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Last Sunday Service at Love Divine Sanctuary (12/07/2020)

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Sunday being the Lord’s day, the Christians of Love Divine Sanctuary turned out in their numbers to take part in the meal at the Lord’s table. Despite the rainy weather and social distancing measures put in place by the government, every available space was filled by the brethren. The praise service was led by brother Joseph after which our pastor Rev BAHOYA Samuel mounted the floor for the sermon of the day. A sermon which was initially previewed to be the listening of the day but which the Holy Spirit wonderfully led into a church council and sermon proper. The man of God began by blessing the name of God for what He has done for us. “We are in a great period of trial” he said, “but it is written in Psalms 29 that the Lord was on His throne during the flood”. That means when the rains were falling on the earth, bringing down God’s anger and destroying the earth, God’s eye was seeing. He had His eyes fixed on Noah’s ark so that it should not be destroyed. And when His anger subsided (40 days) and the water dried up, there were corpses everywhere but God is in His mercy brought out Noah and his family (4 couples) intact. He then went on to announce the death of one of our sisters who was found dead in her house the previous day. The burial of our brother Ngue BIKIM Shadrach the previous day took place in good conditions. A brief course of his spiritual/religious life was given by his pastor. The man of God also announced the death of the elder brother to our brethren Moune. He also asked the church to pray for our sick brethren citing some few cases. So many situations that summons everyone to make peace with God, to sanctification and reconciliation with all even those you consider your enemies. Because at any time God can call back home anyone. Anything can happen to anyone. You should not fear death or anyone but fear God. He then read the testimony of a brother who God brought back from the bowels of death.
The testimonies that people give on you is good but the real testimony is when the books will be opened. The Lord knows those who are His. The Lord knows His amongst the great crowd. We have brethren who are just members of the church because they were baptized in water and there are also brethren in Christ: they who have received the Holy Spirit of Christ. You can have the knowledge of truth but not truth because truth is a person and its CHRIST Himself. Seeing all what is happening around us and the times we are leaving, we have to stop fratricide wars, and make peace with God, listen to the Message every day and it will transform you from glory to glory. Can’t we not make of this week that is beginning a week of reconciliation? Sometimes God grants people the grace to put their life in order before dying. Sometimes God can block your life, not because He does not love you but because He wants you to fix a situation that may cause you prejudice in future. Beware of social networks, they are designed to suck away your anointing. Pay your tithes to keep the devourer from your homes.
The song leader then gave another song to introduce the sermon entitled “The Importance of Houses”. Rev Samuel then read from II Samuel 3 v 1. The church is likened to a big hospital. Each person comes with his illness (some are thieves, others adulterers, others lairs, etc) and the great Physician is the Lord JESUS CHRIST. The pastors are just nursing aides. So when you come to church don’t look at a brother or sister, he/she is just another sick person like you. The great Physician places someone through whom He talks, you don’t put your faith in your pastor but in the God of your pastor. God will not leave His Authorised Voice to speak to you otherwise else He will put disorder in His own house.
The importance of houses: God told the Israelites to put blood on the door posts and all those who were found in such homes were protected. Even if you were an Egyptian that entered into an Israelite home with the sign you were saved. Under which sign is your home? If you in the house of Christ, Christ clothes Himself of you and acts through you. Just like people recognized that the apostles walked with Jesus from their acts. When you want to get married, you have to consider from which house your partner is from. To get rid of things or totems inherited from our ancestors and family houses, we have to enter a stronger house, that of Christ through new birth. The sermon ended with a call to the altar and a examination of conscience. 3it is time that each person examines his or herself and takes a retreat with God” It is on these words followed by a word of prayer that the man of God concluded the sermon.

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