Last Sunday Service at Love Divine Sanctuary (22/12/2019)

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The ball of marriages was closed this year at LDS this Sunday by Stephanas Yankoua and Mabingo Banangteke Prisca. After a magnificent praise service led brother Paul Togo, the groom and bride respectively entered the hall as the officiating minister Rev Samuel BAHOYA welcomed them at the door step with joy. Marriage is a unique experience, the man of God said. It is the greatest experience of humans after the alliance with God: to make an alliance with another human being.

I am very happy for Stephanas and Prisca, and their lovely parents. Brother Yankoua (father of the groom-NDE) he is an old Pentecostal companion … God bless everyone, everyone who came to his house this morning.

After a prayer by Rev Charles TINA, the Gospel reading was drawn in Malachi 2:14, the last two lines of the verse. The summary of the preaching is as follows:

The marriage you are about to enter is an alliance and the alliance is an institution. The alliance has implications, and I will title my subject: THE IMPACT OF THE ALLIANCE. We do not enter into an alliance lightly, because an alliance has implications. When you make an alliance, you must remain faithful to this alliance. We have seen examples in the Bible where God punished those who became unfaithful to the covenant, and since marriage is a covenant, the Bible says that God himself will judge adulterers and fornicators, that is, those who are not faithful in their covenants, and the Bible says it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the Lord. When we take an alliance, we have to think carefully. In “Choosing a Bride”, Brother Branham teaches that the boy should consider marriage in prayer, because when you enter it is over, what you find, you bear, there is no If you marry in a hurry and you realize that you have made a bad choice, bear; you already have eternal life, do not break this marriage, because God does not love the wish of the foolish; I have even good news to announce to you: he is the Creator; even if it is not as you thought, you can transform your wife or your husband by the magic of faith, by the magic of love, by grace of God, and your wife or your husband who is not as you thought, can change. I told the story of a young man in India who married a woman. He was a businessman very wise, and in India we married women according to their value, and we gave a certain number of heads of beef, the maximum was nine heads of beef; and he took a woman of low reputation, he gave nine heads of beef and the whole village laughed at him for being so stupid. One day, one of his partners came to meet him for business. When he asked his friend, we smiled before telling him where he is. When they met, his partner told him how he found it, he told him how people smiled when he asked them.

So he said to his partner: in fact, they are making fun of me because of the woman I married; she was not great but i married her with the highest dowry. The gentleman was curious to see this woman. At the end of the stay, the Indian had invited his partner; while they were in the living room, a very beautiful young intruder came to serve them, dressed like a waitress. After, the finished meal and all the rest, the friend asks the Indian: where is your wife? he was surprised, the surprise changed sides. The man called his wife and said here is my friend, he is surprised to see you. And she says: I was as you learned but it was my husband who transformed me; all the time, he told me that I am the most beautiful; I didn’t believe it at first but it started to work in my mind, in my toilet, in my clothing and I changed. This is how Christ transforms us, he sends his Word, because he said that he will present himself a Bride without stains, wrinkles, or anything like that.

It is not someone else who will change your wife, it is you, because woman for man is like the moon in relation to the sun; the sun hits the moon and it shines, what a husband can hide is the woman who manifests it, everything you give to the woman she transforms. Give her something good, she gives you paradise, give her evil, she gives you hell. They can be Jezebel, they can be Mary, mother of Jesus, everything depends on what we give him.

