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Last Sunday Service at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle (27/10/2019)

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Christians once more came with all the enthusiasm to fellowship with their God last Sunday 27 October 2019 at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle. It was a blessed day that began with the Sunday school for both the adult and children classes. For what concerned the adult class; it was led by Brother Nzokuo Jean. He began by reading the Bible from 2 Peter 1:9. From there, he proceeded with the reading of the daily Bread of the week beginning with that of Monday 21 October 2019. Practically, he read the corresponding passage, the title of the sermon and the tape was played for the Christians to listen to the Voice of God in each daily Bread of the week, not forgetting adapted songs that were sang to digest each sermon. The main lesson of this class came from the sermon: Wisdom Versus Faith, 62-0401, in which the prophet says: “Now, if you have Eternal Life today, you are in God. By God’s Being in you, you are God’s expressed thought. Whew! Then, don’t listen to any reasonings, lest your crown be taken, give to another. Don’t take any reasonings, at all. Just believe what God said is the Truth and stay with It.” For the children’s class, it was led by Sister Asso’o Yvette. She read from the Bible John 4:42 and titled her teaching on Wisdom versus Faith. The messaged that was carried home by the children was that, if I doubt of what God has said, my crown will be taken and given to another. The two classes were therefore in the same line of thought and animated by the Holy Spirit.

The worship and praises for the main service this day was led by Brother Mayo Théophile which ushered the Pastor to the pulpit from Douala. After some important announcements, the Pastor began by pointing out that there is One who is the Resurrection and the Life upon Whom we have to count on than depending on soothsayers, occultism, witchcraft, because whether death or alive, when the Lord shall come, we shall all go. We should not therefore be afraid of death especially Christians who are encored in Christ Jesus. He recounts of the year 2019 being a difficult year as the church has lost many brothers and sisters with the most recent being Brothers Tchaptchet Body and Moussinga both of Douala. He says many are still doing things that they are not suppose to do such as blackmailing, lying, adultery and fornication, forgetting the fact that no one knows when he shall go. He comforted the bereaved families and reminded that God does everything for a purpose.

The Man of God then proceeded with the reading of a portion of the Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, in the Smyrnaean Church Age, page 116 from the third paragraph. In this reading, the prophet tells us that God says “I KNOW your tribulations- I am not at all unmindful of your sufferings”. He says it seems to be a stumbling block to many people. He sited the example of Israel in Malachi 1:1-3, who were wondering if God really loved them. How can He be just and loving but will stand by and watch His children suffer. They thought that Love meant no suffering, a baby with parental care, forgetting to know that GOD’S LOVE IS ELECTIVE that no matter what happened, His love was proven truly by the fact that they were chosen unto salvation. Many more examples were sited by the prophet drawn from the Bible in Job 23-6b; Hebrews 5:8-9; and James 1:2-4. This teaching is so sweet and enriching to the soul that can not just be reported upon which I thereby call on this fellow news reader to personally go to the source (Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, in the Smyrnaean Church Age) and read from page 116-119 and they will be blessed.

The Pastor also made reference to the sermon: Then Jesus Came, 57-0407E where the prophet says in paragraph 127, “He could give you a cancer, He could give you this, He could give you that. He could give you a broken home, He could give you a finished car, He could give you troubles, He could give you headache. I don’t know what He could do, but, there is a thing that I know, is that God has got His eyes on you.” The Pastor continued by saying, we are pilgrims and passersbys here on earth and should pray God holds our hands, lead us and keep us walking. When we are saved, we are saved for Eternity. It is the blessings of God that makes rich and knows no troubles. But we should note that when we sin here on each, we shall payback right here in accordance with the law of sowing and harvesting, for what a man shall so, that he shall harvest. If we don’t pay by ourselves, our children or descendants will pay as the Lord holds on to the very least generation of the parents. This is true for both the good and the bad that we do.

For the sermon of the day, the Pastor read in the Bible from Genesis 8:22, Exodus 34:6-7, Deuteronomy 7:9-10, Psalms 25:10, and Psalms 103:17-18. He exalted his audience to the fact that, if they have been led to church by a friend, brother, sister, father, mother, but have not yet got a personal relationship and experience with God, he advices them to remain at the alter even after service, or make their alters at their homes, farms, jobsites. We should not be contented to be in church because if we are not identified with Christ but with the church, when pressure and tribulations come, doubt will abide and we shall not be able to withstand.

