NEWS – Last Sunday Service at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle

Sunday the 31st of May 2020 was commemorated worldwide as the Pentecost day in remembrance of the ever first fall or visitation of the Holy Spirit on the human race (Acts 2:1-4) after the ascension of Jesus Christ to heaven. This day became very significant in the life of the church in general and the Christian in particular as the Holy Spirit brought down not only power unto the church (Luke 24:49) but also the Helper (John 14:16-17) and the Counsellor (John 14:26). The history of the church can therefore be traced down memory lane to this blessed day as our hearts are turned back to the Pentecostal fathers by Elijah the prophet as mentioned in Malachi 4:5 and 6b. As in all other churches worldwide, Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle Yaounde was not left out in the celebration of this day though not in a denominational style. What made news here could not be over mentioned than just quoting the pastor « C’est un Jour Spécial ». Yes, it was a special day indeed as its peculiarity will be outline in this news article. This peculiarity was witnessed in the proceedings to the D-day and the D-day itself in both the spiritual and physical domains.

In the spiritual realm, the shepherd of the church, Pastor Bahoya Samuel (man being the agent of God) has been leading the church to the direction dictated by the Holy Spirit. The recent change of paradigm in the world has not really been a problem amongst his Christians as he has long prepared his Christians to the changes to come under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and being attentive to the Voice of the Seventh Angel, William Marrion Branham . While other churches were closed and its Christians disconnected from their shepherd, he was in touch with his Christians worldwide through Facebook, zoom meetings, whatsapp groups. It is for this reason that there was no interruption of the program of the Holy Spirit in church. All things working together for the good of those that love God, the confinement period brought about by covid-19 saw the detail program of the Holy Spirit on FAITH amongst the Christians on one hand. On the other hand, and precisely in prelude to the Pentecost day, the Holy Spirit through the pastor thought the church on THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH just as Jesus Christ promised in one of our above quoted text in John 14:17.

What really did the Spirit, through His servant, have to say to the church on the Spirit of Truth? From Sunday the 24th of May through Wednesday 27 to Friday the 29th of May, the Holy Spirit drilled the church on the Spirit of Truth. As you must have read from my colleagues both in English and French in our previous or recent publications on this thrilling topic, we shall still take the pains to refresh your memory on the heart piercing points of this topic on the Spirit of Truth. The following points could therefore be pinpointed on the teaching on the Spirit of Truth:

?Day 1, texts read: Deuteronomy 21:1-9, Numbers 5:12-31 and Acts 5:1-11. « The Spirit of Truth and Its Goodness ». We can retain here that:

-lies telling brings division and formation of clans in church;

-there are gifts in church, but when these gifts brings division, the individual have to stop and reflect for the devil can pervert or impersonate all gifts;

-all gifts are to be cross-examine with the Word of God which is our Urim Thummim today;

-we should judge ourselves by the fruits we bear;

-we should speak the truth in its entirety;

-God doesn’t complain of those that do evil but of the righteous that are accomplices to evil doers and pastors that close their mouth from denouncing evil;

-don’t interpret the attitude, habits, and moods of people, but approach them to know better if you have any doubt as written in Matthew 18:15-18;

-seek for peace at all times and with all, if you are offended or you are the one who have offended, go and fix it with your brethren no matter the reason;

-always say the truth and the truth only;

-always search for the truth in issues of contestation or doubts and consult your pastor when it persists;

?Day 2, texts read: I Corinthians 13:5, John 7:24 and Acts 5:8. »Do not Suspect, Do not Analyse, but Ask ». Here we can retain that:

-we should not judge by appearance but by verified facts;

-the example of Eli the priest and Hannah as written in I Samuel 1:14-20, where Eli accused Hannah of being drunk but after verifying, he realized it was not the case. But the good lesson in this story is that Hannah humbled herself and never got mad at the priest for accusing her and the priest also humbled himself to listen to Hannah which resulted to the blessing of Hannah as her desire was met;

-say all the truth even when it hurts and don’t be like Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5;

-talking about gifts, the pastor said the God’s gifts are very good but are not to be joked with by both the bearer and the those benefiting from it;

-when you the bearer gives the message God has given you and the receiver denies it, be still for you have done your job;

God does no exception of persons; the pastor respects the gift of God on his Christian but it does not mean the Christian with the gift should disrespect his pastor;

-those that have the Spirit of Truth in them will always verify things or information that come to them, but those that don’t have swallow or consume all that come their way;

-what is the source of your information and inspiration, are they from the Bible, prophet’s sermons or from social media and the world? ;

-always seek to know the truth, ask your fellow brethren to clear you of a doubt if you doubt anything and do as Jesus said in Matthew 18:15-18;

-may God deliver us from precipitation or haste on apparent judgement;

-may we ask God for the spirit of discernment;

-God knows all that happens, He is not the author of frustration and He makes everything to work together to them that love Him.

