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Last Sunday Service at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle (13/10/2019)

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Sunday the 13th of October 2019 welcomed yet again at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle the Word-Bride that came to listen to the Word-Groom. The Tabernacle opened its doors at 8:00AM for the 30 minutes of silences, prelude to the Adult and Children Sunday Schools. For the Adult Sunday School, Brother NZOKUO Jean read  from the bible Zacharia 4:6. He then proceeded by the reading of the Daily Bread bible texts and sermon titles and the christains listened to the corresponding message of the week drawn from the prophet’s sermons. The main lesson of this class came from the daily Bread of Tuesday in the sermon To be Lead 65-1207 ” And when a man is born again by the Word of God, predestinated to eternal life, those that are called “the Elect”,it will therefore be Word of God upon the Word, Word upon the Word! Not a denominational creed, nor the Word and then a creed; it will not work. You can not have the leven in it! There is only one type of Eternal Life, Jesus Christ the Word. For the Children’s class, it was lead by Brother Jean SILATSA who read from Ephisians 6:1-4 and entitled his teaching: “How can I obey my parents“. The message to carry home was: grace, goodness, health, long life, eternal life and all blessings belongs to children who obey to their parents according to the Lord our God who is faithful to His promises. From the various sunday schools, there was 30 minutes of meditation followed by worship and praises lead by Brother MAYO Theophil. These praises ushered the Pastor to the pulpit in Douala talking through videoconference.

After some announcements of general interest, the Pastor read from Saint John 1:1-15 and entitled his message: “THE WORD-GROOM”. He precised that everything was created by the Word and in verse 9 talks of the Light that enlightens the world. William Marion Branham just as John the Baptist bared witness of this Light. It is by this Light that we see the light and as Jesus said Himself, He is the Light of the world and those that receive Him in them become the light of the world. When you receive the Light which is the Word, you become written epistles, open letters read by the world. We become light to our church, family, quarter, and village. Many talk of the Word-Bride but forgetting to first of all talking of the Word-Groom. If all was done by the Word yesterday, all still has to be done by the Word today and tomorrow. When you externally receive the Word from a preacher, sermon book, dream, vision, it is not enough, this Word has to convince you internally as Jesus said in Revelation 3:20. For you to be a Word-Bride, it must first be revealed to you by the Word-Groom. All that received the Word in all the ages were sealed onto redemption. Those that interpret the Message do not yet know the importance of only saying but what the Messenger has said for we have to recognize the authorized mouthpiece of God. The prophet says in the sermon Total Deliverance, that God do not make half Christians, but we are have Christians because we have kept the Voice of God behind to listen to other voices, we are not suppose to mix.    

The Pastor continued by presenting the different manifestations of God using the form of a man given that God is Spirit. As God, man in the beginning was a spirit till when took from the soil to form him a body and placed this spirit of man in it which came from God’s Spirit. God made this Spirit incarnated in this formed body and made him to dominate over the earthly creation. But when man sinned, God said in Genesis 3:19b, for dust you are and to dust you shall return. But we note that, this statement was not destined to spirit man for before the foundation of the earth when God said let there be light, be fishes in the waters, trees on the mountains, God had already blessed the spirit man. It is for this reason that a destined child of God, no matter the condition and circumstances concerning his physical body, he is confident of his eternity because it is before the foundation of the earth that the Lamb was slain for him. Satan is a bluff and comes to deceive you that you shall die, but an Elect stands up and says I shall not die but will live to see the Lord and His glory with my eyes. As we claim it, it is done to us according to our faith, for when the Word comes out and we believe it, God accomplish it in our lives. God do not do things by chance, but prepared everything before the foundation of the earth. He never had to put the name of William Marrion Branham in the bible, but promised, I will send to you Elijah the prophet and he will be identified with the characteristics that was proper to Elijah’s spirit and vindicated by the Word and works in him.

The Pastor went further to make a demonstration of the meeting between Abraham and God in the plains of Mamre in Genesis 18 where God and His companions came to visit Abraham. This was to show that the Word always go to the prophet. When you listen to the Voice of God and to other voices, you become confused. God usually give you the revelation (Word) and the courage (boldness) to speak it. He took an example of himself how he was convinced (revelation) by God, after the other voices he was listening to, and gave him the boldness to talk to his wife to be. He talked of Esther the only book in the bible where the name of God has not been mentioned because God was in the Bride. You have to know with your heart who is the Groom. The bride knows the physical characteristics of the groom. He made a demonstration by choosing four men and calling the wife of one to come and identify her husband from the four with her eyes bounded. She successfully identified her husband because she knew particular characteristics of her husband. The Word-Bride (Christians) identifies herself to the Word-Groom (Christ). Also, we have to identify ourselves to the message of our day in everything such as dressing proper to the “Branham Dressing” especially the women.

The Man of God went deeper and told his audience that he wants to be certain in his heart and spirit that they understand where the Spirit is leading to in the listening of the Voice of God and the Word-Bride being identified to the Word-Groom. He then brought to the lamplight the law of reproduction in Genesis 1:11-12 where each seed was to produce according to its kind. He elucidated this thought by referring to the prophet’s sermon on the Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, page 171. The image of the Word-Groom has to be in us to make us stop slandering, hatred, lying, envying but love all around us particularly between husband and wife. Whether we like it or not, the dynamics have to come down on the mechanics. If we are the Word-Bride, that our lives are consecrated just to be fertilized by one Groom, to listen only to one Voice, to recognize only one Groom, He will therefore duplicate His life in us. In the other hand, those that listen to men and creeds will have a duplicate of that in their lives. Just as in the days of the Samaritans who heard the Voice of God and turned away but it was revealed to the woman at the well who had five husbands, so is it today that the  Voice of God is being revealed to the Word-Bride.

He continued by saying that the church under his ministry is taking a turn deeper into the Word just as the world is turning deeper into sin. He drew the attention of his audience not to be like others who though are listening to the tapes, have not yet catch the vision of the real thing. We are not listening to the voice of William Marrion Branham but to the Voice of God. He enlightened the Christians on the three manifestations of God in bodily form that could be seen by men. He talked first of God when He visited Abraham in the plains of Mamre. Secondly God in Jesus Christ redeeming back the world to Himself and finally God in William M. Branham where He used a redeemed body, a body created and bought with His blood to speak to the world. God used all these bodies to speak to man. If a wife listens to another man out of her husband, she is flirting with him. It’s the same for the bride of Christ for physical marriage types the spiritual. He said his ministry consists in pointing the Bride to the Groom for them to listen to His Voice and the Spirit that goes with It will convince them to the truth and wash away all their filth. It profits nothing to keep the Word and the things of the world manifested in the lust of the flesh such as witchcraft which is the act of dominating over others. He then asked his audience if they are ready like the bride only to obey, hear or listen, and serve but one Groom? He told sisters that they will know that the Spirit of God is in them by remaining tender, meek, and submissive. He made another demonstration of the work of the Holy Spirit in man through the words of the Word. When the Word speaks and man receives It in him by receiving the Holy Spirit, It therefore manifest what the Word says in this man. The service ended with four powerful Holy Ghosted prayers with the first three by the Pastor. The first prayer emanated from a question in which the Pastor asked: who are those who do not only want to listen to the Voice of God, but to the entire Voice of God? He then prayed for all that raised their hands. In the second prayer, he prayed for God to bless His children and in the last, he prayed for those who after hearing the Word has decided to give their lives to the Lord. The overall last prayer was by Pastor MAYO Benjamin.

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