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Friday all Night Prayer at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle

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Last Friday 25th October 2019 was yet another night of all-night fellowship with God at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle. Devoted faithful watch men and women came to fellowship with their God and talk to God as friend unto Friend. The service started with half an hour of meditation and at 10pm, the song leader of the night in the person of Brother Tamafouo Guillaume climbed the pulpit for worship and praises. These worship and praises ushered the prophet to the pulpit with the Voice of God in the sermon, The Sixth Seal, 63-0323-E. The prophet of our age, William Marrion Branham in an hour said many things to the audience, and the following could be noted.

The prophet rendered a testimony of a dying brother on his sick bed to whom he went and prayed. He talked of how he went and say the man looking just like a shadow on his bed dying. But after a moment of prayers, the man raised up to his feet praising the Lord. From this, the prophet told his audience that if we are willing to confess our sins and do what is right, ask for mercy and call upon Him, God is willing and waiting to grant it to us.

The Sixth Seal is drawn from Revelation chapter 6 from verses 12 to 17 and the prophet says it is one of the longest Seals with some bit of great things that have happened in it. As the prophet usually makes a review of the past Seal when a new Seal is to be opened, he decided to make a review of the Fifth Seal. But before that, he apologized of a mumble of speech when he was talking the previous night in the case of Elijah when he thought he was the only one to be saved. Instead of mentioning seven thousands, he said seven hundred. We notice here another character of the simplicity and truthfulness of prophets when it comes to humbling themselves for the truth of God to prevail.

In paragraph 23, I quote: “Another thing, see, you’re laying right onto what I say. And God is going to hold me responsible for what I tell you. See? And so I-I must absolutely be as sure as all sure can be sure, see, of these things, because this is a-a tremendous time that we’re living in. Yeah.”

In paragraph 27, the prophet began throwing flowers on Brother Orman Neville on his devoted and faithful work for the Lord, a real Pastor and teacher in the adult Sunday school. He said he will rather give him a little rose now when he is alive than a bouquet of flowers when he is gone. He talked of how he knew Brother Neville since when he was a boy, how he was a Methodist preacher and how he baptized him in the Name of the Lord Jesus and he has since then remained faithful and humble to the gospel. He continued in paragraph 30, I quote: “Here he is. And now he’s my chum, right along my side. And such an honorable, respectable man! He’s always stood by me just like … just as close as he could stand. Whenever I say, he just lays right with me and hangs right along. Even when he just come in, he didn’t understand the Message then, but he believed It and he stayed right with It. That’s honor, that’s respect, to a brother like that. I can’t say enough for him. And now the Lord bless him. All right.”

He then began with the preview of the Fifth Seal from paragraph 32 downwards. He talked on how the antichrist rode on on different colored horses. He rode on a white horse, red horse, black horse, and then on a pale horse. He talked of how the four Beasts answered to the four times that this rider rode, for “when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God raises up a standard against it.” How these colors were, and what they did was shown in the previous night and was compared with the ages of the churches and they rhymed perfectly. From this, the prophet said, when the Word of God blends, it means It is correct. This is why no matter how right our vision or anything can be, if it is contrary to the Word, it isn’t right. In paragraph 52, the prophet says, I quote: “But when you see Scriptures, a dovetailing with Scripture, making it a constant continuity where they come together.

The Scriptures, where this one leaves off here, This other one over here comes and dovetails in, draws the whole picture out.” Only the Lamb of God can fix and fit in Scriptures in such a way.

In paragraph 59, the prophet reminds us that we should note the whole scene is based on two things: the antichrist and Christ. He continued in paragraph 60, I quote: “It’s still the same thing today. There is no halfway Christianity. There is no drunk-sober man; no black-white birds; no, no; no sinner-saints. No. you’re either a sinner or a saint. See? There is just no in-between. You’re either born again or you’re not born again. You’re either filled with the Holy Spirit or you’re are not filled with the Holy Spirit. No matter how many sensations you had, if you ain’t filled with the Holy Spirit, you’re not filled with It. See? And if you have been filled with It, your life shows It, goes right up to It. See? Nobody has to tell anybody about It. They see It, see, ‘cause It’s a Seal.”

In paragraphs 63 and 64, the prophet says, antichrist is so close like real Christianity as the Bible put it: “It would fool everything that wasn’t predestinated.” All those that their names were not written on the Lamb’s Book of Life before the foundation of the world will be deceived. When the Lamb was slain, the names were put on the Book, and He is still standing in the Holy Place in Glory, as an Intercessor, making intercession for everyone of those souls whose names is on that Book. Nobody knows that name but Him. When the last name comes in, His intercession becomes over and He comes in to receive his Own that He has been interceding for. “That ought to set every Christian to-to searching himself, and holding his hands before God, and saying, “Cleanse me, oh Lord! Look into my life, and-and let me-let me see where my bad part is. Let me get it out of the way, right quick.” “For if the righteous be scarcely saved, where will the sinner and the ungodly appear?” it’s checking up time.” Says the prophet, only the church will come to tribulation and not the Bride for they will be taken up in the rapture before that.

In paragraph 76, he says, what makes a man to do wrong is the thirst in him that he is trying to quench with the things of the world instead of quenching it with God. God made us that way, to thirst for something, a holy thirst, but this thirst is to be turned to Him. The only thing that can fill that thirst is God.

The listening for the night ended with the story of the son of a rich cattle buyer who went seeking for a character-made wife in the campaign. Non of those girls that thought themselves favorite was chosen, but instead a commoner made of responsible character.

As the services is called, All-night Prayer Service, after listening to the Voice of God talk and prepare the Christians, it was now the turn of the Christians to talk to God. The president of the deacons, Brother Ombang Christian led the prayers till day dawn.

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