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Editorial: Fidelity in listening to the Word-Groom

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Fidelity is one of the essential qualities, which the Lord wishes to see us put on to the very end of our lives. If we are unfaithful, He (The WORD-GROOM) remains faithful because He cannot deny Himself. (2 Timothy 2,13).

The essence of Fidelity is Faith, the trust we have in God. Faithfulness is the equivalent of the Greek word “pistos” which has as synonyms the terms (believe, trustworthy in the promise of God, who keeps faith, committed, easily persuaded, convinced that Jesus is the Messiah and the author of salvation.) As soon as trust in someone is lost, Fidelity is threatened; as soon as Faith in God is lost, Fidelity is in danger. It is faith that establishes the believer in the fidelity of his commitments to God.

The pre-incarnated CHRIST has neither beginning nor end of day because He exists by Himself. He is the WORD-GROOM to whom the WORD-BRIDE OWES FAITHFULNESS BY LISTENING TO HIS VOICE ONLY.

The WORD-GROOM is immaterial. However, he began with an existence of Body of Glory (Logos), by which he became flesh creating a tangible Glorified Body (Jesus), in whom all things are made, the immeasurable fullness of God. This Divine Fullness has lived among men and today He wants and lives in humans since Pentecost for a more intimate communion in the dimension of His promised Spirit, to lead His Church in all the truth according to His perfect will.

In this end time and according to His sovereign plan, God in perfect communion anointed a man with His Holy Spirit, in the mouth of which he borrowed a voice, a physical body as a costume, and again spoke to humanity. This voice is William Marrion Branham to whom a Message has been entrusted, a real seven-course table. He is not the Word made flesh in a glorified body even less in a body of glory. He’s not the Message, he’s not the Spouse. Again, did he himself have to listen faithfully and believe in this Message received which is the -Word-Groom who brings back to the Faith in one true God, the Christ Jesus who comes soon to seek his Word-Bride who listens only to the voice of her beloved. SO, LISTEN TO THE VOICE OF WORD-GROOM.

Augustin MAKENG

Jules Pierre Moune

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