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Sunday Service at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle (08/09/2019)

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It was a wonderful and blessed day last Sunday beginning from the Sunday School, through the worship and praises and finally the message of the day. The Sunday School (Adult class) was lead by the President of the Deacons brother OMBANG Christian. He carefully read and made us listen to all the Daily Bread of the week from Monday 02 to Sunday 08 September 2019 drawn from the Prophet William Marion Branham’s sermons. The lesson to carry home from this Sunday school came out of the Message “How Can I Overcome” 63-0825M with the Bible reference from Psalms 119: 117. The worship and praises service lead by brother TAMAFOUO Guillaume was so glorious and brought much joy in the hearts of Christians. This impressed the Pastor who qualified him as “resurrected”.

The Man of God in the person of Reverent Pastor BAHOYA Samuel mounted the pulpit for the sermon. He began with some announcements and reports of some activities that he and the church were involve in two weeks behind. He particularly thanked the church for their mobilization and presence offered to those that were morning. He was really impressed by the representation in all the funerals that hit the Message body in Cameroon.

Being led by the Holy Spirit, the Pastor began the sermon in a gradual manner with reference to Joshua chapter 1 verse 5b, though not formally reading it. He said many people like referring to this passage to their lives but they forget to ask themselves the question: “ At what times was God always with Moses”. As the passage says “… As I was with Moses, I will be with you. I will not fail you or forsake you”. He therefore answered the question by saying, it was when Moses was in difficulties, pushed to the wall, left with no option, at extreme situations and kept his faith that God usually came to the scene to defend him. He went further to recount the difficult situations of Moses from birth, his stay in the palace and his leadership over the children of Israel out of Egypt through the wilderness and how God was always with him.

After capturing the attention of the audience with the above exhortation, the Man of God came in with the main thought of the day by reading from Jeremiah chapter 7 verses 23. Under the theme “Remain Connected”, he called on the Christians to stay connected to the Voice of God. He explained using the Message “Elijah and Elisha” 54-0304 that it is more better to listen than to read because you can read the thought of somebody but unless you listen to him before you can really get the sense out of it. To put his preaching to practice, he led us into listening to the prophet’s message “The Oneness of Unity”. 58-0128

He concluded with this paraphrase, as plants and animals are connected to the earth (soil) from where they get their nutrients, we (the Bride) should remain connected to the Word and listen to the Voice of God which is the Massage for our age.

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