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Servants of God Meeting (03/10/2019)

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Following the schedule of the program, Thursday was slated for the Servants of God Meeting. The Man of God invited all his collaborators both young and old to transmit to them how God wants them to work in His vineyard. After 30 minutes of silence, at exactly 4:30pm, worship and praises led by Brother MBEUTCHOU Fleurie began and the pastor took the stage 30 minutes later. The Man of God read from three passages in the Bible from Matthew 13:1-23, Isaiah 43:7 and Ephesians 1:1-6 and verse 12. He entitled his message: “At the Service of His Glory”. He told the audiences that were following worldwide through videoconference that God has created us for His glory and for the service of the praise of His glory. He then took the passage from Matthew on the Parable of the Sower and applied it with concrete examples with the realities of today’s Christians and servants of God.

For the first category of soil and explanation referred to by Jesus in verse 4 and 19 of Matthew 13, the Man of God said they are servants of God that are in the service of God without knowing why they are there. He quoted the prophet that said, “We hear with the ears and we understand with our heart”. For the soil to produce it necessitates a degree of water humidity and for the Word to produce in us, there is a degree of humidity for our hearts. God has created us for His glory, honor, and has molded us according to how He wants to use us for His satisfaction, plan and eternal destiny and not for our own glory. If we do anything for our glory, we put God aside. What is our aim, objective and goal in whatever thing we do? Is our aim for His glory? If it is the case, then we have to consult Him at all moments and in everything we do. He took evangelization as an example to illustrate better his thought. He asks to know the aim behind us evangelizing? If our aim is to fill our churches with people, we shall use political methods to bring them in. The little thing you neglect usually catches up wit you later. When you don’t know why you were called by God, you will use your thoughts and go out of the perfect will of God.

With the second category of soil in Matthew 13:5-6 and 20-21, the pastor likened them to those servants of God who when faced with obstacles and failure, they abandon forgetting that God permits failure and errors at time for a purposed. The prophet talks of our reaction towards an action. God can permit in some moments that everybody should be against us (the Christians, our collaborators and even our pastor); we should remain focus for God have a purpose for that. But if it is failure on our side or that we have sinned, we should get up, repent and continue for in war, the rain does not stops progression. Some want to detach themselves from the source without having the necessary resource needed, the blessings of their spiritual father and their roots not yet deep enough in the ground. You don’t allow your collaborators, wife, children, friends influence you in your mission but you correct them in the same measure that you do for all Christians for what you receive from God is original than what you can receive from man..

For the third category of soil in verses 7 and 22, the pastor compared them to servants of God whose service are influenced by their ambitions, worries of life, riches, and popularity. He called on the servants of God to keep their personal ambitions aside and seek first the will of God. Here, many servants of God preach on tithes because they have personal projects, they do all to bring into their church a rich man, famous man of the town or the mayor of the town so he can pay tithes. When he succeed, he becomes a constipated preacher as he can no more preach normally condemning sin fearing his major tithes payers will run away. Many consider the church as their plantations in which they have to come and harvest when they are in need.  When you fall prey to this category, you will be forced to add water to your wine.

As for the fourth category in verses 8 and 23, the pastor referred to them as those who are totally sensitive to the Holy Spirit, doing the will of God and thereby produces fruits for the glory of God. He said we should not judge the Word by our experiences but in the contrary, we should judge our experiences by the Word. If we are created for God’s glory, we therefore have to serve Him with fear and trembling.

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