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Last Sunday Service at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle

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Christians within and without Yaounde once more gathered in their numbers at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle to fellowship. But despite what happened at Yahshua, all attention was tilted towards Buea where the special wedding ceremony between Brother Lambe Moses Mwambo and Sister Charlotte Catherine Elessa which the Pastor Bahoya Samuel was presiding. Yes, it was a ‘come and see’ wedding due to the suspense, patience, the place, caliber, and bilingual nature surrounding this wedding. Yes, it is worth commenting on this wedding ceremony, but not to loose sight, we shall first and foremost talk of what made news last Sunday at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle.

The day began with the two classes of Sunday school, adult and children classes. The adult class was coordinated by Brother Nzokuo Jean. He introduced the prophet in the various daily Bread of the week by reading from the Bible, II Corinthians 5:17 and the title of the corresponding sermon of the first day, Witnesses 53-0405E. The tape was played afterwards with all present listening chronologically to all the daily Bread of the week. The main lesson for this class came from the daily Bread of Friday in the sermon, Prisoner 63-0717. “I’d like to make this statement, that, God always has to take any man, that will serve Him truly, to be His prisoner. A man has to surrender every ambition he’s got, everything that he is, every-every thing, his life, soul, body, will, ambitions, and everything else, and become a complete, a prisoner to Christ, Who is the Word, to serve God .” The children class was led by Brother Jean Silatsa who read Ephesians 5:6 and the sermon, Demonology-Religious Domain 53-0609A corresponding to the daily Bread of Sunday. The lesson that was retained by the children was: “The Bible tells us that true believers are known by their good acts, fruits, and works. It is the Holy Spirit that produces these in them. Likewise, unbelief produces bad fruits by unbelievers.” The children were given the assignment to recite Ephesians 5:6.

The second part of the service was dedicated to the listening of the Voice of God which was the continuation of the series on the Revelation Of The Seven Seals, where we were at the level of the Seventh Seal. After the worship and praise interval led by Brother Tamafouo Guillaume, Brother Ombang Christian, the president of the Deacons took over the pulpit. After some announcements and the program of the day, he read from Matthew 24:37-39 to introduce the prophet. In the same way that the old world was destroyed by water, so this present world is destined to be destroyed by fire as written in II Peter 3:6-7. But he said, God has always provided a way of escape for His children by giving His Word to the prophet of the day to bring to His people. In the old world, He did by giving his Word to Noah, and in this our days, the end time, He has done by giving His Word to William Marrion Branham. The secret of the rapture is therefore in the tapes, we should therefore open all our matrices to listen to the Voice of God. We listened from paragraph 321 to 364.

The frequency was tuned to capture the transmission from Buea where all attention was tilted. No doubt, it was worth tuning because a national, why not international and bilingual triple ceremony was taking place. As it is commonly said, “good moments are scarce” so we can say, such caliber of ceremonies is scarce in Cameroon within the End Time Message Believers. Far from making a complete report about the events of the entire day, our attention is only tilted to the peculiarity of the wedding ceremony given the fact that those that were physically present at the ceremony have written in details about all that happened that day.

It was a colorful event, punctuated with Message believers from around the country and beyond. As it is written in Hebrews 13:4, many came to honor two faithful youths- Brother Lambe Moses Mwambo and Sister Charlotte Catherine Elessa  whose testimonies were exemplary. They had honored the faith of their fathers and have kept the covenant of their fathers with God. This pulled out the Message Believers crowd from allover not leaving the Men of God from the various assemblies nationwide indifferent.

Also, this wedding fell under the qualification of a typical bilingual wedding and why not, national integration. The Bible will tell us that all Believers make One Body which is the Body of Christ, but cultural backgrounds, education and milieus of dwellings can not be under minded. Though the Bakweris and the Doualas fall under the Sawa cultures, the educational systems and interactional languages differ. But this union overpowered all these barriers because both were Christians eliminating the ethnic barrier, both have lived and schooled in the Anglophone as well as in the Francophone zones, both can fluently speak English and French and both are under a bilingual ministry spearheaded by Pastor Bahoya Samuel.

Furthermore, it was integration between the Cameroonian and the American cultures making it an international wedding. The groom was coming in from America where he has spent much of his life to take a bride from his roots in Cameroon where she has spent her entire life. Yes, as it is commonly said, it was a “Bush Faller” wedding. This explains further the reason for the crowd pulling.

Lastly but very important, this wedding marked the fulfillment of the last requirement for the ordination or laying of hands on the groom-Moses as a Man of God. While shortsighted pundits were looking on this wedding at the canal stand point of marriage, spiritual minds were seeing a new worker in God’s vineyard. The peculiarity therefore of the union between Brother Lambe Moses Mwambo and Sister Charlotte Catherine Elessa can not be over mentioned, but simply say God is a God of diversities.

To conclude, you will bear with me that this report can not be complete without mentioning the fact that this wedding was a covenant vindication, a deepening, tightening, and sealing of the friendship between Pastor Bahoya Samuel and Pastor Lambe Mwambo Robinson and their ministries. It is just as it is commonly said, “NO COMMENT”.

The day ended in Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle Yaounde with a general preparation meeting for the upcoming Evangelic Age Group Annual Congress. This involved firstly the entire congregation and later continued with the Organization Committee with all the Age Group presidents. Shalom to all the consumers of this product.

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