NEWS – Lat Sunday Service at Love Divine Sanctuary 15/03/2020

15th March 2015, 15th March 2020. Five years since the dedication of the pyramidal royal blue and white building: Love Divine Sanctuary. Five years during which the devil had tried to bring the building to ashes twice by fire from electricity incidents but God was on His throne. Five years where the devil tried to scatter the church by dividing the brethren but God was on His throne. A thanksgiving was therefore essential according to Ephesians 5 v 20 “Giving thanks always for things unto God and the father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

A college of pastors in the likes of Revs LAMBE Robinson, Joseph TONG MBOCK, Elisee BOUDA, etc come from Makak, Buea, Yokaduma, etc as well as a band of musicians from Congo and Cameroon in the likes of Tintini Sidi, Kalfus Bloem, Hortense Colombe, Papa Jolly Bibian just to name but these joined the brethren from LDS and daughter churches to commemorate this event.

The worship service was a feast of love. Emphasis was laid on love as prescribed by our prophet in “A Word to the Church”. The brethren held each other in a chain of love headed by our pastor Bahoya Samuel as they sang and praised God. This served as preamble for the sermon of the day.

In Perfect Strength in Perfect Weakness, Brother BRANHAM said: « My greatest enemy is William BRANHAM, he is the one who gets in the way of God ». So, when evil is said of you, if it is true, repent but if it is false accusations, what does it remove or change on you? Trust your fate to the Lord and continue your way always loving everyone even those who insult you. This can only be possible if you have received the Holy Spirit via the new birth. Thereby crucified the old man for a corpse does not respond to insults or wrongdoings.

Brother BRANHAM said in “Taking Sides with Jesus” that true Christian behaviour is to hide everything that can be done about a brother: do not talk about his bad actions, just talk about his good actions ». The bible says we should proclaim truth in love hence if you say your brother doing something wrong it is your duty to talk to him about and not to talk about it to others. Brother Branham further says that you should bring him to prayers before going to see him. And God will show which way the devil passed to deceive him. He did not only preach but lived his preaching. Among the companions of the prophet Branham there were homosexuals, but he never spoke about it.

We are in the middle of a process, we are in metamorphosis to go to divine love, as preached Pastor Lifoko the other day. And God has planned tests and trials, and God stands there to see how you react. The question you should ask yourself at every trial is “What would Jesus do?” Despite being wrongly accused He kept quiet « mute like a sheep before those who shear it ».

The man of God then narrated the story of a church who after letting in make-believe brothers lowered their engagement in prayers and led to the fall of the church. The devil does not support seeing two brethren together and he will always seek to sow discord amongst them.

The prophet warns us against this, in “A Word to the Church” he says we should keep guard not to fall into the devil’s trap. And pray for the person that Satan uses.

The sermon went on to focus on the pastoral duty. We have to love and support our pastor with everything we have and pray for him. For he is the one who has received the two denarii for your physical and spiritual wellbeing. He is your real father. You should look at him as holy, do not seek faults in your pastor. Leviticus 21 v 8: “Thou shall sanctify him therefore; for he offereth the bread of thy God; he shall be holy unto thee: for I the LORD who sets you apart, am holy.”.  The story of Noah and his sons is there for our instruction.  In the same light, we see Aaron and Myriam who had murmured against Moses and Myriam had been struck with leprosy, only Moses could intercede for her. Hence it is your pastor who is accountable for your soul. That’s why you have to stay faithful to your post of duty, that is your church. If your pastor pronounces words of anger on you it shall certainly occur just like Moses and Korah. Pray and fast for your pastor.

Rev Bahoya then led the brethren into prayers after asking those who were willing to take the engagement of respecting Matthew 18. Reverend Pastor Robinson LAMBE made an overall prayer so that God forgives us our follies and gives us divine love and the spirit of forgiveness.

The thanksgiving offering was collected and the blessing pronounced by Rev Joseph Tong Mbock and the assembly was dismissed for the brethren to share an agape meal before going home.


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