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NEWS The Thanksgiving Service at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle (29/12/2019)

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Last Sunday At Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle

Sunday the 29th of December 2019 was the last Sunday of the year and was crowned the Thanks Giving Sunday. Different from previous years in which thanks giving has usually been in the new year,this last Sunday of the year was chosen. Christians came prepared to show their gratitude to God for their Pastor and themselves.

After the worship and praise service, the pastor intervening from Douala introduced the prophet in the Sermon: Why Little Bethlehem. After an hour’s listening and applauses to appreciate the message, the pastor mounted once more the pulpit to conclude. He also took this opportunity to introduce the second Guest Speaker in the person of Apostle Robert Kamte who was invited by the pastor to lead the thanks giving service and share his life experience on how God honors a cheerful giver and hard work. This humble Servant of God mounted the pulpit with all the applauses of the Christians. He presented a special warm greetings to the audience in reaction to the applauses of the Christians. Inspiring himself from the Bible in II Corinthians 9 verse 5 to 8, he titled his sharing on THE LAW OF SOWING. Yes, the Bible tells us there is much blessing in given than in receiving,but thanks giving has a particularity. We give thanks to God for something he has done for us. For the End of Year Thanks Giving, many were still ignorant of it’s raison d’être. The Guest speaker told the Christians that it is the gratitude we give God for the Shepard He has given us to lead us. The value of our giving is vis-à-vis the consideration we give to him as our Shepard. He has remain faithful to the Word and has been there for the church. On like  tithes that are destined to God, end of year thanks giving offerings are directed to the pastor. He went further to say he who sows little will reap little but it does not cancel the fact that one can only give according to his means for God appreciate but a cheerful giver. He told the Christians that people and particularly Christians can grow rich without involving mystical practices.

He proceeded with his life experience on giving and his success story. He gave guidelines, realities, opportunities, and even the business mindset to adopt for success. He then brought his audience closer to his line of thought by turning to the story of John Charite who rised from grass to grace. A stone digger to the owner of more than half a city who was able to pay more than one and a half billion dollars a year as tithes to the prophet. This was due to his sacrifice which as it’s commonly said,no sacrifice, no success. His wife who was barren, conceived and gave birth to children. This gradually moved the Christians to an atmosphere of thanks giving. With the atmosphere built up,with singing,the Christians moved joyously to the altar to offer their offerings of thanks. Pastor Kamte then prayed for blessings  on all. The service gradually move to its end as the pastor took the floor to give more testimonies on giving and the giving habit of Pastor Kamte Robert.

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