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Saturday Morning Service at Love Divine Sanctuary (05/10/2019)

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This Saturday was no ordinary Saturday at Love Divine Sanctuary as part of the ongoing convention organised by Rev BAHOYA Samuel under the supervision of the Holy Ghost.

After the praise and worship service, Rev Nemeding Matthieu introduced the tape of the day in fifteen minutes. He gave a brief testimony of his prayer as regards the presenting of the tape which confirms God is present in our midst. He read from Isaiah 40 v 1-6 and I Samuel 3 v 1-4 and v 19. The man of God said Eli the priest represents the church and Samuel was the prophet. So long as Samuel listened to Eli, he could not hear God’s voice. God could only speak to Samuel when he (Samuel) listened to Him only. We should be able to distinguish between God’s voice and other voices. How do we recognise God’s voice amongst a multitude of others? Demons too do prophesise, speak and tongues and the things come to pass. But how can you be certain that you are listening to God’s voice? God’s voice is the voice of the Word. God never contradicts Himself. If the voice or teaching that accompanies a ministry is contrary to the Word then that ministry is not from God. And in these last days, God has sent His servant and vindicated his ministry according to His promise in Malachi 4 v 5. The tape entitled “The Voice of God in these last days” preached on the 20th January 1963 was then listened attentively by the audience. The prophet insisted on we listening to His Voice despite all the chaos in the world right now. You cannot base your eternal destination on a sensation for the devil does produce sensations. But the life that follows is contrary to His Word. That’s how you recognise His Voice. He says, 3When you hear my voice do not harden your hearts”. That means His Voice will always remain, in the midst of all the chaos, His Voice will still be there. Heavens and earth will pass away but My Voice will not pass away.

After the tape Rev Pigla Aaron took the floor to thank God for His mercy and love shown to us by granting us the privilege of hearing His Voice. “It is not William Branham’s voice you heard” he said, “It is God speaking to you in live”. A message that set the assembly on fire as the brethren praised God with songs of adoration and prayers of thanksgiving. It was truly a wonderful moment in the house of the Lord. One could say, as the disciples on the road to Emmaus, were our hearts not burning as he entertained us along the way?

Rev LAMBE Robinson gave a testimony before the closing prayer for the morning session. When packing his things that morning, the Spirit asked him to take along the pamphlet “The Voice of God in thee last days” which was exactly the tape being followed at the church that morning.

Jules Pierre Moune

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