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Last Sunday Service at Buea Church

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Buea, Sunday 4th August 2019

Songs: brother MBEUTCHOU Simon Pierre

The meeting today was in two folds that is;

The first part was the listening of the tape by prophet William BRANHAM titled ” The anointed ones at the end time” presented by the assistant pastor by name Fidelis CHIAMOH. The prophet was emphasizing on the fact that, the same Holy Spirit who covers the church and gives the power to cast away demons and to prophesy is the same Holy Spirit who pours out Himself on the unjust, which are false prophets, false teachers and false anointed ones. He went ahead to describe it as an orange tree on which other fruits are grafted; grapefruit, lemons. These fruits are hybrides, but they succed in feeding themselves from the serve of the orange tree. This by no means changes their hybride status. At the end, each fruit will bring out its real nature, although they enjoyed feeding from the tree on which they were grafted; they will never be real oranges. Its the same in the spiritual world, false anointed ones, just as the very elect can profit from the gifts, the blessings which are attached to christianity but we shall know them by their fruits.

The second part was presided by brother Gustave JOKE on the theme ”INTIMIDATION”, drawing his texts from the books of 1 Samuel  17:1-11 and Deuteronomy 31:8. The Lord through His servant was comparing the situation of the children of Israel who were mocked and intimidated by goliath to that of the church today. Children of God who are intimidated by all sorts of problems, sicknesses, temptations, sin and a host of others. He went further to say that every christian has a goliath in his or her own lives that intimidate them on a daily bases. He advised christians to have courage and be calm like David who did not allow himself to be intimidated by goliath, which is the role the devil plays in the lives of the children of God, spending his time to put fear in the hearts of the people for them to loose confidence in God.

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