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Friday Service at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle (03/10/2019)

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Friday’s meeting though an evening meeting just as other Friday evening meetings was a bit different in attendance because Christians came from Mbankomo and Obala to meet their brothers and sisters at Yahshua to listen to the Lord. After worship and praises by   TAMAFOUO Guillaume, Pastor MOUNE Calvin mounted the pulpit at Douala to present the prophet in the sermon: THE VOICE OF GOD IN THESE LAST DAYS. He read from Isaiah 40:1-5 and 1 Samuel 3:1-4 and verse 9, while the Christians followed through videoconference at the level of Yahshua. He hinted the fact that, because of the multitude of voices in these last days, there was need for God to talk to His own children. For this to be possible, God equally needed somebody through whom to talk. This was accomplished through His prophet William Marrion Branham that God molded since from birth in order to use him for His glory. He was so humble and spoke a language that both the educated and uneducated could understand alike.

In this sermon, the prophet tells us that there was no open or frequent vision in that time that Samuel as a child was with Eli, and when there is no vision, the people perish as says the Bible. We are supposed to have a vision that usually comes through the prophet. Just as churches or denominations today, Eli who was a priest and not a prophet was growing old and was neglecting many things in the Word of God. We, just as Israel therefore needed the Voice of God to bring us back, which will meet the need of the hour we are living in and the promise of these days. He continued by saying that, the problem with churches today is that there are many voices today that have turn the churches from the Voice of God. This Voice has become strange to them that they hear and can not understand. These other voices are contrary to the Voice of God and consequently the voice of our enemy that is confusing us from hearing the Voice of God. This is why it took some time for Samuel to make the difference between the voice of Eli and that of God. Samuel was reluctant to talk against Eli who brought him up but Eli told him to speak before he could tell him all that the Lord is planning to do to Eli and his family.  There are many intellectual voices that are trying to suffocate the Voice of the Supernatural. We identify the Voice of God through a vindicated prophet and by the manifestation of God in this prophet. He is identified today by the Word, manifestation of the Supernatural and the life he lives. The voice of politics is louder in churches today than the Voice of God. Churches prefer the system of Eli who was a priest instead of that of the prophet that is the Word. The Voice of God has become strange to the people because they have been trained to listen to the church instead. They listen to prosperity promises, political voices, and think they got it. They say we have the biggest churches, great number in Sunday schools and assemblies, the mayor of the town is in our church, but if this church has not been taught to know the  Voice of God, its nothing. The Word was broken in the Nicaea council just because of popularity and politics. We should always examine what we do by the Word because the people will always listen to the original Voice of God. With the voice of Hollywood now, the people have to listen to the trumpet of God against it. But many fall in the trap of imitation and do as they see others do. He sited the example of a famous actor, Matt Dillon which in those his days, children could tell his story more than that of Jesus. This first part of listening ended with prayers led by Pastor MOUKAM Charles. The concluding statement of the evening came from the Pastor himself who said, we should catch the vision of why we are listening to tapes. The Christians went back home very happy and anxious to come back the next day to continue with the Divine program.


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