?Day 3, texts read: I  King 22:1-29 and Genesis 4:1-16. « The Love of Truth and The Spirit of Error ».

Before beginning proper, the pastor recalled on the previous days on what the Bible says of a wife that betrays the husband, the lie of Ananias and Sapphira, and the prophet’s idea of swearing with the hand placed on the Bible and added that we should not judge by appearance, dreams, visions for when we do so, the devil will use that to plant the seed of discrepancy amongst brethren. When we judge not by justice, we attract the anger of God on us, our family, church, or even nation. We should be able to put our hand on the shoulder of our brethren even if we disagree on a point with him as the west is apart from the east, says the prophet. We should say good things about them but not hypocritical. We should not always blame our failure, problems on others but make peace at all times, confess and repair our faults no matter how it will humiliate us.

In the above texts, the first recounts the disobedience of Ahab to God and His prophet and the second is on the shed of the innocent blood of Abel by Cain. Relating the two above stories to Christian life, the man of God taught that day and the following points could be noted:

-the Bible says, woe to those who make projects, plans without consulting God;

-the prophet says, when you get to operating in the permissive will of God, your blessings start diminishing;

-when God gives a revelation, it is continual till the appointed time that He has put to manifest it;

-as God permitted the spirit of lying to anoint the prophets of Ahab, seeing as Christians (LDS Douala, YHT Yaounde and ST Edea) believe much in visions, dreams, signs, and prophesies, the devil can also anoint brethren with the same spirit to produce visions, dreams, etc that will bring about division amongst brethren;

-why did God permit all that scenario to happen? the prophet says it was God’s plan to accomplish the prophecy of Elijah against Ahab in l Kings 21:19 on dogs licking his blood;

-everybody hears first versions of stories or information, but only those that have the Spirit of Truth in them seeks to know the truth;

-even if what you hear is partly from the Bible, verify yet for it is what caused the world when the devil presented partly the Bible to Eve;

-if it is a dream, vision, sign, prophecy, take it to the Word if it concords and consult your pastor;

-instead of consulting God, some consult fortune tellers who get information from them and manipulate them on it;

-even prophets can have the spirit of lying in them;

-do we have the sensitivity of the Spirit of God on us? the Bible says that the simple believes all foolishly (Proverbs 1:22);

-just as Jehoshaphat said consult God, when only good is professed to us without any corrective words, we should always think twice and consult God;

-just as Jezebel was governing Israel in the stead of Ahab as seen in I Kings 21:7, there are kings, pastor’s, husbands that their wives are ruling in their stead;

-the Spirit of Truth and the Love of Truth, for some have the knowledge of truth but not the love of truth;

-illustrations in 2 Timothy 3:5, 2 Thessalonians 2:2-12, Hebrew 4:2, to point out that, if we refuse the spirit of truth by God’s grace our hearts will be sealed with the spirit of lying and damnation;

-how do we receive this Spirit of Truth? by grace God’s through faith as we believe, reading our Bible and praying everyday;

-the spirit of truth which is the first fruit of the Spirit brings forth love;

-in the third place come the conscience. When you have the love of truth in you, you will have a sincere mind or heart;

-when we have our plans, projects, ideas, we look for dreams, visions, prophecies that suits us, we want the pastor to talk favourably in the direction of our thoughts;

-illustrations on the working of the conscience came from Acts 25:16, Romans 2:15 and Romans 9:1(people at times draw their truth from science, philosophical books and not from the Bible). Even in church, people often have their own truths in the Truth of God;

-he also read from l Timothy 1:18-19, 4:1-2 and ll Timothy 1:3, for even in the greatest Message send by God after the Old and New Testament, some have still taken the spirit of damnation on themselves ;

-we should serve God with a clear conscience;

-not only to condemn but also to show the way out, the pastor read Titus 1:15 and Hebrews 9:14;

-when we are delivered of the conscience of lying, we have to seek for the Spirit of Truth;

-the Truth is a Man-Jesus Christ who intercede for God to satisfy us by His Word which will take out of us all filth.

