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Last Sunday service at YahshuaHamashia Tabernacle

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Last Sunday service at YahshuaHamashia Tabernacle

This Sunday was marked by the listening to the last and final section of the tape on “why are we not a denomination” preached by William Marion Branham. It should be retained that whereas the beast spreads her doctrine in many churches, we are not a denomination because we have the Word of God as our absolute.

Rev Samuel BAHOYA then took the floor to give his appraisal of the just ended tape. It is really the Word of God, he said, for it cleanses, restores. It is this Word that created us hence can bring us to the original creation. God in this end time has sent the son of man to restore us. This manifestation takes place in the heart, each person has to cross examine his life, if he still has old appetites and tastes or his desires are carried towards Jesus alone, in his behavior.

The Word of God is like a mirror where everybody has to examine himself. When the Word falls, it falls on stony as well as fertile ground. If the word abides in your spirit and not your soul you will remain the same old person, committing fornication, theft, etc because a Stine dies not bear fruit despite the amount of rain that falls on it.

The anointing is found on the authorized Voice. It is like the hen that lays golden eggs, if you kill the hen you will not see golden eggs in her. However, while the hen us alive it lays golden eggs. Same goes for the pastor behind the altar, he expresses God’s thought and God vindicates him. Same goes for the anointing that follows all those who believe in her. He concluded by praying for the assembly after they confessed their faith by lifting their hands to God to say they believe in His prophet. Rev Samuel then encouraged the brethren to support the Voice Of God, recalling a prophecy by William Branham where he saw Africans with ear phones listening to tapes. He decried that children of God still listen to worldly music. Feed yourself solely on the word of God. “stay in the middle of the road” says prophet Branham. In the last days there will be famine, not of food but to hear the pure word of God. The service ended on a note of praise and worship.

Noella NDOH

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