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Last Sunday Service at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle (03/11/2019)

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On Sunday the 3th of November 2019; Christians as on other Sundays gathered at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle Yaounde to fellowship with their God. At 8am, the doors of the temple were opened for the start of the Sunday school services. The adult class was lead by the president of the deacons, Brother OMBANG Christian. After some songs of worship and praises, he read from the Bible Philippians 2:2 as the main passage of the service and followed with the reading of the title, The Supernatural of the daily Bread of Monday 28 October2019. Then the button Play was pressed for the Christians to listen to the corresponding sermon. This was done for all the daily Bread of the whole week. The main lessons came from the sermons:  The Supernatural 56-0129 and The Way to Have Fellowship 55-1009 “And it’s the atmosphere that brings the miraculous, and wonders, and power of God among the people. It’s the atmosphere of the people.” “There’s only two faculties that govern a human and one of them is-is faith, which brings results; and the other is fear, which has no value in it at all.” The children class was lead by Brother Jean Silatsa who read Matthew 8:26 and taught the children under the topic: How to be in fellowship with God. The message the children carried home was: “There are two great things that governs humans. Faith and love produces good results and gives us assurance. Fear or worry produces unbelief, death and perdition.”

The main service began as usual with the 30 minutes of meditation, worship and praises lead by Brother NANTAH Samuel. There were a series of three testimonies by Sisters Ngo NJENG epse BUDINGA Marie, DJIAGEU epse BEHILE Hortene and the NGONGANG’S family. The presence of the Pastor, BAHOYA Samuel in Yaounde brought joy but also order and discipline among the Christians.

The Man of God began the service with a warning note by telling those who think to be Christians, apostles, prophets, teachers, to examine their lives to be sure that they really are as Paul say in Galatians 6:3. He reminded his audience that water baptism introduces us to fellowship with God, but it is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit that introduces us into the Body of Christ. We should not be workers of iniquities who will be rejected by the Master at the end as written in Luke 13:27. We may even have the gifts of God such as to cast out demons but still not belong to God, for He rains down His blessings on all flesh. He gave an example of Judas Iscariot who cast out demons in Jesus name but still never made heaven. But God will reward to everybody according to his work as written in Revelation 22:11-12. There is no man police around us, but the Holy Spirit that watches us everywhere.

He reminded Christians to obey to all the Word and not to look only unto the physical presentation of things but also unto their spiritual implications. He took the example of women where they are called upon to keep their hairs long as is a sing of the respect to the authority of the man on them, but those that  disobey their husbands and even take authority over them fall prey to sin no matter how long their hairs may be. He read from the Exposition of the Seven Church Ages where the Prophet told us to keep the Word of God between us and the devil. Eve failed to do that and brought the whole world to chaos and it is the same thing today, as the church ceased standing with the Word, the world has continued in chaos.

When the Word says a thing, we should not seek to understand, but just obey and abstain from compromises.

The Man of God continued by pointing out that, God always has a Seer and a Voice in all ages. It is true even in our families where there is always the one God is using as a leader for the whole family. If we can have enough faith for our salvation, we can also have for that of our family for God always raises a Moses or Joseph for each family. But just as Joseph was persecuted by his brothers, most of the time we are persecuted by those to whom we bring salvation. So no matter how we may be persecuted, a nagging wife, parental rejection, difficulties of life, we should be still and know that He is God, for God is after all that happens. He is the Potter and we the clay, let Him do with us what He pleases. We may be broken-down, tried, persecuted, humiliated, but we remain strong.

To introduce the prophet, the Pastor read two passages from the Bible, Exodus 12:1-7 and Matthew 18:20. But before the introduction, he made mention of the burial program of late Brother Abel MOUSSINGA EWANE slated for the 16 of November 2019.

The Pastor called on the attention of the Christians in general and the servants of God in particular to be careful with the way they serve God and consider His servant, their pastor. He called especially upon those in Douala to be careful with the ministry. He referred his audience to Philippians 2:12, 2 Corinthians 7:15, and Ephesians 6:5. Servants of God such as deacons serve their pastors until their own time comes to become pastors. We are suppose to serve all those that are our masters even in the world for we will render account to God and not to man as it is written in Colossians 3:22-24.

