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Last Sunday Service at Love Divine Sanctuary – 3rd Intervention: Rev. Jean Martin MAYENE

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After the first sermon, it time for a break during which the brethren shared an agape meal and communed with one another in fraternal love. The second part of the service was marked by the intervention of Rev Mayene Martin. He read from II Timothy 3 v 1-5 and entitled his sermon “Egoism”. We ought to walk with our heads high because in this generation God has sent His prophet, happy that He chose us to see this evening light. It is not we that sought God but God sought us. It is not Adam that sought God after the fall but God sought Adam. If you came to the message through a man you could return to the  world but if it’s God that brought you then nothing can make you return. As the prophet says, when you believe this message God comes and vindicates you to show that you made the right choice. Each person has to make a choice in this age we are living just like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. The right choice as the prophet exhorts us to make is to stand behind Christ and Christ is His Word. Just as pastor Lambe said we are on earth for a reason and nothing can prevent this purpose of God from being accomplished. In the rainbow we have seven colors amongst which is the blue colour which represents faithfulness, loyalty. God us faithful, He can’t fail. He then gave the testimony of a brother married for 14 years without a child whom God has blessed with a son who will be given birth to in December.
He dived into his subject on a spiritual angle. The characters mentioned in 2 Timothy 3 v 1-5 are demons, he said. The first being egoism.(excessive attachments to oneself, putting one’s interests first and exclusively). We want everything fir ourselves and the others we don’t care. This demon began manifesting in heaven. This is the worship of “I”, have you seen me? Narrow is the door and few will find it. One out a million. Philippians 2 v 3. We find the spirit of egoism in marriages, churches and even at the pulpit. There is a lot if unfaithfulness in marriages because the man seeks his own pleasure by going after other women without putting first the interest of the home. Before acting, ask yourself the impact of your action on the home, the church. Paul asks us to consider the interests of others.
Jeroboam was not if the royal line but God gave him 10 out of 12 tribes of Israel to rule. As egoistic as he was, he built temples to idols in Israel to prevent them from going to Jerusalem to worship, fearing a rebellion of the people rather than trusting the God that put him there. God will always meet you at the place He gas designed for worship and that is where He has put His name. God has put His name (Lord Jesus Christ) in His word. We gave a choice to make, either remain egoistic and occupy the place of the prophet or recognise our place as auxiliaries (Ephesians 4) and leave the pulpit 5o the main (principal) orator. He insisted upon the listening of tapes citing brother Joseph Branham’s testimony where God told him He is coming to take those who are listening to tapes. The tapes (vindicated ministry) is where God has out His name this age and He will meet you in no other place than there.
Rev Bahoya then took the floor to conclude the meeting promising yo develop the subject further in the next meetings. It was with great satisfaction that the brethren returned home that day.

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