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Last Sunday Service at Love Divine Sanctuary (13/10/2019)

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Service on the “THE WORD GROOM” at LOVE DIVINE SANCTUARY 13-10-2019

John 1 v1-15.

Orator: Rev BAHOYA Samuel

Branham was not the Light but was sent to bear witness of the light just as John.

Each seed shall bear according to its specie. To speak about the Bride Word, you have to speak about the Groom Word first. If everything was made by the Word before then nothing that has been made today or will be made tomorrow will be made without the Word.

To be the Bride Word the Groom has to reveal himself to you so that the prophecy of Revelations 3 v 20. Has the Word really been revealed to you?  What is the Groom Word? It is the Word of God revealed in your day. The Word of God revealed to Moses had as purpose to take the children of Israel out of Egypt, It could not the lift people above the waters of flood but the Word of God revealed to Noah could do that. The Word revealed to Elijah had as purpose to reassemble, to restore all the Word. In every age God reveals His will for that age. That is why it is written that nothing out of this Message will come to life. Each messenger received a revelation of the Word and brought it to the people of his age. All those who believed in his message were sealed till the day of redemption. The Word was not yet perfect in their days but it was the Word of God for their day. Because in them, someone said ‘It is My Word”. So, they opened the door and received it and God sealed them.  It was the highest revelation in their days. And it kept augmenting; faith, temperament, etc. When the great resurrection of the bride will come, they shall rise with their messenger. The prophet teaches that in the sermon “what is the Holy Spirit?”

When God speaks everyone starts prophesying. Amos 3 v 8. Numbers 11 v 28-29. Th prophet tells us that those who take the floor to speak also do not always understand the importance of saying only what the messenger said. When God has sent you, God endorses what you say and do. And when the authorised mouth speaks and I say “Amen” it comes to pass, why then would I listen to other voices? So, we should recognise the authorised mouth of God. The God comes down on a witness. Jesus says “you shall be My witness”. But at what time? When I shall come in the form of the Holy Spirit, not to stand beside you but abide in you. It is then that you shall be My witness. You shall be what I should have been Myself if I was in your generation. Because My Spirit in you will repeat the acts I did while on earth. But why isn’t it a reality? Brother Branham teaches us that God does not make half Christians. Buy why are we half Christians? Because we listen to the Voice and other Voices. We listen to the authorised mouth and other mouths (thoughts of our own hearts, voices of the family, traditions, other theologians). When this happens, we would not have the result. We can say it is still the word of God but is it pronounced by the Voice of God? Jeremiah was the prophet of God and there was another man that prophesized the same things as Jeremiah. They wanted to arrest him, he ran to Egypt but the king sent people to Egypt who arrested and killed him despite the fact that he prophesized the same things. As for Jeremiah, he was arrested put in a cage, put in a cistern but they did not kill him. You cannot kill the Voice of God, hide it and it will end up coming out. As someone said “the truth always ends up triumphing”. And what Jeremiah prophesized came to pass. Jesus on earth was not the Word but the Word made flesh. The Word is immaterial. You could walk with Jesus but that does not mean It is in you. You have to have confidence in God that your salvation is not threatened no matter what happens to you. The lamb was slain for you before the foundation of the world and God wrote your name with His own blood. Satan should not deceive you when you have headache, or other things. I cannot die, I have eternal life, even after my body has been destroyed, I shall see him. Job 19 v 26. It is written in the Bible and His Word is yes and amen. When we have faith, God accomplishes what we believe. So, if you believe all the Word, he shall accomplish all the Word for you but if you believe just a portion, He shall accomplish just that portion. That’s why real saints die of sickness while prostitutes come to the prayer line and are healed It shall be done to you according to your faith. We are pagans and God saves us individually not as a group. There is a Voice through which the Word has been canalised. Even before he comes, He announces his arrival, He does not necessarily announce His name.

The old testament shows us the characteristics of Elijah the prophet. And when someone claims to be the Elijah the prophet, he should manifest all the characteristics of Elijah the prophet, not one nor two but all. Just as the people could recognise that God spoke to you through the glittering of all 12 stones of the Urim and Thummim.

The Word always comes to the prophet. The man of God then gave his marriage testimony. His father had refused to get married to a girl from a certain tribe but after prayers his father gave his accord. His colleagues and friends instilled fear in him, though God had granted his go ahead by changing his parent’s mind as he asked in his prayer. In like manner, you hear the Gospel but you hear other voices (symptoms, family, friends, tradition, etc) too they shall paralyse you. Then one day in his office, God directed him to read Isaiah 8 v 12. Sometimes God directs you to read a particular sermon book and this other one and yet another and pray and the anointing from those sermon books gives you the answer to your problems.

God has used Branham to talk with us. You cannot take water and leave the bottle else the water will get lost. The only time you leave the bottle is if the water is getting into your system. At that moment, it becomes your Message and you live it you too. That’s why in the book of Esther God’s name is not mentioned. Esther represents the bride and Mordecai the Holy Spirit.

If in the local assembly your heart hesitates between two pastors then God has not yet spoken to you. It means the Voice in the tapes have not yet spoken you concerning that particular issue. Even when God indicates you a husband or wife it won’t be honey every day, because in Canaan there were wars, sometimes famine. When you committed evil, God permitted wars and all sorts of things. Canaan was the dream when we still in Egypt.

The man of God continued by saying no marriage in the flesh is perfect. God has given you a spouse who is in a body where sin has been condemned just like you are. God has given you an instrument which is the word. You can change your spouse with it. One day, a brother called brother Branham complaining about his wife’s attitude, he wanted to leave her but brother Branham told him to go and love her. Two weeks later, after manifesting uninterested love, his wife changed. At times we don’t understand that when God places things on our way, we forget that the Voice of God has said that God is behind everything that happens. But He wants to see your reaction. You are the one to displace the mountains on the way with the Word, the authorized word for your day.

The man of God used a couple to demonstrate the bride that listens only to her husband.  Some brothers were asked to give orders simultaneously to a sister amongst which was her husband. We could see that the sister obeyed just the voice of her husband despite the other voices talking to her at the same time. In the second illustration, the sister whose eyes were blindfolded was asked to recognise her husband amongst other men by touching just the hands and head. A task which the sister was able to do for she could recognise her husband by touching the contours of his head.

What is the state of your field? Is it tilled? Is it rocky? Is it airy? Is it full of thorns and the worries of your life? Soon the Lord will come, are you ready? The first rain, the first of teaching, fell on us, it is the found in tapes. But the great effusion of which the Pentecost was just an image, when it shall fall what shall it find sown to make grow? You are not married, you haven’t been with a man, how do you expect to conceive? Just one virgin conceived and that was Mary. You are consecrated to be fertilised by just one groom, consecrated to receive just one groom because you can listen but doubt. It is the seed of the groom that will create a replica of the groom in you.

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Jules Pierre Moune

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