Sunday service at Yahshua Hamashia Tabernacle 26/07/2020

Sunday the 26th of July 2020 was another day of fellowship just as all other Sundays. With the barrier measures law still in force, everything as concerns the welcome and sitting of Christians was done in respect of these measures. After the worship and praise service inspirationally led by Brother Bahoya Yonkam Samuel, the pastor mounted the pulpit here at YHT Yaounde – Etougebe. He began with announcements of general interest and thank God for the return of the president of the deacons in YHT to his duty post after being absent for a while due to illness. He proceeded to the dedication of the newborn baby, Bela Naomi Lumière. He reiterated about some issues that have been preoccupating in the church lately sure as the hair of women. He brought clarifications from the Bible and the message concerning the natural hair and the exceptions to put on any other artificial material. He just like the prophet said, it all depends on the motive. He also opened the Age Group file which he had suspended because it was taking another form from the objective he created it for. It was becoming more worldly than bringing the Christians closer to God and their fellow brethren. To replace it, he brought back the House Cell fellowship where Christians could pray, read the Word, and listen to the tape in families though seemingly to be difficult to operate as before. But he testified how it is functioning well as he and his family has been successfully experiencing it as they pray, listen to the tape and observe Quiet Time. Just as the Easter Lamb was eaten in families, so the Spiritual food in these days can be eaten in families. Still about the Age Groups, it is as in the Bible as John was saying, I write to you fathers, young men… (1 John 2:13-14),he created to reach out to his Christians of the same age range having the same preoccupations. He created this to have specific seminars with each age range strater.
In an unusual manner, he began the sermon of the day. He started with a series of dreams that brothers and sisters have given lately concerning the church. This was relative to the spirit of accidents and deaths that were looming around the church. It also had to do with the third pull, the Rapture, public and final judgment of the Lord which is near. Those that are reasoning and contesting like Korah, Dathan and Abiram (Numbers 16:1) in Moses era and Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1) in Peter’s era will only have their eyes to cry.
He also took time to recall some of the visions, dreams and prophecies that has marked his ministry since he embraced the Message. Most of which showed his relationship with the prophet William M. Branham, his personal life and his national and international influence as concerns the Message. He told the church that the things we are living today are things that were prophesied long ago in the early days of his ministry. He also talked of some conventions such as the one in Mamfe, Buea where messages were given concerning his ministry. He said, to all the above, God is His own interpreter and He interprete His Word or message by accomplishing it.
Another prominent issue that the Holy Spirit has been dealing with recently in church is the cutting of links with ancestral spirits, family and village heritages and lineage. Through this program that is contained in a series of sermons entitled « The War Between the Two Houses », he demonstrated how many are in bondage ignorantly and some even know. Many who received this message and went for deliverance have been set free. He said, it’s not the fault of anyone to be born in a particular family, village or any lineage. Many things were done to us by our forefathers when we were still children and even before we were born. When a child of God become conscious and joins his real family in the body of Christ, he is to cut all the links he may have been linked to his former family in order to be free. Jesus never only raised Lazarus from the death, but said he should be loosed and set free (John 11:44). The Message is selecting and cleaning the predestinated. At times we do things thinking we are hidden from God, but the Bible says, God is attentive to all the actions of men. God is purifying the children of Levi. When you are of God, your heart is tilted towards doing His Will. It is late more than what we may think, I have just recalled some prophecies, for we are living in the prophetic moments, said the pastor. The world’s situation is depicting all, but glory be to God, before the worst will come, we shall ( the righteous) already be gone in the Rapture. No one can escape then the New World Order that is gradually being put in place by the world authorities. Brethren, let no one miss the Rapture, it will be a horrible situation. We should not joke, each person should revisits his convertion, his coming to Christ, his new birth. The water baptism only brings us to fellowship with a group or assembly of brethren but only the baptism of the Holy Ghost brings you into the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ. He called on his audience to pray for him as he also prays for them for the coming of the Lord is at hand more than we may think of.
He also talked of the reactions of individuals at times in church relative to particular issues. Many at times, people who don’t have the vision of the Shepard act awfully. It is the same even in families, associations and even a nation where people who don’t have the vision of the leader always agitate. The pastor talked of himself to be like a nurse who is there to help for a safe delivery. The Spirit of God through the ages is talking to us through him.
He continued by telling his audience not to be afraid that though there is the war of Amagadon, our weapons are not carnal but the Word of God.Jesus Christ the King of Kings is soon coming to take the saints with Him and the death in Christ shall rise. Then, there shall be the judgement and Satan and its angels will be thrown into the lake of fire. Unusually, the text for the sermon was read at the end. The pastor read 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17. Before ending the sermon with prayers, he made mention of the fact that he is just an assembler. He deducts from his experience and knowledge in many domains and bring together to give to his Christians a full gospel. He then prayed for all while condemning the spirit of accidents and death looming around God’s children. Shalom.

Jules Pierre Moune

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