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Sharon married Rachel last Sunday at Love Divine Sanctuary

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Sunday 18th August was not just an ordinary service at Love Divine Sanctuary but also a celebration of love. Our brother KOUEKAM Sharon and sister GWEHA Rachel were united in the sacred bonds of marriage.

Brothers, sisters and invitees filled the church premises as early as 9 am despite the rain that graced the morning. The church hall was brightly decorated to match the ambiance of the day. Brother Fleurie BEUTCHOU led the brethren in a wonderful praise service and coordinated the entry of the couple. First, the groom’s entry: dressed in elegant white tuxedo and black trousers, he walked majestically on the red carpet put up for the circumstance. The entry of the bridesmaid was spectacular accompanied by musical instruments. The girls had long red dresses each holding a white and gold bouquets of flowers to match the ones that were lined along the alley. Finally, came the bride, her father by her side, both smiling slowly walked down the aisle. It was really a solemn moment.

Rev Samuel BAHOYA shall say later that it made him think of the marriage between the earthly bride and the heavenly groom. Rev LAMBE Robinson started his preamble by saluting Pastors MAYO Benjamin returning from convalescence and pastor BOYO Jules from Bafia as well as all the beloved brethren present that day. He went on to congratulate the bride for her hard work in producing a colourful wedding.


It is important to note here that the curtains and other decorations in the church hall was done by the bride. “Do not exclude God from beauty”, he said. Dress honourably and with dignity when coming to the house of the Lord. The nuptial blessing was pronounced by Rev LAMBE Robinson who was particularly touched by the couple’s humility in kneeling down to receive the blessings. Shouts of joy, singing and dancing graced the service.


Rev Samuel BAHOYA then took the floor to conclude the service and prayed for all the couples according to the word the Lord put on his heart the previous day. Reading from Ezra 1 1-11, he prayed that God restores and restitute all what the enemy had robbed the couples of. He concluded with a general prayer and the protocol directed the couple out for a photo shoot amidst a lot of rejoicing.

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