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Sunday Service at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle (29/09/2019)

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Then came the long awaited time, time for the Word, and the guest preacher was no other voice but the Voice of the Seventh Angel incarnated in William Marrion Branham, the prophet to the Laodicea Church Age. The Word for this service came from the series of The Revelation Of The Seven Seals, the Fourth Seal, paragraph 311 to the end of this seal. As he was being introduced to the pulpit by Brother Neville and other preachers before his sermons when he was still alive, this sermon at the level of YASHUA was introduced by Brother OMBANG Christian. To introduce the prophet, the brother read from Revelation 10: 7 and enlightened the audience by saying, God knew that a day cometh where men shall not see a preacher behind the pulpit but shall listen to a Voice, the Voice of the Seventh Angel. There is a voice for each age and God is sounding in this our age through His prophet William Marrion Branham, we therefore have to listen to him.

In this part of the sermon, the prophet talks of the showdown at Armageddon where the prostitute and her daughters (denominations) are gathering from the four corners of the world riding on a mixed-colored horse of white, red and black giving a pale-looking color. Demonstrated in Revelation 19, Christ is also getting ready for this battle but gathering His saints from the four corners of Heaven and riding on a solid-white color (the only original color) which is the Word. Life (Christ) and death (antichrist) coming to the final show. In paragraphs 340-344, he says: “Who is “them”? See? All right. Antichrist, called “Death.” “Hell followed.” Watch his four-point scheme.

Antichrist, white horse; kills by spirit, being antichrist; spiritual kill.

Number two, red horse; kills by sword; political power, when church and state united.

Black horse; souls, when he gives out his doctrines, and she did there with her fornications. And he weight out their food, by a … sold their … what they give for food, for a balance, and the pennies and so forth.

Fourth, a pale horse; Eternal separation from God. Again, four, see. Oh; my! Praise be to God”

From paragraphs 349-383, the prophet juxtaposes natural Jezebel of the Old Testament and the modern churches of today and Elijah of the Old Testament and that of today whose Prophetic Message to the Church is calling them back to the original Word. He summarized his thoughts in these paragraphs in paragraphs 377-378, “we had to go different places of the Scriptures, to Revelation 19, to show the Coming of Christ will slay the antichrist. That’s the reason I had to leave these, just take them two verses. I had to go to different parts of the Scriptures, to prove these things. So that’s the reason I went to Revelation 19, to show the end of the antichrist, will be the slaying; of Christ, when He comes. He will slay the antichrist.

To Revelation 10, to show that the seventh angel’s Message will be a person, in his last days, anointed of God for a ministry just like Elijah the prophet has, as is predicted in Malachi 4, to reveal the true Word of (original) God in this generation, the original Word of God in this generation. Like he did to the natural Jezebel, so will this man do it to spiritual Jezebel, the denominational churches. I had to go to the 7th chapter … the 10th chapter, 1 to 7 verses, to prove that it was right. And over to Malachi and Amos, and so forth, to prove that.

The last sermon of the day came directly from Buea as the Christians followed the pastor through videoconference. Reverent Pastor Bahoya Samuel had paid a much awaited God-led visit to Buea. There, he condoled with the brethren over there who are directly affected by the NOSO crisis.

To say a word to his Christians worldwide, he exulted all to listen to the Voice of God speaking through the prophet. He explained that, we don’t listen to the prophet because we are poor or lack what to say but because It is the authorized Voice for the age. He talked of how people came from around the world to listen to the prophet and also through phones and wireless networks when he was still alive. After reading from Revelation 10:7, the man of God stressed that it is written, in the days of the Voice and not in the days of the flesh, implying we have to continue in listening to the Voice despite the departure home of the prophet. He also made allusion of John 1:1-14 where the Word was before the flesh and even continued till now after the flesh. God assigned the prophet William M. Branham (just as Joseph in Egypt) to stock spiritual food and raised another prophet to distribute it in the person of Joseph Branham. He went further to recount some instances in the bible where the Pillar of Fire (the angel of the Lord) led, visited and vindicated His children till our age on William M. Branham and his Message. He continued by saying if this Pillar of Fire is upon you, it will be very difficult for you to do things by your own but He will be the one to lead you. He said we have done a lot by our own selves, but there is a way that God wants us to do as will be demonstrated to us in the special retreat program of the weekend beginning on Thursday. We therefore have to be faithful to the prophet’s Message as Joshua and Caleb were faithful to Moses even in his mistake. He mentioned the fact that the spirit and ministry of Elijah in Elijah, John the Baptist and William M. Branham is a universal ministry while that of Moses is national, dedicated to the children of Israel. After many testimonies from the visit; preaching and prayers of the man of God, he ended the service with a powerful interceding prayer for the end of crises in Cameroon by first reading from Isaiah 26:7-21 and 27:1-5, before praying in his own words.

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