Last Sunday was in Buea, on the occasion of the marriage of two young brothers, we saw that we must be faithful to the alliance and we saw that the alliances have implications. When your father made a wedding ring, you can’t change it. The only possibility is if it is a sin covenant, you can change it without consequence, but you will have the persecution, the tribulations, because it is written: “Judge for yourselves, is it appropriate to to obey men rather than God? “. You can break the alliance, but don’t let that whip you, put you to death, but your soul is saved; they did that with Paul, Etienne … The alliance is sacred: when you take a young woman, the woman of your youth, that is to say the woman of the beginning, when you enter life. .-We have seen in Cameroon, many start with a young woman when they are young, and they build, they have children but in their professional ascent, they enter other circles, circles; and with many maternities, the woman is no longer the same, and in poverty, we could not maintain her properly, so he takes a second woman, builds a beautiful villa and says “mama, go to the village. ” It is a disguised infidelity, he is ashamed of his wife of youth. -You married a girl as thin as a wasp; with maternity, she gains weight, and the southern demon takes you, you start to look at young women who are like your wife was, and you start to cheat; woe to the man who deceives the woman of his youth. Brother Branham teaches us that you should not look in the rear view mirror when you are driving …- Excuse me brothers and sisters.-Be faithful to the woman of your youth … but the Bible says here: “the woman of your alliance “. In some countries, in certain civilizations, alliances are made with blood. Blood flows in a cup, we put in a goblet or in a cup, we mix, I drink you drink too, that is to say that your life mixed with mine, I took a part , you took another one. Whoever breaks this alliance dies; I don’t need to be there, all the words we say, which are like imprecations, catch you. Even go to India, nothing. Even in Leviticus, when a man went on a trip, and he suspected his wife, because of what he was told or what he saw, they took him to the house of God, and the husband spoke to the Priest who took the Temple dust, bitter herbs with water, and put it in a vase. The woman took this vase in her hand and said: “if I cheated on my husband, my belly swells and my feet … and she drank and she went out; we always saw, and if she had not cheated on her husband, she remained in his honor.

All I am saying is for you to be faithful in the alliance and to bear the consequences. I see young people who make promises to take care of their husbands or wives, to be faithful in sickness and in poverty; and as on earth the worst: sickness, poverty is abundant – according to even Deuteronome 28 … When you take Deuteronome 28, you see the blessings of verse 1 in verse 14, the curses of verse 15 until verse 68; you see, that’s how life is, you have to fight to enter the narrow path, but we are reassured as Christians because the Word us … and still happy because the blood of Jesus forgives us and allows us to stay in the alliance.

At the beginning of the marriage, when you have money, you show your wife to manage, but after you become less and less faithful, you hide a part; you rationed such a sum at home, you no longer do it, or you do it less; in 1960, you give a thousand francs ration, in 2019 it is the same: it is a form of infidelity, because you did not stay in the same proportion. -Alliances have implications, on you, on your children, your children’s children, etc. So don’t be in a hurry. If your parents refuse tour choice do not force it but trust it in God’s hands. For He is the one who said “Honour your father and mother”.

When there is a marriage problem, pray. It doesn’t mean that this boy or girl is bad for you but maybe it’s someone else’s husband or wife, and you want to make a marriage that suits you just like the other too. So it is prayer that plays, because the one who created us has the capacity to manage each of us individually. We have to trust him.

Alliances are not taken lightly. In his sermon ‘the God of this evil age’, Brother Branham says this: do you know that you, originally, I can prove by the Word of God that you, everyone who is here, you were alive in your great grandfather … Paul says that Levi, who collected the tithe, was still in the kidneys of his great grandfather, he paid the tithe when he was still in the kidneys of Abraham … “.

The Bible does not say that Isacar paid tithing, but Levi. The act that your great-grandfather was doing, you were with him, you performed this act with him, you are responsible with him. Conviction by representation: when Adam committed his sin, we were with him, guilty with him, we fell sick with him, yet we were not there. Now, if your father had done a bad thing, you were with him, even when you were not yet born. The alliance that I make is for me and all those who will come after me. This is why blessings or curses can catch up with me later, yet I was not there. Daniel, when he wanted peace to return, had confessed his sins and those of his fathers; it was his fathers who sinned and they left, but it is they who are in captivity, those who committed it are even dead: these are the implications of the alliance. Another Papa made an alliance, not with the devil, but with God, and God struck the red sea, opened the Jordan, tore down the walls of Jericho, yet they are adulterers, migrants, but they benefit from this alliance. When God sends you the Word of correction and you don’t want to correct yourself, you lose the blessings of the covenant, while being in the covenant.

In Jehovah Jireh, Fr Branham, referring to Abraham, speaks of it …

do not inquire whether Abraham deserved or not; God makes a covenant with you, if you believe it works … God loved us unconditionally, no one did anything to deserve it … it’s like you my darling (addressing the bride), he married you unconditionally, the Mayor did the act, but you wanted to honor God. This man does not know what you will become tomorrow, he looks at your shadow, your shadow is your mom, like his shadow is his dad. By looking at what your mom was, we try to see what you will be because the blood follows the vein, but it can happen that there is a disappointment because there are seeds that wander. In Nigeria, a couple gave birth to a white baby girl with blue eyes; there are seeds that wander, the day it passes and the woman is in fertile period, it can … We sometimes look at your shadow, but there are daughters and sons who are not worthy of their dads or their mothers, and others are even more worthy. One day, in a couple, the father was drunk, he mistreated his wife, he even abandoned the mother, and each child lived in another city; but one was exactly like his father and the other the opposite. Twenty years later, they were interviewed, the answer of one: “with such a father as I had, what do you want me to become?”. The other, shocked, took the opposite view from his father, saying that he made no effort to get out of his father’s footprints … And you come in the Lord, when you have idolatrous fathers, you are still in the alliance, but you have fallen from the consequences of this alliance.