He continued by saying that God is a jealous God. Our salvation is guaranteed for it is Elective. It is before the earth’s foundation that our names were written with His Own Blood in the Book of Life. But, it is not because we are saved that we will continue to live anyhow in sin. We should not even fool ourselves for our deeds testify of whether we are saved or not for only Him who has the Book knows whose name is in It. All that we do, we have to eat the fruits thereof as the law of sowing and harvesting put it. Like Paul said, we don’t make a mockery of God, what a man sow that he shall harvest.

Fools take sin as a game to play. They are constantly falling into sin such as flirts and fornication as most of the youths do and thinking running to confession is enough, but will in one way or the other pay here on earth. The ease to which we fall to sin proves whether our names are written in the Book of Life or not. When the old man-nature of sin is still in us, we will keep on desiring the pleasures of the world found in the flesh which will always lead us to sin. If that old nature is still in you, despite the fact that you are in church, you will still be feeding it and you will find yourself doing the same things you were doing before.  But if we are saved, we will always cry like Paul, “who will deliver me from this body of death?” We should not deceive ourselves, mastering the Bible and the Message does not make us Christians, but we have to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit in our soul. By our fruits (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control), it is known whether we are destined Christians or not. Many remain with their old statues and say, “it is my nature, I am like that”, but it proves exactly what they are.

We have to go through the chastisement and trials in order to form a Christ-like character in us. If we bless the Lord for being our Healer and Savior, we therefore have to subdue ourselves to His chastisements too. We have to be ready to undress our soul and expose all our sins in order to inherit eternity. Chastisements and blessings are in us, and we no more fear the chastisement of death because Christ has conquered death and given us eternal life, but for our sins here on earth, we shall pay accordingly, no matter if we are saved or not.

The Pastor continued with this question: “what legacy or heritage shall we leave to our children?” Are we to leave them debts and curses to pay or blessings from our good works for them to reap? There is a court of retribution and reward for all our actions here on earth. We do not have to play with God, but serve Him with fear and trembling. We should be faithful to what God has assigned us. If He has told you never be late for service, never forsake the gathering of the assembly of His children, hold on to it. Though our salvation is acquired, we have to work for it, be faithful right to the little things God has told us.

We have to remain faithful despite all the odds of life for Christ in us, the hope of glory. We are suppose to have that Victory to keep life in us so that when the pressure of life comes like a flood, we should not stretch our hand to sin and iniquity but remain confident for we know our God will raise a standard. If for example, God separates us from any love one through death, we should consider it the hand of God, for He has a purpose to all that He does. Our problem should not be to live absolutely, but to assure ourselves each time that if we have to go, are we ready?

We have to be like Enoch in the way he walked with God as the Bible says in Genesis 5:24, “And Enoch walked with God. And he was not, for God took him”. We should walk and talk with god everywhere we are and in everything we do. We have the blood of the covenant in us as the Holy Spirit in us is bearing witness. As Abraham’s servant who was a type of the Holy Spirit prepared Rebecca for the groom (Isaac) and she could recognize him from afar, the Voice of God in a man is sounding and preparing the Bride that will recognize the Groom even from afar when He comes. God puts His thoughts in a man (His servants) for them to express exactly as He gives it.

From ages to ages since from the disciples till date, the saints have been hoping to see the second coming of the Lord while still being alive. But many have passed on in that hope. This is because of the statement of Jesus Christ: “I AM COMING SOON”. So whether we be sleeping (death) or alive, we should be waiting in expectation and conforming our lives to His. Whether we meet the Lord in His second coming with our earthly or heavenly bodies, we should be prepared. In the twinkle of an eye, we shall be transformed and there will be no oldness found in us for death which is a result of sin which brings about oldness will no more be in us. We will be renewed as Neman the Roman emperor was made clean when he plunged into the Jordan River seven times. May this expectation make us wait on God, doing good and His Will. Let everyone be ready, let the Spirit testify in us, testifying that we are the children of God, heirs to the covenant of God with our spiritual father Abraham. We should receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit in our souls.

To end, the pastor asked the following question in order to pray for those that are willing: “ Are there brothers and sisters who want to be totally delivered, so that the White Cloud of Divinity can come down on them, to be baptized in the soul, and to abandon the old man full of sins (stealing, lying, blackmailing, witchcraft, flits, fornication, …) that are in them despite the fact that they have been in church for long, and really give their lives to Christ Jesus? He therefore prayed for all who stood up and raised their hands. Pastor Mayo Benjamin made the closing prayer, but a general interceding prayer for the calamities happening in our country Cameroon was made by all. May the Lord bless you who have shared in the reading.

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