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Sunday Service at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle Yaounde (05/07/2020)

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The church has been going through some moments of sorrow with the departure of brothers and sisters to glory. Though some will ask why should we worry when they are in God’s presence, separating with a love one has always been painful. The most recent and painful separation has been the one of our beloved assistant pastor Mayo Benjamin. It is during moments of mourning that you really make out who is your friend as real friends come to console with you. The Bible says we should mourn with those that are mourning . It is on this perspective that Christians under the ministry of Pastor Bahoya Samuel were expecting to receive a special friend who was coming to comfort them. Who was this special guest and what did he bring is our concern, but before that, the ambiance at YHT on this Sunday morning will better prepared our minds to discover the special feast day it was. It was a Sunday just as any other Sunday since the outbreak of covid-19 and the barrier measures, but its particularly was remarkable on the turnout. From the gate, you could see the security ensuring that these measures were observed such as putting on of marsk, washing and disinfection of hands, checking of temperature and Christians were directed to provided seating spaces according to their arrival while respecting the social distancing. The main hall, balcony, front and hind pavements were all prepared consequently. With the scene set, the consecration and meditation period, the worship and praise led by Brother Nantha Samuel, all was now ready to receive their guest. From Douala, this highly awaited guest mounted the pulpit and was no other person than Pastor Apostle Lambert Robinson ( Le Bombardier International). The host pastor, our lovely Pastor Bahoya Samuel was receiving from YHT and gave the honor to his guest to offer his gift (the main sermon) and only came up with a backup sermon, all these with the help of advancement in technology . This special guest and the presence of the pastor in Yaounde explains the high turnout at YHT.
In receiving a guest, the the receiver is not only interested in the arrival of his guest, but also, what he is bringing with him as a gift or comforting words in the case of mourning as Paul is saying in 2 Corinthians 7:7. What then did our guest bring is the question that all the Christians were asking themselves after receiving their guest. For this question to be detaily answered in the context of our journal, we will invite you to read the article of our colleagues of Douala who were face to face with our guest while we will bring you details on the backup sermon of the host pastor from YHT Yaounde . But in a general point of view, we can retain the following from our guest pastor.
In his preamble, he gave a testimony about our fallen hero, Pastor Mayo how he was humble to accept a childhood friend and even a junior to become his pastor. He accepted this and adjusted everyday to conform to his pastor as he could be constantly heard saying “my pastor, my pastor, our pastor has said…”. He called on all the Christians to respect, obey and uphold this heritage that papa Mayo has left in the person of our pastor. He comforted the church not to be in despair for our assurance is that we shall meet our departed brethren, for Christianity is based on resurrection. He told the church, the departure of our brethrens give us more reasons to be more courageous and seriousness in our Christian walk.
As he has always thrown flowers on the living and not only wait when they are dead, he testified also of his host. He talked of how remarkable is the testimony of our pastor, a man who is loyal and faithful to God. A simple Bahoya Samuel who has become great not in fame but in his walk with God. The visions and dreams about him are now realities in the eyes of all.
For the sermon, he read Nehemiah 13:1-2,6-9, and 14 but used the whole chapter to bring his message and call on the Christians to detailly read it at home. While bringing his message, he read more verses such a verse 22 and 26-30. He entitled his sermon: ” NORMAL ACTIVITY” to tell his audience, they have to remain faithful in thier Christian walk and not indulge in sinful activities that they may be found wanting in any situation. Abnormal activities attracts the anger of God on us. He warned those that are involved in abnormal activities for the anointing of Nehemiah in putting order in the house of God is at hand. He said, we are at normal activities when we are following the vision of God in our lives. We have to be active spiritually as physically for God. He gave his testimony of how he was to go to glory the same night as his colleague papa Mayo but for the grace of God. He had been inspired some days ahead to read this book of Nehemiah and just as the writer ” Remember me O my God, concerning this also, and spare me according to the greatness of your mercy”,he cried to God. He was paid his salary of his normal activities as God by His mercy spared his life. He then passed the audience back to the host pastor.
