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Last Sunday Service at Love Divine Sanctuary (20/10/2019)

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First intervention: Rev BAHOYA Samuel

Text read: Psalms 68 v 4-5, v 33, 69 v 32-32.

After a prayer of thanksgiving the man of God started by announcements of general order as well as the presentation of a beautiful baby girl. Addressing himself to the visitors he evoked the baptism of children saying baptism is the engagement of a good conscience towards the Lord and a baby cannot take an engagement. Hence, they are presented in the temple to the Lord like Jesus, and other babies in the old testament. He the congratulated the parents who brought their kids to Sunday school on time exhorting them to continue.

He then exhorted the people of God to walk in the Lord like Enoch who walked in the Lord and was no more, for he went into glory without knowing death. Revelations 10 v 7

Who is he that rideth upon the heaven of heavens and sends out His Voice. The Voice of God is a thunder.

And if it was it?

The children of Israel did not effort in bringing down the walls of Jericho. They simply obeyed God and did just what He asked them to. They listened to the Voice of God. We should listen to the tapes, the Voice of God these days. When God asks the children of Israel to gather manna just for a day, all those who gathered surplus woke up to rotten manna the next day. However, on the Sabbath eve, He commanded them to gather double for two days and it did not rotten. It was the same manna; the only difference was that God has spoken. We don’t care about situations or symptoms or what people say, we simply obey the Voice.

If you want to see Divinity amidst you, you should receive the Word.

The ark did not close until all the creatures God planned to save were inside. The lions, hyenas entered at great speed but even the tortoise too entered. And God did not close the ark till all were in, similarly God will not close the ark till the last sheep is saved.

Brother Branham talks of a short message which will sweep the world. What is that short message?? The short message says “Here comes the groom, Go to His encounter” The Groom is the Word and we become the Word Bride as we consume the Word.

Mary was just some pregnant when she greeted Elisabeth and John the Baptist then 6 months in the womb resuscitated and was baptised instantly of the Holy Spirit.

The tape on “And knoweth it not” as from paragraph 242 was played. The prophet William BRANHAM tells the story of a brother who had doubts as to who was the prophet of the age. In a dream, God showed him who was the imposter and the real prophet of the age is Brother BRANHAM.

We are therefore called to listen to the Voice of God for it contains the power to transform us.

Noella NDOH


Jules Pierre Moune

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