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How time consumes and bury events into history. The air or atmosphere of all around the great family of Bahoya Benjamin in general and Bahoya Samuel in particular is filled with some sense of satisfaction after the laying to rest of Mama Ngo Mayene commonly called Mbo Mbo. The long prepared even came and passed and only memories are now left. From the removal of corps, through the wake keeps to the burial of Mbo Mbo, many waters went under the bridge. Officially, there were two wake keeps, on Thursday in Yaounde and on Friday in the village (Nsigmadeng) and the burial followed the next day which was Saturday at the same venue.

From the affluence in the corps removal, someone could begin to define the state of affairs in the first official wake keep. After laying of the corps at the resident of the eldest son for public viewing, waiting for the beginning of the wake keep ceremony, many could be found going up and down in the compound doing the final touches for the night even.  As from 7:30pm,men of all calibers from around the world could be found occupying provided seats scrupulously directed by the well organized protocol men.  At some few minutes to 9:00pm, the corps was majestically brought into the temple of Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle Yaounde. The master of ceremony in the person of Pastor Mayo Benjamin took the floor to present the articulations of the night. The night kick-start with a series of worship and praise songs led by Brother Tamafouo Guillaume followed by the presentation of the Sunday School Children and the Vent du Sud Écho music group. The last respect message to their granny  was memorable as they brought in a special gift, goodbye message and a song in the Bassa language.

The next articulation was the listening of the Voice Of God for an hour. The host and bereaved pastor Bahoya Samuel took the courage upon himself to personally introduce the prophet in the sermon “WHEN LOVE IS PROJECTED “, a well adapted hommage message to the mother.  To justify this, he quotes the prophet in the last but one page of the program “When the love of a mother is projected, the grace of God takes over”.

An interlude brought once more on stage the Vent du Sud musical group to usher the next speaker in the person of Apostle Robert Kamte. Reading the Bible from I Corinthians 15:1-21, he presented a message titled ” Mothers Day” inspiring from the prophet’s sermon. Before entering properly into his message, he presented his condolences to the entire bereaved blood and spiritual family.  He talked of his spiritual encounter with the prophet through a dream that convict him to promote the listening of the Voice Of God through His prophet William Marrion Branham for God mandated him for that purpose. Paraphrasing from the prophet, he told the audience that many send flowers and gifts to their mothers on Mathers Day, but thinks they are to do better than that by going to see your mother,  talk with her, tell her lovely words and take care of her all the days of the year. He went further to explain the attachment between children and their mothers which begins right from the wum of the mother, through birth and care taking. The attraction to the father only comes later as the child grows up. He scrupulously opposed divorce basing from the experience he went through after the divorce between his parents. This makes him to vow that upon nothing on earth will he go for a divorce. He continued by stressing on the fact that all are to be diligent towards the woman who has carried them in her wum accepting transformations and metamorphosis of their body for their sake. They even risk their lives in the dangerous periods of delivery and at times through operations.We therefore have to take care of them in all times.

He said, mama is gone, but as brother Branham says, she will be one day on the table with all her children, young once more, free from afflictions, illnesses, distress, and where we shall never die. Just for the fact that she brought to mankind two great Men of God is enough for her to be in heaven. This he strongly believe for it is written that even those that have done just good to God’s children will be saved. As the night began with worship and praises, it continued till the end with melodious songs by talented children of God in the musical domain.

Jules Pierre Moune

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