Someone give you his name my daughter, if he is a good prince, he gives you the power of attorney on his behalf, because now he is making an alliance with you: you will be the only one out of billions of women who will be called Yankoua; you were adopted, given the name, but all you have to do is stay in this alliance. You must not look at others, he is your savior: he saves you from celibacy, a little like Christ saved us from hell for life, Zoe, live for him, do not cheat with one foot in the world and one foot in it … The people of Israel were only blessed when they were in the promised land, that is where God set the conditions for having milk and honey; if you are elsewhere, you will suffer. There are conditions: planting, raising oxen and goats and there will be milk … The Bible says that a wise woman builds her house, but the foolish one destroys it with her own hands. When you are wise, you build your house … there are sharks outside, at the place of service, everywhere, you have to watch and vice versa. The Bible says: “drink the water from your cistern” … as there are men who marry a girl, and make sure that they dress indecently, no, don’t do it, don’t try satan, only satan can tempt us. You have to watch over her clothes and vice versa …. that’s what I do with your mom, she controls me, I control her. When I was young, I did like young people in clothing, but as soon as I want to go out, someone says to me: “I am not comfortable in these pants”. I lose peace of heart, I go to the tailor, I change … sometimes it’s a shirt that holds me well, draws me, I don’t feel comfortable. Finally, tired of fighting against the Voice of God, I go to the tailor. When you dress like this, in an indecent way, it’s not only you who see, the young girls also see … There are women here, when they are married to the alliance, they become neglectful, they even go to bed in the same coat that smells of smoke, the husband turns his back on him. I tell you the truth.

Another thing comes to mind: these women, when they were young, they were as beautiful as that, when they start to grow … first they are young like that, they are cyclical: there are times when they are nice, times when they are difficult, that’s how God created them.

You, Love Divine Sanctuary, you have made a covenant with me, if I pray, if I intercede, God will only hear me, because it is He who established me here; young people don’t understand what I’m saying. But there are elders here who understand it, stay faithful to your alliance, do not lose the blessings of this alliance, even you young people, if your fathers made this alliance, remain faithful, for what happens, neither I nor you don’t know him, but when that happens, God will do extraordinary things … Be faithful, and know that covenants have an impact. The Bible says: “do not move the boundaries set by the elders”, “do not abandon your friend or your father’s friend”, but your father’s friend is his wife … God bless you bless “.

Rev Samuel BAHOYA then proceeded to the blessing of the marriage. Several other counsels were given by the man of God, very moved to celebrate this marriage. Here are some words:

“I am very happy, that you are still very young and that your four parents are still alive. It is written:” honor your father and your mother, so that you may prosper and live long “; if you don’t, you can be prosperous but not live long; you can live long and not be prosperous … This is why when mom or dad wants to go, the children come around from them to take the blessings … Generally, we don’t feel that; youth is the beginning of all things, it is at the end of life that parents give blessings, and they are a function of how you have led your life. Like Jacob did on his patriarchs, like his son did, honor your parents, whether they are Christians or not, don’t just send the money, find time to go to chat with them. When they get old, their companions are either dead or displaced, they have no more put; they are happy when you visit them. Do not just send little children home, find yourself time to do it, because they have had time for you … There are parents who turn a blind eye in pain, sometimes they die alone , it is the firemen who come to close their eyes. Honor your father and your mother; the Bible says: “he who despises his father and disdains the teaching of his mother, his lamp will go out in the darkness and the ravens of the torrent will burst his eyes” … Much suffering that people have today it is because they have scorned this law, but we always pay cash, some it is on their children, but there are things that it is you who pay. You my children, don’t be that, know that what you do to your parents is what your children will do to you …

“You young people, I hope you see how beautiful the marriage is, sorry in 2020, do me the honor of giving me at least 20 marriages.”

Pastor Bahoya will then proceed to the actual union and blessing of the couple, and the protocol took over for the picture session.


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