The host pastor, Bahoya Samuel in his turn mounted the pulpit from Yaounde to appreciate his guest for the wonderful sermon and fasten tighter the nut to ensure a better compression of the sermon. In his backup message, he linedup with his predecessor in the importance of being always in your normal activities. He began by making the church listen to the voice message of Pastor Lambert on the testimony he presented the church about his horrible night. He declared that you are on your normal activities when you are on your line of divine duty,but when you turn aside, you are on abnormal activities. Eliashib and Tobiah were against Israel as they defiled the chamber of the house of the Lord. Same, we have given the chambers of our lives to the enemy. When we slander a brother or sister, cheat, lie, commit fornication and adultery, we are in abnormal activities. When you are on your normal activities, don’t seek to extrapolate or do more than what God has assigned you to do, but remain humble in your line of duty. God made Saul a king over Israel, instead of remaining king, he took upon himself of doing the work of the levites which were to offer sacrifices as mentioned in 1 Samuel 13:9. Saul was raised to exterminate the Ammonites (1 Samuel 11:11),but he further began to spear some of the Kings and it led to his downfall. If God has raised you to support the hands of Moses like Joshua and Caleb, don’t seek to take the place of Moses. He continued by saying, some think that because they are wealthy, they can manipulate the pastor with their wealth. He said, if you are a levite, don’t seek to take the place of the priest (Aeron). Remain in your position and you will be in your normal activities. Solomon was ordained to build the temple, and when he was on that divine mission, all the world was subject to him, but when he gave himself to women, it brought his downfall. He assured the Christians to remain where God has placed them, and nothing can happen to them when they are on their devine line of duty. They are living stones, if anything fall on them, it will either be broken or they will broke it by falling on it as written in Matthew 21:43-44. The prophet says, nothing can happen to a child of God if the will of God has not been accomplished in his life. But we have to seek to know the will of God in our lives. We should remain in our line of duty no matter what.
He appreciated more and more the sermon and said it was meant for believers and not mere Christians. Believers have the vision, what God has told them about the Word and the ministry. He talked of how he began the church in Yaounde and stressed that only those that God had spoken to them about his ministry should stay. He reiterated that he like walking with men of visions for in times of difficulties, men without vision will not withstand. But exalted those that have visions to hold on to their visions. He made it clear that he makes no exception of persons, for he blame when it comes to that and praise also from children to adults, men and women, his juniors as seniors alike. He called on all to pray for him while assuring also to pray for all as written in 1 Samuel 12:23.
Talking of his ministry, he explained how his apostolic ministry began since his youth when he was even still a pentecostal. He was in charge of the youth movement in the Center Litoral, South zone. This continued till date. Not being a frequent dreamer, his first dream was when he was a student in France, in which the prophet William M. Branham led him to be sown a suite. He later had some other dreams many years later which have really determine his ministry. All these does not make him too powerful, he said , but it is the hand of God. He continued by asking each in the assembly what God has told them in their walk with Him. Each should hold on to what God has told them in their Christian walk. His collaboration with Joseph Branham or his tape ministry has not began today, God had told him else long that he was to work with him, and it is only ten years later that Joseph Branham contacted him to work with him.
He told the Assembly , we are not a church, but a mission and therefore missionary ministry. We need to be obedient and loyal such as in the military. We should avoid bitterness and anger for it further us away from our line of duty. All we have to do is to remain focus on the vision God has given us but first of all assure ourselves that the vision is true and from God. To assure this, we have to always verify our visions in the Bible and take them to our pastor for he is the agent of God for us. He pronounced once more a word of blessing to Pastor Lambert for the sermon.
He called on the Christians in Shalom Tabernacle of Edea to respect their pastor, his collaborator for he is the one who placed him there. By respecting him, he is the one they are obeying. He is pastor in Douala and Yaounde by prophecy, but he doesn’t have one for Edea yet. He called on all his audience to avoid politics, tribalism, clans, segregation but to love one another with brotherly love.
He advised Christians not to allow the devil to turn them away from their vision with God. Be it your husband, wife, brother or sister, colleagues, or anybody. We should be very careful with those that we walk with, with those that are beside us, our wife that sleep besides us, our children and all others. It was the people that started the enmity between Saul and David as written in 1 Samuel 18:6-9. Also, though very close to Jesus, Peter at one time wanted to distract Jesus from His mission as he thought it was by physical power. The pastor ended by telling all to remain in normal activities and stay away from abnormal activities. He ended the meeting with a powerful prayer in which he called on God to help all to remain in their commissions or duties, prayed for the memory of his death collaborators such as papa Nganchou, Mayo and the heritage that they have left behind them. He prayed also for his living collaborators and those of Pastor Lambert and for all his Christians for God to grant their needs. He also prayed for parents in the upbringing of their children and the obedience of children to their parents and lastly for himself to remain loyal and faithful in the divine mission God has given him. God bless you.

Jules Pierre Moune

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