If your name is only in the Book of Life, it can be removed as that of Judas, but strive that your name be in the Lamb’s Book of Life and this will be proven by the life you live. His Spirit bears witness to our spirit whether we are His or not. If we have the nature of the Lamb in us which is not rebellious, high-minded, always trying to justify, disobedient, then we are sure we belong to Him. The Pastor also touched the assiduity of Christians in church. He quoted Acts …. as example but was surprise that Christians of today can not respect three days a week for God. He said many Christians are regular tourists who come only on Sundays. But he exalted the Christians to always be connected as God has permitted the ministry to be worldwide through the help of technology.

Joseph was not sent to a remote town, but to Egypt which was the greatest town of those days so that the amenities of the town could facilitate his mission. Same with William M. BRANHAM and Joseph BRANHAM that god decided to bring them out of America, with high technology that permits us to have all the Sermons in a tablet. The double ministry of the Message was its proclamation and stocking by William M; BRANHAM and its distribution by Joseph BRANHAM.

The yoke is broken because of the anointing that sustains it. When we receive the Message with the anointing that accompany it, the yoke of witchcraft, adultery, fornication, and all sorts of sins will be broken. We should not only listen but put it in practice in order to be transformed from glory to glory. We should put our confidence in the Voice of God rather

than in men. For us to have the unity of the faith and spirit as written in Ephesians 4:11-14, we have to listen to one Voice which says the same thing than many others with different ideas. As the prophet says in the sermon, Marriage and Divorce 65-0221M, many people put more trust in their pastor’s words than that of God.

In the passage read in Exodus 12:1-7, the lamb was killed for the life that’s in its blood to cover those that were in those houses as this blood was  put on the two side posts and on the upper door posts of the houses that eat it and the meat served as food. If the life that’s in our blood done manifest Christ, then we know we are not His. The pressure the children of Israel had will also happen to Christians today when churches will be closed down for those who will not want to collaborate with the worldly system. But glory to God, the ministry under which we are found has developed with technology and is now be diffused through video conference which can be received everywhere worldwide. Its for this reason that the Pastor called on all to be connected when they are unable to be present physically for service in order to be in line with the evolution and happenings in the ministry. The Lord has permitted this technology because of His Word. But he stressed on the fact that we should not absent from meetings except reasons beyond our control.

He also brought up and illustrated the new vision on evangelization by using a group of sisters to show how practically it is to be done. He explained, a group goes to the field which can be a roundabout, one person sings some songs, another introduce the prophet, and the tape played for about 45 minutes, while others are distributing some tracts and at the end, those that accept, are prayed for.

The Pastor then invited his audience to listen to the tape and said he do not know the individual problems people were going through, but they should just listen to the Voice of God sincerely and all shall be well. Here in Yahshua, we continued with the listening of the Sixth Seal from paragraph 236-288. The Man of God then read from the Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, page 253, the first paragraph. He exalted all to continue with the program of the listening on the Seals and not to miss the Seven Seal and the Questions and Answers on the Seals. He said, he wishes to bring the Christians to the dimension where their homes will become church-house Message listening. He will implement it in the premises of the Voice of God Yaounde and even other halls where Christians will come and listen to the Message.

At the end, the Pastor advised the Christians to pay their tithes as there are great blessings in tithing. He taught the Christians how to manage their finances, and make sure they give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God. He who gives more receives more as God is not a debtor to anybody. Offerings are not alms but well prepared sacrifices destined to God. He gave the example and testimony of himself and his childhood friends, Pastors MAYO Benjamin and NGANTCHU as they paid their tithes when they were students even if they were to stay in famine or trek for long distances on foot. The service ended with a prayer by Pastor MAYO Benjamin and brotherly fellowship out at the yard as the two Pastors greeted all the Christians.

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