NEWS – Sunday Service at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle


The various challenging situations that has characterized the church lately in one way or the other determine the atmosphere of the Sunday service.  All was clear that the pastor could not stay indifferent from taking about the difficult moments that the church has been going through. With this, the Holy Spirit could only lead him to a pastoring sermon that will comfort the church expecially those that have lost their love ones recently and those that are sick. From his prelude, through the listening of the tape(the choice of the tape), to his conclusion, one could perceive in the Pastor, someone who is compassionate with the situation of his Christians.

To introduce the prophet in the sermon : »SIR, WE WANT TO SEE JESUS « , the Man of God read two passages from the Bible :John 12:20-21 and Luke 17:26-30.

In his prelude, being cautious of the situation of the church, he announced special prayers that will be done for the sick expecially to particular cases such as sister Massola of Edea, brothers Mouzong Francis and Ekwe Douala(father), all cases of distress, against nuisance spirits, peace in Cameroon, personal problems and the forgiveness of sins. He mentioned the case of the youths, that he likes them to travel abroad for studies and come back but not to be trained here and travel to go work there. But said, nevertheless, the most important is that where ever they may be, they should remain connected to God. He talked of the unfortunate cases of deaths that has hit the church recently and how the church is to assist spiritually, financially, materially and physically the bereaved. He also ceased the opportunity to pass unto the church and all who in one way or the other participated in the life and laying to rest of their mother our beloved sister Mbo Mbo, the appreciation of his wife and his personal application upon all their sacrifices. He advised his audience not to only wait for funerals to help but to daily mutually help each other, and not only to the pastor but the members of the body of Christ. He reminded Christians not to allow an breach in their lives in order not to give the opportunity to the devil and they will walk heads high as written in Psalms 91:5-7. They should always ensure their lives are in order with God and live peacefully with all. And as Christ said, love one another as I have loved you, so we have to love all, even those we consider asour enemies. God told the prophet in 1946 to tell the bride that their thoughts speak louder in heaven than their words, so we have to watch upon our thoughts as the Bible says, keep your heart diligently for from there comes the things of life. But when he went beyond the curtains and came back, he said only  Perfect Love shall enter there.

He also gave some words of advice to the youths. He told them that as the Bible says, I write to you young men because you are strong and full of energy, they have to use this energy positively and unto the service of the Lord than in negative aspects like, phones, televisions, social medias that draw the away from the Word and takes them closer to sinning. The above facilities are to be used for the glory of the God. He also adviced them to follow the right procedure for courtship as taught by the message in order not to fall in soiling and sin(lust and fornication). The Bible says in order to avoid impurity, let each man has his wife and each woman her husband. In relation to the above canker worm amongst the youths (15-35 years and if possible to 40 years),he wishes to consecrate the Easter weekend for a youth convention. Without the youths, we have no church for 85% of many received Christ in their youth.

Before introducing the prophet, he read from the sermon « Vindicating His Word » 64-0816 paragraph 236.

He testified of the Holy Spirit inspiring him in the morning to lead the church into listening of the tape « Sir We Want To See Jesus ».  To prepare the minds of the Christians into listening, he gave two testimonies of himself and sister Schekam on how listening to the prophet they were healed. It can also be the case of someone this day, for Malachi 4:5 is a solution to all the problems of those who believe. The bilingual tape was listened for 65 minutes with the capturing thoughts expressed in paragraphs 18-20,50-52, and 65-66.The pastor came up once more to pray and conclude the service. He invited all to listen the whole tape expecially the prayer line. He encouraged the Christians and reminded them what the prophet said, that there will be no peace till the coming of Shilo. The present world, national, locale, family situation and things that happens, trials, struggles are what will make us cry « come Lord Jesus ». If all is working well for us, we will have the desire to remain here on earth. Look at the situation of the children of God, we are to get to our knees and pray, if nothing changes, we will have no option than to say, « come Lord Jesus » for us to leave this earth. It was the case of the children of Israel in Egypt under Pharaoh before God sent Moses to take them out. Death is just a vehicle that transport us from this corrupted life to the real life which is Eternal.

He talked of brethren that don’t show brotherly love to others. They just rush home immediately service ends without greeting others forgetting the Word that says you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind, and that which says you shall love your neighbor as yourself. God will not come down from heaven to greet you with a divine hand, but will the hand of your brother. But true Christians should love and greet all not avoiding any one even those officially known as our enemies. Without love, all we do is in vain for love conquers all. But love love is corrective, for some think because there is love, they wouldn’t be chastised. It is better to be chastised by men for it’s a terrible thing to fall in the hands of God for punishment. He told of how his father chastised them when they were young. As a pastor who will render account of our souls, he does all that no sin should be attached or hidden any where on us. The service ended with the words of prayer of Pastor Mayo Benjamin. God bless you as you read.

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