Last Sunday Service at Love Divine Sanctuary

LDS is gradually being revived again after the long period of confinement caused by the global health crisis. Still in respect of government measures, all available halls were prepared to accommodate the maximum number of brethren thereby having a greater membership presence than before. Following the 30-minute service of praise, the floor was handed to our pastor BAHOYA Samuel who intervened from Yashua Tabernacle Yaounde. The man of God returned on the recent burials of the previous week as well as those of the weeks ahead.

Brother Ombang Christian then took the floor to give a resume of the sections of the tape “The Greatest Battle Ever Fought” which had been listened to in the past meetings. He read from Ephesians 6 v 10-17. The following could be noted:

The prophet had the inspiration for this sermon while meditating on the harmony of the celestial bodies (stars, etc). Each star is at his place and does not leave its place except for an objective which God has assigned to him. He then thought that if God’s earthly army could keep harmony, if we could bring the thoughts of every brother and sister in church in such a harmony that we be all united under the Word of God, no demon or sickness will resist at that moment.

There are two powers in the world: that of God and that of satan. Only two kingdoms: God’s and satan’s. All other small powers are attached to these powers and we belong to either one of them. We can’t be in the middle or belong to both.

Brother Branham talks of motives and objectives before going to battles. If army heads could sit down and meditate on the real objectives and motives before going to war, there will be less wars.

Each army has to select, dress and train its soldiers.

The battle talked of here has its origin in heaven. Satan rebelled against God and Michael and his companions fought against him and he was precipitated to earth. So he comes on earth with one objective which is to destroy God’s creation, destroy what God has created for Himself (man). Hence the battle was declared in man and it has been raging ever since. The battleground chosen is the human mind because it is there that every decision is taken. Man has a tripartite structure: the body, the soul and the spirit. The body has 5 senses, so does the spirit (imaginations, conscience, reasoning, memory and affection) but the spirit has just one sense: either it is faith or doubt. There is only one access way to the spirit and it is free moral agency. The mind has to accept the Word of God and it is what produces life not your thoughts. The mind is controlled by the spirit. All canals are fed by the heart, when the heart accept the Word of God then all the channels are fed. So what we have to do is clean the channels and pray to God. Don’t put your trust in your five senses except they are in accord with the Word.

The origin of the defeat is because she accepted to reason the Word of God. Hence we should believe and only believe the Word of God. To have victory we should take the atomic bomb of God which is faith.

The tape then continued for about an hour in which we could note the following Satan tries to pass through the little channels to get you. The five senses, the conscience, etc. But he can never get you until you accept.

Eve made a mistake, she stopped for a moment. Don’t stop for nothing. You’ve got the Message, don’t stop for nothing else, no reasoning or anything else. Just take what God said. Abraham did not stop to reason about his age, he called those things which were not as though they were. He didn’t even use hope. Faith is beyond hope. It comes from inside. you should look to the exterior from the interior.

When satan bring his reasoning, cast him out. God is training us for this battle. God want men and women who can stand up and say “I’ll take the Lord at His Word”. They don’t have to be smart or intelligent, they have to be channels. God takes those little channels.

The brains of an army lays in its captain. Follow your captain if He’s a right kind of captain. We have a five-star captain JESUS placing us on faith. He is the captain of our salvation.

The sermon galvanised the audience and it is with dances that they rejoiced and thanked God. closing prayer was made by the pastor.

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