This series on THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH ended with a prayer of examination in which the pastor called on all not to contend themselves only on the knowledge but on pure love as the devil can limit us at the level of just knowing but not practicing.

In the physical realm in prelude to the D-day, while the Trustee, Temple keeper, ushers and the technicians were busy testing the appliances, arranging and cleaning the church, the deacons were busy verifying their list to invite a maximum number of Christians in respect to the seating places available for them to come participate directly in the Pentecost feast. All the above spirit and physical preparation defined the blessedness of the D-day celebration of Pentecost Day 2020. What then really marked 2020 Pentecost Day? The answer is found just below in the sentences that follows.


The D-day, Pentecost 2020 finally came up with great expectations in the minds of Christians. Being a Special day as we said above, it was also marked in the spiritual as well as in the physical domains. This time, we will like to start with the physical domain and end with the spiritual domain as God being a Spirit, is the Beginning and the End.

In the physical domain therefore, Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle once more felt a new touch and warmth since the beginning of covid-19. The church premises was transformed into a momentary four seating halls in order to respect the government barrier measures on covid-19 of not more than 50 persons in a hall and the social distancing. The main hall had 50,,the balcony 45,the frontal and hind pavements 40 and 38 respectively. Christians came in their numbers to renew their experiences with their God. Every duty bound office from the deacons, trustees, ushers, technicians, could be found busy trying to setup the scene for all to be comfortably seated to receive what the Spirit was to bring for the church that day. All setup, the 30 minutes meditation, the praise and worship service led by Brother Mayo Théophile, came the long awaited time when the pastor Bahoya Samuel took over the pulpit.

Yes, one can say that the spiritual sphere begins during the meditation and praises service, but given the fact that our consideration of spirituality in this news context is strictly attached to the Word, the mounting of the pastor to the pulpit with the Word marks the beginning of the spiritual domain of this day. Being a Special day, the menu was also special as the Christians were blessed to receive three different spiritual foods. There was a preaching on Mother’s day, a reminder on the series preaching on the Spirit of Truth, and finally the Pentecost preaching itself.

The pastor started the day with the commemoration of Mother’s day. He read from the Bible I Samuel 1:19b-28. He told his audience about the exemplary mother Hannah was. She did not take upon herself to bring up the child in her own way but gave to God to bring him up in His way. She was a contrast to Herodias who raised her daughter in a worldly and fashionable style. She taught her daughter how to dance perverse dances that caused the head of the prophet John the Baptist as written in Matthew 14. The pastor used these two examples to call the attention of mothers to choose who to resemble in the upbringing of their children. He paid homage to his mother who brought him up in the fear of God. Since as a young mother, she has always wished to have a son like Samuel in the Bible as we read in the above text. She taught him his first lessons especially how to pray and grow loving God. He talked of mothers that give their children to people to bring them up without considering the background of those they give these children to. Some mothers raise up their children in the worldly way, dressing their children in a fashionable way, training their children by what the world thinks good. A good mother will teach her children according to God’s way and bring them up in the fear of God. When you bring up your child in a godly manner, you are the one who benefits from the first good fruits of that child. Mothers are the spinal cord, first teacher of children. You have to correct children and not spear the rod and spoil the child. Teach the children the way they should go and when they grow up they shall not turn away from it, (Proverbs 22:6 and 15). Children should show love their mothers when they are still alive and not only wait to go put a reap of flowers on her grave as the prophet says, or to build and beautify her grave. Mothers are to be honoured everyday but many don’t bless their mothers as written in Proverbs 30:11. After this first part, there was a musical interlude to introduce the second part.

The second in the menu was a summary of all the rich preaching on the Spirit of Truth as we presented in the beginning of this article. To put more cream on the cake, the pastor read Psalm 50 that points out everything on this preaching.

