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Saturday Service at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle (05/10/2019)

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At 9:30AM, the gates of the temple of YAHSHUA HAMASHIA Tabernacle were opened and saw awaiting Christians rushing in anxious to hear once more the Voice of God which is new everyday. After 30 minutes of silences and worship and praises led by the song leader of the day- NANTA Samuel, Reverent NEMEDING Matthieu from Douala climbed the pulpit to refresh the memories of the Christians that were in church the previous day and put in line those that were absent on the sermon of the prophet “THE VOICE OF GOD IN THESE LAST DAYS”. After reading from Isaiah 40:1-5 and 1 Samuel 3:1-4 and verse 9, he reminded the Christians of the main points that were said in the first part of the sermon (see report of Friday) and went ahead to introduce the prophet for the listening of the last part. He made mention of the fact that the Voice of God is the only Voice that makes mature the Bride and that, there is a difference between the Voice of God and that of the church. For Adam to have continues fellowship with God, he needed to keep and hear the Voice of God every day, for the day he listened to another voice, he lost fellowship with God. For us to remain in fellowship therefore with God, we have to continuously listen to the Voice of God.

In the last part of the above mentioned sermon, the Voice of God through His servant our prophet continued in the preparation of the Bride with many edifying words to the church. He talked of the signification and influence of the names we carry which at times lead God to change peoples names. He brought our some examples in the bible where names were changed like Jacob to Israel, Saul of Tarsus to Paul, Simon to Peter. He continued by saying that we need a Voice that will stand and condemn to the least all the other voices of politics, Hollywood, Catholicism, Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal and the rest. These other voices are the origin of chaos in the ecclesiastic world. He told the audience not to harden their hearts as they hear this Voice but to receive it immediately for they may never have another opportunity to hear It when grace still abound. Adam hard no condemnation nd was having fellowship with God as long as he was listening to the  Voice of God till the day he listed to another voice, that of his wife. Those in the world consider the church as their absolute while genuine Christians have the Holy Spirit for their absolute. Noah heard the Voice of God and went ahead preparing according to the instructions. Samuel heard the Voice of God and went ahead to condemn Eli despite the fact that he brought him up. But preachers of today are afraid to condemn the denominational systems because they afraid of their positions and licenses. Moses heard the Voice of God despite his theology and was never the same again. No one can hear the Voice of God and ever remain the same, but the mystery behind hearing and seeing is not attached to the physical ear and eyes but to the heart. When you follow the Voice of God, you are like a fool, an oddball in the eyes of the world. When Paul heard the Voice he gave a deaf ear to what the Gamelans could say; when Peter heard the Voice, he considered nothing that God had made as impure; when Lazarus heard the Voice, he could not remain in the grave. Jesus said, there cometh a day that all those that are in the grave will hear this Voice and will come out no matter your condition for this same Voice to judge us. Therefore, all you men and women that are hearing this Voice warn you now on such and such a thing, listen to it and turn back to your God. Women, abandon cutting your hairs, paintings, shorts, and the rest; men, stop lying, smoking, and all the rest.

As the sermon ended, Pastor Aaron PIGLA climbed the pulpit to start a series of prayers led turn by tern by Pastor MOUNE Jean Calvin, Pastor TINA Charles and Pastor LAMBE Robinson. But before this prayers, he concluded by saying that it is a privilege to have the Voice of God for in It, there are blessings, healings, resurrection, rapture, Eternal life. This Voice is going round the world, and we have to be happy for many have loved to hear it but are not privileged.

To end the morning service, the man of God, Pastor BAHOYA Samuel draw the attention of the Christians a confession that everybody found him or her self guilty of. He talked of:

  • The sin of Moses who was in a haste to rescue the children of Israel thinking it was by his physical strength to do it. We therefore have to be patient for the time of God to be accomplished as everything has a season;
  • The sin of Joshua who was always consulting God before taking any decision but at one time, he began putting before him false evidences and proves. We should therefore put always Jeremiah 33:3 before taking any decision;
  • The sin of Saul who instead of doing what God told him to do, he went doing it according to his own understanding and advice of men. We have to do things the way God have told us to do but not according to our understanding or advice of those around us.

The Pastor declared a break which permitted brothers and sisters to go and share in the delicious dishes that was prepared by all the sisters at their various homes. It was a great moment of feasting and communion amongst brothers and sisters here in Yahshua.

The Pastor returned to the pulpit after the break and after praying, he began by presenting a video of brothers and sisters with earphones listening to the Message as was prophesied by the prophet. He also talked of the importance of the Bride’s Agapao Tablet as was presented in the video. He went ahead to read from four passages in the bible: Judges 7:4, Nehemiah 8:1-8; 2 Corinthians 3:18 and James 1:22-24.  In the first passage, we have the story on how God selected those to go to war with Gideon when he decided to reduce the number of those to go to war against the Medianites. In man’s reasoning, note only the number (from 32000 to 300 people) was too small, but those that drank the water bowing down were supposed to be the ones to be selected and not those that lapped the water like dogs. The Man of God then said, that is how men want to use their wisdom to go to the rapture. He then told his audience that the time have come where we are in a junction, men of God have to chose between keeping their systems or the Word of God through the authorized Voice. In the second passage, he talked of the fact that Law of Moses was only being read to the people and not preached. He later referred to the sermon “The Countdown”  were the prophet was talking on how his sermons were recorded and taken round the world by missionaries and in the jungle in Africa, they were being interpreted to the people in their own languages. But the interpreter never had the anointing of the prophet for it was to him that God told not to drink, smock or soil himself in any way for He had a mission for him. The Spirit goes with the Word and so the tapes just have just to be simply played. The old system was that the men of God listened to the tapes or read the sermon books and came and preached what they understood applying it to their own experiences. Two could read the same sermon but have different ideas because where there are two men, there are two opinions. The prophet tells us in The Revelation of The Seven Seals to interpret nothing for it has already been interpreted. In the Sermon: “The Religion of Jezebel”, that when God sends His Messenger to the world and she rejects him, he will retrieve him and send calamity to the people. But, just like in the days of the prophet Elijah, God made available ravens (pastors today) that kept the Word (Message). But when the brook dried up, God send him to a widow at Zarephath ( a type of the Bride today that once had the authority of men over them) where He had commanded this widow to provide for him. The spirit of Jezebel makes us think only our pastor interprets the Message well and only his doctrines are right. This leads to divisions, segregation, disputes which does not depict Love that accompanies the Truth of God.  Concluding, the Pastor said, we are not listening to Bro Branham but to God Himself and so all the blessings and the rupturing faith are all in these tapes. The time of silence that God tries the faith of man will soon be over. He ended with the topic of his message: “The Return of the Prophet”.

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