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Last Sunday Service at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle (22/12/2019)

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One of the particularities of end of years are the existence of numerous programs or ceremonies such as weddings, concerts, thanksgivings, annual congress and other family programs. This therefore makes Sunday services particular as these programs engrave themselves into the Sunday services though not influencing them negatively but positively. It is so likely now to see weddings celebrated on Sundays as proven in the experience of the two last Sundays in Buea and in Douala.

Sunday the 22th of December 2019 at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle was not left out from the syndrome of the season. The day was composed of three articulations being the usual Sunday school service, the main service dedicated to the wedding of Brother ….. and Sister ….. from Douala and a concert. This will be developed in the proceeding paragraphs for this report to be complete.

The Sunday school was both the adult and the children classes.  The adult class was coordinated by Brother Ombang Christian who introduced the prophet in the various daily Bread of the week by reading from the Bible, Acts 4:31-32 and the title of the corresponding sermon of the first day, Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed 63-0728. The tape was played afterwards with all present listening chronologically to all the daily Bread of the week. The main lesson for this class came from the daily Bread of Sunday in the sermon, Believing God 52-0224. “And I know this, that some of us has more faith that others, and those who have abundance of faith are suppose to pray for those. But if you don’t live the right kind of life, you better leave away from it; the devil will laugh at your prayer. But when you live right and do right, and act right, and have faith in God, satan will tremble when you speak, because God swore under obligation He will take care of that prayer. That’s true.” The children class was led by Sister Yvette Asso’o. She read 1 John 5:15 and made reference to the daily Bread of Sunday and came up with the following lesson for the children: “If  I live the right kind of life, if I act right, and if I have faith in God, then satan will tremble at my prayer because God is obliged to answer my prayer.”

The second articulation of the day began with the minutes of consecration and meditation followed by worship and praises lead by Brother Nantah Samuel. This ushered the Pastor to the pulpit from Douala through the videoconference. His sermon was like a continuation of the message of the preceding Sunday given the fact that it was another wedding service. He read the last two lines of Malachi 2:14 and entitled his sermon: “The Impact of Covenants”. He said, marriage is a covenant and it has implications. We have to be faithful to covenants because breaking it has much impact on us. It is for this reason that God promise judging by Himself adulteress and fornicators. Woe unto the man who is unfaithful to the wife of his youth. A covenant implicates you, your children, your grandchildren and some generations after you. You have therefore to be careful when undertaking a covenant. He made mention of Hebrews 7 to better illustrate how a covenant can go from generation to generation.

He gave many Biblical and realistic advices to the young couple who were to begin a new life as a couple. He said, the woman is unto the man as the moon is unto the sun, she reflects the light of the man. The prophet tells us, the woman manifests the behavior of her husband. The man therefore stands a better chance of transforming the wife to what he desires her to be by his own character and behavior. What he sows in his wife is what he will reap. He went further by saying, the man is a lord to the woman he marries, just as Christ is the Lord to the Bride because Christ saved us from death and the man saves the wife from bachelorship. He read from the sermons The God of this Evil Age 65-0801M and Jehovah-Jireh 61-0209 page 27 to advice more the couple. He ended by calling on all to be faithful to their covenants and not forget that covenants have impacts.

The last articulation of the day was dedicated to singing, worship, and praises under the initiative of the SING SPIRATION Group. Inspired by the prophet’s song services of singing in the ancient style, Brother Dji Joel as the leader of this group saw the second edition of this project realized at Yahshua Hamashiah Tabernacle Yaounde. The prophet mentioned in many of his sermons and participated in Sing Spiration services. One of these sermons was in Doors In Door 65-0206 from paragraph 112 to 113 where he was explaining what Sing Spiration is all about and inviting people to attend.

This event brought talented Message youths in music from the different assemblies around Yaounde to come and display their musical talents for the glory of the Lord. With the patronage of the host pastor, Reverent Bahoya Samuel, this event saw the gathering of many servants of God and their Christians who jam-packed the church hall of Yahshua. It was a total success justified by the attendance, the presence of the Holy Spirit, the synchronization of the program, the shouts of joy by the participants and the electricity and acoustics that never failed.

Though physically absent, Pastor Bahoya Samuel was present spiritually and even participated through a voice call to welcome all that came to honor this even and to encourage the Sing Spiration initiative. Yes, he could not be indifferent because the recent instrument he has added to prayers to counterattack the devil is singing or praises and worship. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, he has recently been teaching the Christians on the importance of praises unto God and has been leading the church into old-time songs and praises. This is the mood that has been animating the church recently and is bringing glory unto God and joy, happiness, peace, comfort, and assurances in the Christians.

The importance of songs or singing can not be neglected in the relationship between man and his God. As the prophet tells us, God means an object of Worship. The Bible on its part tells us, God resides or dwells in the praises of the children of Israel. This show therefore that God is pleased with our praises and worship as through them, He has answered prayers, and do signs and wonders (miracles) unto us. On the part of His children (Christians), singing or praises and worship is very important as we know, it is through singing that the children of Israel brought down the wall of Jericho. The Bible says, as I praise God, my enemies disperse. Christians have to make melody in their hearts to the Lord as mentioned by Paul in Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:16. Songs, praises and worship serves for thanksgiving, offering of sacrifices, honor unto God and expression of joy, healings, inspiration (2Kings 3:15), deliverance and victory to the Christian. This is well illustrated by David in Psalms 28:7b, 33:1-3, 92:1-2, 95:1-2, 96:1-2, 98:1, 100:1-4, 101:1, 119:175, 139:14a, 146:1-2, and 150.

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