Back to Sunday School at Love Divine Sanctuary

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The weekend at Love Divine Sanctuary was a special one marked by the back to school season and two august guests. The service began at exactly 9:30 by the observation of thirty minute silence as taught by the prophet. Then brother Paul YOGO took the floor to lead the praise service with beautiful melodies. It was then the children’s turn to sing : first the toddlers then the elder ones. The Sunday school choir amazed the audience with their masterful performance. The inaugural lesson for this school year 2019/2020 was given by Rev Samuel BAHOYA himself. Starting with a powerful prayer, in which he recommended the kids into God’s protection away from the plans of the evil one and witches, he entitled his sermon « How can i honour my father and mother ? ». A sermon drawn from Ephesians 6 v 1-4, a famous passage for kids. The kids prepared a word for their parents delivered by the little BELLIAS Samuel who began by thankinhg the LORD for His protection during the holiday and recommended the new school year in His hands. He also thanked the pastor as well as their Sunday School teachers for teaching them the way of the Lord. Parents were not left out as he concluded with a « we love you » addressed to the parents which stirred some emotions in the parents. The inaugural lesson was colorful and the children eagerly participated to the lesson. Using school as an example, Papa Samuel BAHOYA exhorted them to work hard and love their parents in order to be brave as said by the prophet in a little extract played for the occassion. The kids went home having retained that they ought to work hard in order to be the head and not the tail as well respect their parents


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