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Last Sunday Service at Buea Church (17/11/2019)

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Sunday, 17 November 2019

Songs: Brother MBEUTCHOU Simon Pierre

Preacher:  Rev LAMBE Robinson

Reading:  2 kings 3:14-17, Ecclesiastic 5:3

We have to listen to what the spirit says. The spirit says we are at the end time. You need to  be where there is the pure word of God. We should not settle down until we have the best and for us the best is the message. Add to what you know intellectually, the spiritual. When you have good intentions to do something, God will show you what others do not see. You can revive yourself to do good or evil. You need some preparative work for something to take off.

Things happen to us based on what we raise in our hearts. Jesus worked in our salvation, we have to work it out. The question is to know what we are stimulating in our heart ? What sustains a person in his or her faith is the promise of God in his or her life. What you put in your mind is what gives it energy. If your thoughts are centered in the Lord, no situation will embarass you, in every situation, He will intervene. God visits only those who are in the vision of something great.

You need to purpose something great in your mind that God will energize. We need a supernatural power that will change the situation of mankind, the same that the prophet had. If you want to be a christian, you must be ready for the supernatural. The message has been sent to use it and do double of what the prophet did. A wise man is someone who has a purpose, a program and fights for it. Brother Branham said God hates a powerless church and a powerless christian.

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