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Last Sunday Service at Love Divine Sanctuary

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The psalmist said « I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord » This was the reality of the brethren at LDS who were present as early at 30 minutes before the church doors were opened. At exactly 9 :30; the doors were opened and the Christians entered under the respect of strict hygienic measures one after the other till the government prescribed limit of 50 per hall was attained. Then followed 30 minutes of silence in which each Christian passed a quiet time with his God accompanied by a soft instrumental.


Brother Joses Motto led a marvellous adoration and praise service and the mic was passed unto the local assembly at Logbessou where our pastor Rev BAHOYA Samuel was found after joining the host pastor in celebrating his golden jubilee the previous day.

The man of God drew his texts from Deuteronomy 21 v 1-9, Numbers 5 v 11-31, Acts 5 v 1-11 and entitled his sermon « The Spirit of Truth and Its Benefits. The sermon could be resumed as thus:

All prophecies, visions and dreams do not come from God. Paul and Jesus both rebuked the evil spirits that recognised them though these spirits spoke truth because of the source. When you start believing such spirits you take them for prophets and when they start producing their venom you have already been taken in the trap. Jesus said you know a tree from its fruit. When prophecies, dreams, visions bring division: halt for there is a problem somewhere. God does not send these things to divide brethren. God is not a divisor but a separator. Just as in the tendency now in churches to see brethren in dreams as sorcerers. If you see a dream or are told: What does the word say? Paul said all prophecies should be examined before being published. Secondly the Bible says everything should be established on testimony of two witnesses. Proven witnesses, brother Branham adds. For example, if something is said about a brother in Douala and the same message is gotten in Nkongsamba and Yokadouma and not people living in the same psychological environment and anointed by same spirit. This was the case with the 400 prophets of baal.

In the days of Moses, the high priest carried the Urim and Thummim. When you had a dream, you recounted your dream and if all the 12 stones begin to twinkle then your dream was true even if in reality it seems impossible. But if 11 out 12 stones twinkled then your dream isn’t considered no matter how apparent it seems. So long as the 12 stones haven’t twinkled, do not be afraid. Brother Branham says the Urim and Thummim today is the Bible. Bring everything back to the Bible. If something good has to happen to me, it has to be revealed to me, has to be in the scriptures and happen in reality. I have to bring it back to the Scriptures and I have to bring it to my pastor.

For the devil to conquer God’s children, he puts on the clothing of brother or sister and enter in your midst. When you have welcomed him; he then starts showing his colours. Brother Branham says, when such a thing happens stay attached to your pastor. He did not say stay attached to God but to your pastor for God feeds the pastor and the pastor feeds the church. That doesn’t mean the pastor is not a human, God gives the gift but the person stays human and can be deceived. Brother Branham says Joshua and Caleb were the only ones who entered the promised land because of their fidelity. Moses was deceived, even Joshua was deceived. He had the habit of consulting God but he made an alliance with the Gibeonites without consulting God. Does that mean you should leave him? No. So you should always consult God, don’t think you are too spiritual.

Even when there are 2 or 3 testimonies, they have to be examined. It could be Satan using the brethren’s grandfather’s spirit. An example on the positive side is Levi who paid tithe while in his grandfather’s loin. Returning to the passage of Deuteronomy and Numbers, the man of God drew the attention of the brethren to the fact that the matter was not brought before your uncle or friend but before the priest. The person taking the oath was to swear not having shed blood or knowing who did it. You have to denounce the evil you have seen. Else it is partial truth. Someone said I don’t complain about people who do evil but the just ones who do not denounce the evil. Similarly, for the church, the man of God went on, I don’t complain about people who live badly in church but about the men of God who don’t rebuke the evil for fear of losing the Christians that pay high tithes or grant them favours.

Do not give Judah’s kiss to brethren. You should solve your problem first then you can kiss him without hypocrisy.

The sermon was concluded by a call to the altar in which the brethren took an engagement to arrange whatever problems they had with people and called upon God to help them.

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Jules Pierre Moune

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