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The long awaited day which has kept the Bahoya’s family in particular, message believers and family friends busy lately finally came. Men and women of all works of life stormed the Yaounde Central Hospital Mortuary to pay last hommage to Mama Ngo Mayene Augustine widow of late Bahoya Benjamin and mother of honourable Men of God, Pastors Bahoya Samuel and Mayene Jean Matin.  What a blessed wum she had to bring to each these two prominent Men of God and other beliving children. The ceremony that was scheduled for 2:30 pm began some minutes late due to school time wasting from other removals. After the installation of all in the open-air service area of the mortuary, the corps carriers processed majestically out of the mortuary room with the corps of Mbo-mbo. The ceremony ground was serene and calm. After some songs, the presiding minister in the person of Pastor Mayo Benjamin took the floor to remind mourners of the importance of their souls. Reading from the Bible….., he based his thoughts on one of the sermons of the prophet who was talking of the importance of the soul on the body. He said the body which is composed of minerals from the earth is very less compared to the soul. Upon all the minerals that the world contains, the prophet says, “A soul is worth ten thousand worlds”. But naively, men put more Importance to the flesh that shall pass away and being of no importance than to the soul that is what God wants. The pastor called on his audience in the short and precise message to think of their souls and give it all the importance it deserves. After the message, the audience walked round the corps to give it the last respect.

What a removal it was, as men of God, believers,  friends and colleagues worldwide could be spotted in the heavy attended ceremony. The protocol and security were just more than professional leaving no stone unturned to give the ceremony the importance it merit for a mother like Mama Augustine. The convoy was so spectacular that it put onlookers in a standstill to wave it.  Taking off from the mortuary, the convoy went through Camp Yayap, the Public Works School, climbed through ENEO Melen to Round About MEC, went towards the Presidential Garde Camp Melen and passed to Round About Etougebe, Round About TKC to Maison Blanche.  From this position, there was a procession by all to the son’s resident where it was exposed for another public viewing.  With this articulation over, there was some time of refreshing preparing for the evening articulation of wake keep.

Jules Pierre Moune

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