence and meditation followed by  worship and praises led by Brother Tamafouo Guillaume.

All attentions were then turned to Edea where the pastor, Bahoya Samuel was to open his mouth for God to speak to His people.

Taking over the communication from Edea, the pastor from his human standpoint could be heard saying he is not out to preach this day but just to exalt. But from the standpoint of the Holy Spirit, there was a great message for the church to come out through the mouth of His servant. The recent precedent meetings has been compromised with the listening of the sermon of the prophet, William Marrion Branham “BY FAITH, MOSES” 58-0720M from start to finish. The pastor therefore decided to do a summary while pointing out to important segments in this message and likening them to present situations in the life of christians.

The pastor then read two passages from the Bible in Hebrews 11:24-28 and Genesis 13:8-13. He chose as text for his sermon:” THE GOOD CHOICE FOR MY SOUL”. He began by saying that the lives of humans are made up of constant choices as the prophet says, God created us free moral agents to make choices. But as the soul is in constant conflict with the body, the good choice for the soul is not necessarily always the good choice for the body. The soul seek for heavenly things while the body goes for earthly and perishable things as written in Colossians 3:1-3. The choice we make determines what will are today or will be in future. The choice of man is mostly based on sight, what glitters in the eyes (forgetting to know that not all that glitters is gold) while the choice of God is based on faith. We do not make a mockery of God, what a man sows, that shall he reap. We therefore have to work out our faith with fear and trembling as Paul says in Philippians 2:12. The prophet says, what we are today is the choice we made yesterday, and what we shall be tomorrow is the choice we make today. But we should note that God is ready to help us make our choices if we depend on Him for we who knows the truth will not go unpunished if we defaults or make the wrong choice as written in Jeremiah 30:11.

The pastor continued by reading in the reference sermon, By Faith, Moses from paragraphs 60 – 64. By faith Abraham though giving the opportunity to his brother Lot to choose had already chosen for he was looking for a far-off city Whose builder was the Lord as written in Hebrews 11:8-10, for he discovered there was no permanent city here on earth.

The man of God continued by calling on the christains to always seek the Will of God and consult their pastor in all even in the least things. But told them to always do what God tells them if they are sure It’s God for His Will is final. This is because, “Thus says the pastor is not always thus says the Lord”. He took as example, the case of Nathan and David which the prophet Nathan gave the go ahead to David to build the temple of the Lord but in the same night the Lord gave a contrary message to that as written in 2 Samuel 7:1-14. He continued by saying, when we want to please men or to be good in the eyes of men, we are obliged at times to compromise with the Word of God. We should say the truth, say yes or no when it is necessary and better say no when we are not convinced than to say yes. The pastor got back to the reference sermon to point more on what the prophet said. He reminded christians to choose to suffer for the course of the Word than the pleasures of the world as Moses chosed to suffer with the children of God than the kingship and riches of Egypt. But christians should not suffer for suffering sake, but only when it lies in the line of duty of God’s work. Our choices have consequences and each person has to bear the consequences of his or her choice. He continued reading from  paragraphs 75-83. He called on the christians to seek God’s Will always and walk by revelation and not by sight or the leading of men. We should consult God as written in Jeremiah 33:3.

We are today the product of our choice of yesterday. Even in thinking, we become what we are thinking expecially in fear thinking.  Job says, what I fear is what actually happens to me. We don’t know at times the consequences of our choices and so we should laid it in the hands of God who knows everything. The prophet says we should lift up our eyes by faith unto God who knows what choice is good for us. We should not make the choice of Lot that was based on the pleasantries of the world. We should consult our pastor in all things even in the smallest but always taking all to the Word of God.

He read paragraph 87 and took an example of himself to talk to his followers. He said non should follow him without revelation or a vision for those that follow him by sight will always not understand him. He also took the example of Jesus Christ in His earthly ministry from His reading in the temple of Isaiah which attracted many followers to him till when He said “if you don’t drink of my blood and eat of my flesh, you have no part with me”, those that followed Him by sight went away. But Simon Peter and the rest made a choice by vision. The pastor also made mention of the fact that christians have to be discipline by obeying according to the Bible.

The man of God also read from the prophet’s sermon “RESPECT” 61-1015 paragraph 72. He said then after that God has a reason to all He does as the prophet says, God is aware of all that happens. It is God that does our choices through revelation as He leads our path or footsteps.

He also read from the sermon “THE CHOOSING OF A BRIDE” 65-0429,  paragraphe 46 upwards. This to talk about the choice of a life companion which is not always very easy to do. He advised christians just as the prophet to always pray very well before making their choice as there is no returning back. Marriage don’t change the nature of someone as the prophet says, death can not change the nature of someone. God doesn’t look at appearance as man does but looks in the heart. Even when a brother or sister may be good, he or she may not be good for you.

The pastor lead the church in a closing prayer but while playing, the Holy Spirit revealed to him something that made him to come back to give some precision. He told christians not to be satisfied with their little knowledge about the Word of God because they may be sanctifying themselves in ignorance. But they  should pray God to reveal to them more of His Word to lead them to perfection and search them, if He find any sin in them, He should uproot. As the service ended, there was no crowding around the church as before, but all gradually left immediately to respect the barrier measures of covic 19. God bless you all.

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