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Last Sunday Service at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle (17/11/2019)

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Last Sunday the 17th of November 2019, Christians once more came in their numbers at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle to fellowship with the Lord. The service for Sunday school began at 8:00am for the two classes. The adult class was led by the president of the deacons, Brother Ombang Christian. To introduce the reading and listening of the daily Bread of the week, he read from the Bible, Titus 2:3 and the corresponding title of the sermon, Presuming 62-0117. This was done same to all the daily Bread of the week and the tape was played for the Christians to listen. The main lesson for this class came from the daily Bread of Thursday and Sunday in the sermons, Convinced Then Concerned 62-0610 and Token 63-0901M in the words: “I’m thoroughly convinced. I’m convinced that the Holy Ghost way is right. I’m convinced that the Bible way is the Truth. I’m convinced that This is Jesus Christ here now” “But there must have been some tape boys slipped in somewhere for the predestinated seed. They slipped over to her house and played some tapes.” The children class was led by Brother Jean Silatsa who read the Bible Hebrews 11:31 and the sermon, Token corresponding to the daily Bread of Sunday. The children retained as lesson: “The message of God came so that the righteous will not perish with the unrighteous. God needs us to slip His message allover where predestinated souls for salvation are found.” The children were to recite at home, John 14:12.
The main service began with meditation, worship and praises led by Brother Mayo Theophile. The Pastor then climbed the pulpit from Douala and was followed through video conference from Yaounde. It was a special service as it was punctured with the wedding ceremony of Brother Elisée and Arlette Fossi. The Man of God read from the Bible, 1Corinthians 7:1-17 as the base of his massage but used the whole chapter to teach the church on marriage.
He began by saying that it is not good for man to touch a woman, but also said the same Bible also said, it is not good for man to be alone. He said, it is good to get married early but not in haste for you have to pray fervently and be very sure because there is no turning back after the two have been joined together. Marriage begins with the exchange of promises or vows between the two as mentioned in Numbers 30. But he made it clear that when a boy asks for marriage from a girl, she has to go and ask the opinion of her parents first before responding to the boy. This is because the parents can either accept or refute and she has to honor the decision of her parents as written in Proverbs 23:22. He said many marriages get bad because the parents are not always implicated and they only at times grant only their permissive will. He said it is good that women go to marriage as Rebekah as her family send her happily and blessed her (Genesis 24:59-60). Both the boy and the girl therefore have to seek the opinion of their parents before making any vows. The boy has to pray thoroughly and seek for the will of God instead of looking on beauty for it shall pass away as written in Proverbs 31:30. If your parents refute you from marrying a particular girl or boy whom you love, go to God in prayers and if it is the will of God, He who controls the hearts of men can turn the heart of your parents to accept. With the authorization from your parents, you can now go and make your vow or promise because it is the parents that have the final saying. He told the audiences, when we are sincere before God about marriage, He does not delay to answer us.
He continued in the reading of 1Corinthians 7 from verse 2-5, which says it is good for every man to have his wife and woman her husband in order to avoid fornication and giving the responsibility of each to the other. He made mention of Ephesians 5:22-29 which specifies the responsibility of the woman to the man and the man to the woman. In marriage, the two are not equal for the Bible says the head of the woman is the man and that of the man is Christ. But this does not give room for men to mount authoritative and dictatorial chiefdoms upon their wives but be the type of Christ Who being the Master, humbled Himself to wash the feet of His disciples. The love of a man don’t have to depend on the beauty, goodness, humbleness of a woman and the submissiveness of a woman don’t have to depend on the riches, handsomeness, goodness of a man, but on their conscience towards God for it is a commandment from God. Marriage is between man-God-woman. When you remove the name of God from it which is Love, it becomes lust. In Hebrews 13:4, it is written, “Marriage is honorable among all, the bed undefiled.”
The Man of God called on all the couples to speak to each other with truth instead of trying to dilute their problems in sex. They have to always seek to agree with each other, for the wife to be submissive but the husband also to love the wife as Christ has loved us. They should always forgive each other’s sin in order for God to forgive their sins. They should never pray together while bearing gauges one to the other. They should not deprive one another except by agreement for a time to fast and pray. He continued with the reading of the text from verse 7-11. He quoted the prophet who says marriage is to be taken with all the seriousness where the two have to pray very well because it can determine our eternal destination. It is a matter of life and death. We therefore have to consult God always as written in Isaiah 30:1-2.
He continued from verse 12-16 where Paul is talking of marriage between a believer and an unbeliever.  He stepped down to read from verse 25-28 to talk mostly of the virgins. He referred to the prophet who said, to a woman, God has given her three things: Feminism, Virginity and Maternity. Women are to be femininely behaved and not seek to take the place of men like Jezebel who was always seeking to lead the husband.   A woman is linked to her husband as long as he lives. A woman who is abandoned by her husband is obliged to remain chaste for if the man comes back to get her and realize that she has been defiled by another man, she can no longer go back to him again for it will be an abomination in the eyes of the Lord. Character is what is to be search for in a man or woman in marriage. Women should note that when they accept a man, only him is supposed to touch her as long as they live here on earth. They must choose who they want to serve.
The Pastor continued with verse 29-31, talking on how the time is shortened for both those that have wives and those that don’t have for the attention has to be turned to Christ’s coming for the world is passing away. But those that are married have to take the responsibilities on their marriages. He then read from verse 32 to the end and talked of the commitment of those that are married and the unmarried to God. The married takes care of their marriage (husband, wife, and children) and have little time for God while the unmarried dedicates most of his time to serve God. The wife is bound to her husband as long as he lives and can only remarry after his death.
The Man of God then turned to the honorable guests of the day, the latest couple to unit them into holy matrimony. He told them that they have become new creatures as it is also written, if any one is in Christ, he is a new creature, the old is gone and the new has come. As they have confessed their sins to each other, they should never go back there again. As they have made the choice, they should abide by it and be both good. He added, for when a good man or woman marries a bad man or woman, the one will either become good or bad like the other. He then continued with the ceremonials of uniting the two together which followed by a series of special songs to the couple by love ones. The service ended with a blessing prayer from the pastor who prayed for the just wedded and all the couples both young and old, not leaving out the candidates who want to join the couple club.

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