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Last Sunday Service at Love Divine Sanctuary (01/12/2019)

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This Sunday as every other Sunday saw the brethren at LDS join their counterparts worldwide to commemorate the resurrection of Christ and commune at His table. The praise session was led by brother Paul YOGO after which Rev BAHOYA Samuel, the pastor of the local assembly took the floor. After some announcements of general interests, he invited the church to sing with him, as requested by Sister BAHOYA Augustine who was thanking God for granting her 60 years of pilgrimage on this earth. “For her to reach 60 years is a miracle, knowing her adolescence and what she went through at my side” Pastor Samuel said. A song which led the church into a session of prayers and adoration given the spiritual news these days. The brethren both of LDS and all connected far and near lofted their voices to the Lord to pray against all the plans of the enemy, against tormenting spirits and for God to restore peace amongst His people. The man of God then concluded the prayers by imploring God’s restoration for the people.

The portion of the tape of the prophet William BRANHAM on “Question and Answers on the Seals” was then listened for about an hour. In this, we clearly see the prophet demonstrate the oneness of God with different attributes hence the baptism in the NAME of the LORD JESUS CHRIST and not Father Son and Holy Spirit. Peter did just the what he was asked to do in Acts 2v 32. Father Son and Hoy Spirit are titles and not names, the prophet went on to explain. There are many fathers in the hall as well as many sons or human beings but none is called “father” or “son” or “human being”. So what then is the name of the “Father” the “Son” and the “Holy Spirit”??? Remark here that Mary was said to be pregnant by the virtue of the Holy Spirit, that means Jesus was Son of Holy Spirit. But Jesus was the Son of God, does that means Jesus had two fathers?? Then He would have been an illegitimate child. The explanation is simple and clear; The Father and The Holy Spirit is one and the same person with different attributes. Hence one God and not three.

After this wonderful sermon, Rev BAHOYA gave a closing prayer and the brethren went home anticipating the next meeting on Tuesday.

Noella NDOH


Jules Pierre Moune

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