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Last Sunday Service at Love Divine Sanctuary (29/09/2019)

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The brethren of LDS joined their comrades worldwide to worship the Lord this Sunday just like any other. The praise and adoration service began at exactly 10: 00 am after the traditional thirty minutes of silence. Rev ESSOH KOUM then took the floor to announce the program of the day which consisted in listening to the sermon preached from Buea by video conference. But the Holy Spirit so wonderfully led things into a listening of the Voice of God first; the fifth seal preached by the prophet William Branham. Rev ESSOH KOUM in his introductory speech stressed on the importance to listen to the Voice of God as it is the spiritual authority in these days. He (the prophet) is not God but the messenger God has sent in these days to prepare His second coming. Hence, we are not to be ashamed of the Message for God has vindicated it.

After listening to the tape for about as 40 minutes, the connection with Buea was established. However, it was soon disrupted again. The brethren led by Rev ESSOH KOUM unanimously preyed for God to restore the connection, a prayer that was granted just few moments. Our pastor Rev BAHOYA Samuel who was visiting Buea for the first time since the beginning of the crisis apologised to the congregation for not being able to visit them since. “However,” he said “we are together in spirit and are all in prayers”. He went on to say the listening of tapes is not by lack of what to preach but because it is our safe haven. When you are pursued in by the police of a country and you run to the embassy of your country, you benefit from a protection. In like manner, the Message today is our protection, when the devil pursuits us we find safety in it. After these words the man of God then lifted a prayer of faith for all the sick and those with prayer requests. The man of God then talked on the pillar of fire that accompanies this Message. As the Congolese say; “All quotations of brother Branham shuts my mouth”. Meaning if I had an opinion of something and the tapes says the contrary, I immediately abandon my ideas to receive what the Voice says for it is God who said He will send to us Elijah the prophet. Rev Samuel BAHOYA went on to talk about the ministry of Joseph. Joseph in Egypt who interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams and gave him wise counsel to appoint someone to amass food during time of plenty for redistribution during times of famine. Pharoah saw it fit to appoint no other person than Joseph himself not even Potiphar or his wife. All those who needed food had to pass through Joseph. Brother Branahm came with the ministry of Jospeh. The ministry of Elijah was worldwide while that of Moses was limited to Israel only. God told Brother Branham to amass food so that that food could serve after his departure. For that God permitted science to invent tapes, these were not present during the times of His humanity. God permitted the recorded to these sermons even with the coughs for it was all for a purpose. And when God had finished with him, He called him back to the house for God permits nothing to happen to you so long as He has not finish with you. Joseph Branham’s coming was prophesised long before his mother was pregnant with him. After announcing to the church that he will have a son called Joseph, Meda (brother Branham’s wife) gave birth to a girl (Sarah). People mocked him but later Joseph was born. Echography was not yet present to know the sex of the child in the stomach but one day upon meditation of David’s story, when David wanted to construct the temple, Brother Branham knew Joseph was on his way. The prophet declared on his presentation to God “Joseph my son, you are a prophet”. When Joseph Branham began his ministry, he created Voice of God Recordings. He does not have a message of his own but to distribute the food stored in the warehouse. He rendered audible the tapes that weren’t and translated it into many languages. He even corrected translation of the message in languages he does not understand thereby confirming he is indeed a prophet.

After the exhortation, the host pastor Rev LAMBE Robinson asked Rev BAHOYA Samuel for a special prayer for Cameroon. Before that there were testimonies of healing, and visions. Rev Samuel BAHOYA simply prayed according to the prayer God had given him the previous day in Isaiah 26 v 7-29 and 27 v 1-7. The program of the next week was given and a day of fasting proclaimed. It is on a joyous note that the assembly was dismissed.

Noela NDOH

Jules Pierre Moune

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