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It was a great joy for Christians to gather for fellowship at the church premises for the usual Sunday service. Christians gathered in their numbers for worship unto their God. Bahoya Yonkam Samuel inspirationally lead the worship and praise moments.
The president of the deacons, Brother Ombang Christian mounted the pulpit, bringing with him the program of the day. He greeted the assembly by quoting David who said, I was happy when they said, let’s go to the house of the Lord(Psalm 122:1). To introduce the prophet who was the preacher of the day, he read 1 Samuel 9:9. In his words of introduction, he said, come let us go to the Seer, for at first, he that is called today a prophet was a seer,he who sees. The prophet is therefore a seer. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday.,today and forever, the Lord says, I changeth not. If He called men at first to be seers, today those He calls have to be seers too. The one who is called today a prophet is the same as the one that was called at first the seer. He recounts the story of David, when he was tempted to take the wife of Uriah, he thought he could hide it, but he was surprised that all he did to Uriah and his wife was exposed( 2 Samuel 11). He was told about all he did from start to finish on any detail about his acts. There was a Seer in the camp. In all that we say, do, think, He sees. He also talked of the story of King Hezekiah (2 Kings 19) who was lying sick at home, then God spoke to Isaiah to go tell him to put his life in order for it is allover for him. And when he went and told him, Hezekiah turn towards his wall and cried to the Lord and the Lord heard him, instead of God responding to him directly, He went but to the seer, and the seer came and told him, the Lord says, He will add you 15 years. Also he talked of the story of Naaman the Syrian ( 2 Kings 5), who after being advice by the little Israeli girl to go meet the prophet, took off taking with him gifts in search of this prophet. But before he could get to Elisha the prophet, he had already seen him and send a messenger to go tell him to go wash himself seven times in the Jordan river . Elisha never needed to meet him because he could see right from his room the visit of Naaman. Elisha being an Israelite refused accepting the gifts brought by Naaman who was a Gentiles, considering that the Israelites call the things of the Gentiles unclean. But Gehazi went behind to negotiate and take some of the gifts. When he came back, the prophet asked him where he was, he tried lying, but the prophet told him, his spirit was there when he went to take the gifts from Naaman. Still with Elisha, when the Isrealites and the Syrians were having war (2 Kings 6), the king of Syria thought there was a betrayer amongst his army for each time they made their war strategy, before they could reach the battle ground, the Israelites were already aware. But this was because there was a prophet, a seer in the camp of the Israelites, God sees all and reveals to His prophets. When the Syrian king learned of that, he send His army to go capture the prophet Elisha. When they surrounded Elisha’s residence, Gehazi went out and was amazed by the number of the Syrian army. He cried out to his master, we are finished, the Syrian army is everywhere, but the prophet knowing everything before hand and confident in his God, prayed that He may open the eyes of his servant Gehazi to see the mighty army of God backing them up.He the prophet was seeing what the physical eye was not seeing. Same with us, when we have battles, we tremble because we are not seeing the heavenly armies that are around us, but when the prophet prayed and God opened his eyes, Gehazi could see charts of the heavenly army that were everywhere around the hill , the mighty heavenly army that outnumbered that of the Syrians. The Seer, it’s a dimension in the prophetic ministry.
He continued by saying, in our generation, God has also send to us a seer. One day in the prayer line, a lady who had an illness that has last for long, there was a barrier unto her healing, but the seer of our age told her, 16 years ago, she cheated on her husband that resulted to a child, and that for her situation to be resolved, she has to go and put her life in order with her husband . The woman was so disturbed, wondering how her husband will take this information, that her husband will leave her. The prophet asked her, do you prefer your husband leaving you or God leaving you? But the same Seer who saw into her life could also see in her husband’s life. He told her, to ease the situation, he also has things to put in order in his life also, and it encouraged her and she went, met her husband and they reconciled and her situation was settled. He also talked of the brother of one of the collaborators of the prophet, brother Banks Wood, to who he testified of the Lord several times but he never accepted. But one day, when he was with the prophet, the prophet started telling him of his life, and he was accusing his brother in his heart, that he could go to the extent of narrating his private life to his pastor? But while thinking of that in his mind, the prophet told him what he was thinking in his mind. And the prophet went further to tell him what his brother don’t even know about his life : “yesterday you were with a woman in the room that was not your wife , when the door was knocked, you went out from the hind window, you did well for yourself, because it was the husband of that woman that was at the door , and he had a gun”. Hallelujah the deacon shouted, and continued by saying, we have a Seer that has visited us in this generation. At first when they were going to meet the prophet, they were saying let us go meet the Seer. God has not changed brethren, in our generation, we still have a seer, and we want to go to God, let us come to the seer, and he will tell us all that we are in need of in our lives. We are to have a correct attitude towards the Holy Spirit and the Word,and He will be capable to talk to us, it all depends on our attitude. Brother Branham said, God takes away His man, but not His Spirit, the same Holy Spirit is here this morning. So my beloved, while we are going to listen to the sermon “Birth Pains” preached on the 24th of January 1965, we should be attentive. The same God Who used seers in ancient times is still using also today. Just be disposed and the Lord will individually deal with each of our cases. “BIRTH PAINS” 65-0124 Phoenix Arizona USA.
Before handing the pulpit to the prophet, he prayed in these words ” Beloved Lord Jesus, may Your name be glorified, we are happy to know that You have not changed, You are the same. Lord, You used seers in ancient times, prophets, You gave them the capacity to see what natural eyes could not see in order to help Your children, Lord today You have send us one, may Your name be glorified. We have come to meet You, and we read, that in the ancient times, those that came to meet You were saying, let us go meet the Seer, today we have also come to You, Eternal Father, help us to be totally disposed, to listen to You and You alone. May any other spirit be taken away from us, so that the Holy Spirit deal directly with us Lord. Blessed Your people as they listen to Your Voice. We pray in Jesus Christ name. Amen”. The tape was then played and listened for an hour,with the rest to be listened along the week on Wednesday and Friday, God willing. After the listening, the deacon asked his colleague, brother Nzokou Jean to pray for the Word and later led the assembly in songs and prayed to end the service . God bless you.


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