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Last Sunday Service at Love Divine Sanctuary

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The heavy rains that poured from the skies of Douala this morning didn’t stop the brethren of Love Divine Sanctuary from going to worship their Lord. “The rain is just doing its job and we are grateful for that” said Rev ESSOH KOUM who led the service. He began by reading announcements of general interests notably a report on the various burials that had taken place during the week. He described the moving scene at the burial of Pastor ESSOMBA Pierre whose last words were “I can see Jesus coming to take me…”. A worship song was entuned to permit those held by the rain to come in. While introducing the prophet, he talked of three things: attitude, altitude and aptitude. Altitude is height, progression, aptitude is competence, talent and attitude is behaviour. You may have the aptitude but it is your attitude that determines your altitude. The last part of the tape on the second seal was then played. The prophet invites everyone to flee to safe havens, towards Jesus Christ and stay there till you receive the Holy Spirit. It is on this note that the prophet prayed for all those with requests especially that of the Holy Spirit and the congregation was dismissed.

“357 [Brother Branham begins humming I Love Him_Ed.] If thereisanysitting,thatfeelstheirneedtonight,feelsthatthey need to be baptized, or needs the baptism of the Holy Spirit. You know your need; it’s been revealed to you, and you want to be remembered in prayer. There is none of us can give It to you. Oh, we can baptize you. But, the only thing, we can’t give you the Holy Spirit. God does that, alone. But you feeled your need, that God is speaking to your heart, that you need It, and you want us to remember you in prayer. Would you stand up, so we can know you, know who you are? God bless you. A need? The Lord bless you.

358 I guess there is a hundred and fifty, maybe, standing here. Maybe is like that, if I could see all. I don’t know what’s in the rooms, and around the outside, holding their hands up, and so forth. But you have a need. Now let’s pray.

359 Now, you who see those people that’s standing by you. And they are standing as a witness, before Christ, “I_I_I need You, Lord. I need You. I_I’m trusting I’m_I’m one of those that’s going to find my name tonight behind that Seal yonder, that was put on There from the foundation of the world. Something struck my heart, and I’m standing, Lord. Is it me? Are You calling me? I want You to reveal, to me, my name over There. Fill me, and seal me into Yourself, by the Holy Ghost.” You who have already been sealed in, I want you to raise up. Turn around to them, and lay your hands upon them, to pray for them.[BrotherBranhampauses.]Nowbedeadlysincere.[The whole congregation beginspraying_Ed.]

360 Heavenly Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, let the great Holy Spirit move upon this audience, as a rushing wind, and call to every heart here, Lord. And send down thebaptism of the Holy Spirit, upon thesepeople…”

Noella NDOH

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