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Sunday Service at Love Divine Sanctuary (08/09/2019)

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As is the tradition every Sunday, the Christians of LDS gathered at PK8 to worship their Lord and eat the spiritual food for the day. The praise service was led by brother Joses Motto after which our pastor Samuel BAHOYA intervened from Yaounde.  He began by thanking the brethren of Yaoundé, Douala, Edea, for their participation in the different burials that took place recently. He then exhorted the brethren to stay true to the listening of tapes. A concept that he himself applies as the tape on the Seven Seals plays continuously in a loop both at his home in Yaoundé and Douala.

Sharing his reflexions on the passage of Joshua 1 v 5 b “As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Je asked the question “at what time was God with Moses?”  When Moses was born, at a time when all Hebrew babies were put to death Moses was placed in a basket of tar on the Nike river full of crocodiles. God protected him from the crocodiles and the heat in the tar basket. It is mentioned how long he spent in the basket but God took care of him. Not only that but He saved him using pharaoh’s own daughter and was nursed in the palace by his own mother. Talking of Gideon, God brought him to reduce the army with him before going to war for the glory to be the Lord’s. After 2 tests, the people reduced from 32000 to 300 which was frightful. As a child of God you will be brought to a point where you have to pass from 32000 followers to 300. But remember Joshua 1 v 5. Take a look at the widow of Zarephath who had just a meal separating her and her son from death or even the Lord Jesus who fed 5000 men not counting women and children but was still abandoned. He left from crowds of followers to 70 then to 12. Sometimes, we think God has abandoned us, we part and it seems there is no reply from heaven. But God poses acts just to remind us that He watches over us. When Satan comes, he dresses first in white (seduction) then red (persecution) then black ( depriver) and when it does not work he comes in pale (death).  When at 80, Moses thought his life was finish, bug God kept His promise. Joshua 1 v 5. When faced with the Red Sea, the murmurs of the Israelites, Korah and Dathan, etc God was always present. At the hour of trial God was always present. The essential is not about having the words of promises but is your faith firmly rooted in those promises? God always brings us to situations of extremity so that our faith be strengthened. When things get difficult, He sends a prophet, vision, dream to fortify you. Do not touch My anointed ones, God punished Aaron and Miriam for murmuring against Moses.  What kills many Christians is their ego. Jesus called the syro-phoenician a dog but she kept firm to her goal: that of getting her daughter healed.

The man of God concluded by exhorting the brethren to stay true to the message left by our prophet William Marion Branham.

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