The third and last but not least in the spiritual menu was the preaching directly linked to the celebration of the day. In mind, the pastor prepared to bring a sermon on the Uncontested Title Deed, but being sensitive to the Holy Spirit, he was led to preach on « THE ANOINTING AND THE SEED ». He read two passages: I Samuel 10:1-9 and I Samuel 16:13-19. Two texts in which the same prophet, with the same oil flask and same oil anointed two kings chosen by God, but which both faltered at the end by disobeying God in their ways. The pastor recounts the story of the two Pentecostal brothers spoke in tongue and the other interpreted which he met at the beginning of his ministry. One was a true believer and the other a made-believer (false) but both were anointed with the gift of God. When he was wondering about, God had to reveal to him that His gifts are not up to repentance, His rain fall on the good and the bad. Some people are even anointed at times with the spirit of the church and not with the Spirit of Truth which is Christ. A good conversion is in accordance with Ezekiel 36:26-27. In the first passage, we see that all that the prophet for-told about his life came to past but Saul disobeyed God at the end. He gave more consideration to the people God gave him authority over than to God Himself. Same in the second passage, David was chosen by God out of nothing and was anointing king, but he got himself soiled with women and even killed to take the wife of Uriah(2 Samuel 11). But the difference that was between the two was that Saul sought to justify his wrong, but David sought for forgiveness, this explains why he was made after the heart of God. We may have this or that gift from God, but what about our private life, our intimacy with God. Just as in the beginning Cain sought after the life of Abel, Saul also sought for the life of David explaining why it is always the false seed that is always seeking to kill the true seed of God. Last Pentecost 2019, we were preaching on uniting under one head in which in the two sermons preached by the prophet on that, he showed how God brought confusion (language or tongue) upon those that were constructing the tower of Babel. It is the same how He brings confusion in the camps of the enemy of God’s children. God is the only one who can bring confusion in the language of Men, Catholics, Presbyterians, Baptists, Pentecostal, but God has send a message to a people, His people just as in the day of Pentecost.

The pastor continued with the present situation of the world with covid-19 and the international program in preparation to unite the world under one organization to form satan’s Eden and take the mark of the beast. He elaborated on it and explained how these things are fast coming. But for the bride of Christ, after uniting under Him, we have to receive the true Holy Ghost. When God comes in us, we can never be the same again, we need Him to survive in that period. Satan possess the earth but he is not the legal owner. Africa is in the prophecy as written in Isaiah 19:19 and we have to be prepared. The prophet preaches these things in the sermon « Modern Things Rendered Clear by Prophecy ». They are fast getting into place; we have to be prepared. The pastor’s prayer was that, if the Lord tarry, everybody should receive the Holy Spirit before the next Pentecost (2021) and that those that have should move from filling to filling. But to those that have received, what is your attitude, do you allow yourself to be led by the Holy Spirit? Do you have the attitude of a lamb or sheep that love to be led or that of a goat that just like to lead(authority). The Spirit has led the church through teachings on Faith-Choice-Spirit of Truth-the Holy Ghost, a break and we shall continue with the happenings around us today. We have to be awaken. The fruits you produce; your evil deeds testify to you what seed you are made-up of. The Holy Spirit at times want us to meditate, examine and not only jump and shout for joy as in other Pentecost days, that’s how It has led the church this Pentecost. He again wished that the third pull should come and take away from our hearts and lives what simple prayers has not delivered us from and may God restore the ministry in which people will receive the Holy Ghost with the imposition of hands. But we should note that the Holy Spirit don’t come down in a wicked and sinful heart. We have to examine our lives, look upon the fruits we bear and not content ourselves by saying we are the spiritual seed of Abraham, we have long been believing in the Message, I am baptised in the name of Jesus Christ. Don’t joke brethren, for many are called but few are chosen. I have a heavy heart for my people and the world, we have to be prepared. The coming of the Lord is sooner than ever. He said he is happy that the virus has not yet touch any of the brethren, but warned that if it had to, are our lives in order with God? We should hunger and thirst after God as written in Psalm 42. The prophet says, to have more experience with God, we have to read our Bible and pray everyday and the pastor adds, read our Bible, pray and listen to the Voice of the Seventh Angel everyday. The preaching ended with an intercession prayer by Pastor Mayo. The pastor later blessed the assembly and all that were connected worldwide and all went back meditating on their individual faith with God. A special day it was indeed. Shalom.

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