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Last Sunday Service at Buea Church

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Buea, sunday 18 August 2019

Song Leader: Brother Patrick OKAFOR

Preaching: Brother Bertrand TCHAKOTE


Reading: 1 corinthian 12:4, ephesians 4:8, Joël 2:28, Genesis 41:32, Job 33:15, 1 Samuel 28:6

The bible confirms to us that all the gifts, all the ministries and the fruits of the spirit comes from God. The holy scriptures attests to it again when it says that Jesus, haven climbed up with the saints of the old testament, left us here on earth, all the divine gifts. Seeing the multiple divine gifts in God, we want to focus our attention only on two of them which are dreams and visions so as to have a little idea on the way they operate and how they fonction on earth especially in the church of the living God. We often hear talks about dreams and visions both in the christian milieu and that of pagans;

1- what is it all about ?

2- where does it come from ?

3- how does it operate ?

4- whats the goal or purpose of their existance ?

5- how do you know if they are authentic or false ?

6- and finally how do you manage them ?

It is one of the secondary ways amongst others that God uses to reveal Himself to men on their past, present and future. Since they are secondary means of God to reveal Himself to men says Prophet William Marrion BRANHAM, consequently they can come from God as they can come from the devil.


Their goals are multiple and diverse; either to bring you to sincere repentance, either to reveal your future, either to give you a warning, either to keep you in fear to easily manipulate you, to intimidate you, to discourage you, to impose a forced submission, either to create confusion in families and churches; depending on their nature, you will know if it comes from God or not. The unique secret to better manage dreams and visions is to abandon them in the hands of the Almighty God because Prophet William Marrion BRANHAM says that God interpretes his dreams and visions by fulfilling them. So walk by faith in His( God ) word because it is the principal, ideal and central way of God to lead man.

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