Last Sunday Service at Love Divine Sanctuary (15/12/2019)

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The service was officiated from the foot of mount Cameroon, precisely in the city of BUEA by Reverend Pastor Samuel BAHOYA. This service was special in nature as it included three distinct articulations of the Word, Marriage and Ordination.

As it was to be expected, the ceremony drained an impressive crowd of family members, friends and acquaintances, particularly brothers and sisters in Christ, flocking from the four corners of the national triangle and even beyond. The wedding of the son of the international bomber Rev LAMBE Robinson could not have been less anticipated. After the entry of the groom LAMBE Moise and bride Catherine ELESSA, the officiating minister Rev BAHOYA Samuel moved on the preaching of the Word. In a sermon entitled “Loyalty in alliances”, he read from Malachi. 2: 10-16 and I Kings .13: 8-10

After the usual civilities and a word of prayer, the man of God read as supporting texts Malachi 2 and Romans 13, then he began by celebrating the very special loyalty of his host the Reverend Pastor Robinson LAMBE towards him, fidelity having pushed him to call him the “bottom heart friend”, to have him voted associate pastor in all his churches, and by gratitude to dedicate to him the preaching of the day whose theme was precisely “Fidelity in alliances. ” Pursuing his discourse, the man of God said:

“There are people who do not know what an alliance is, so they lightly make alliances, wrongly: we do not change an alliance, it is permanent, even after the death of those who contracted it. Clearly if my father made an alliance and he dies, I am bound by this alliance, because it is written:

“You will not move the old marker, which your fathers laid down”; “Don’t abandon your friend, and your father’s friend”.

It is God Who speaks thus, the God of Israel is “the covenant keeping God”, and then if His blood is in you, so will you. ”

To show how sacred in God’s eyes the covenant in general, and therefore not only in the particular case of marriage, Pastor Samuel related how Israel had learned their lesson at their expense. God charged Joshua, Moses’ successor to destroy everything but the Gibeonites upon hearing all that God had done through Joshua panicked. They took old wineskins, old bread, worn out clothes and sandals and came to Joshua to make a treaty with him. Joshua who hitherto had always sought God before taking a decision based himself upon their appearance and made a treaty only to discover later that they were Israel’s neighbours.

When Joshua became aware of the deception, he did not retract: at most he imposed on this people the drudgery of drawing water and chopping wood for Israel. Joshua kept his word, because man is his word, and God Himself is bound to His Word.

It came to pass that Saul later destroyed the Gibeonites, in the time of David God sent in reprisal a great drought of three years on Israel, and for this plague to stop David had to deliver to the Gibeonites, at their convenience, seven descendants of Saul to be hung on the mountain. ”

This is why in Isaiah 30, chained pastor Samuel, God recommends His children to consult Him before making a covenant, which is all the more necessary since, as shown in the case of Joshua, appearances can deceive man, only God knows all things.

It is still written: “Do not hurry to make 1 wish before the Lord”.

As it relates specifically to marriage, it begins from the moment the vow has been pronounced, that is to say long before you go to complete family, administrative and religious formalities.

In his message THE FILTER OF A MAN WHO REFLECTS, Brother BRANHAM says: “Paul speaking of the husband and the wife said: It is a mystery … That the woman respects her husband, therefore the husband must lead before his wife a life that brings his wife to respect him as a son of God “.

In short if the man behaves like a true servant of God, his wife and his children, all will spontaneously have respect towards him.

God hates infidelities in general, and He says in particular: “I hate divorce, I hate repudiation”.

It is written, psalm 15: “O Lord, who will stay in Your tent? … He … who does not retract if he swears an oath to his detriment”.

How many friendships are broken, how many cases are brought before the courts for divorce, yet the Bible says that “man has the right to the compassion of his friends, even when he abandons the fear of the Lord”, and more “The friend loves at all times”.

Malachi 2 says, “Let no one be unfaithful to the woman of his youth, for I hate repudiation, says the Lord, the God of Israel.”

There is only 1 case where you can escape the obligation to respect your alliance, this is what is illustrated in Acts 4 where the Sanhedrin had summoned, threats in support, Pierre and Jean to no longer speak on Name of Jesus, to which Peter and John replied: “Judge if it is just before God, to obey you rather than to God”.

So God is keen on respecting covenants, but God has also established a hierarchy between the different authorities: divine or pastoral authority at the top, followed by civil or administrative authority, itself followed by conjugal or parental authority, as Christ is the Head of man and man the head of woman.

Ultimately, even if your superior has weaknesses, God wants everyone to respect authority, He wants every woman to respect her husband, for children to honor their parents.

Furthermore, the woman can only remarry if her husband dies: as long as her husband lives, if she looks at another man, she is adulterous, and it is God Himself Who will judge adulterers, says the Bible.

Be faithful in the covenants, and you will be blessed! ”

The prayer of Reverend Pastor Godwin KAKE introduced part 2 of today’s service, the nuptial blessing, which, still under the guidance of Reverend Pastor Samuel BAHOYA was colourful. The couple received a special blessing as they both had a good testimony and were both chaste. After the blessing, was the ordination of the newly married LAMBE Moise, who, now married had fulfilled the last condition to receive the laying of hands.

It is on a joyous note with shouts of joy and songs that the service was closed.

Noella NDOH

Jules Pierre Moune

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